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Can Feminism and Women’s Rights Coexist?

As a couple in the Lifestyle and a writer of erotic literature, I’m often asked about how we can reconcile women’s rights and the apparent objectification of women’s sexuality for those in swinging.

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You Go Girl! – Abortion Legalized in Ireland

In a historic move, voters in Ireland soundly trumped the anti-abortion laws and will now allow women to obtain a legal abortion up until 12-weeks of pregnancy. This follows the 2015 decision to allow same-sex marriage. Hopefully, this portends a … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry Also!

A few weeks ago, I made a flippant blog post about sexual harassment and now I’m realizing that I was seriously wrong and apologize.  I never realized the extent that men have been victimizing women, that is so alien to … Continue reading

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Knit Yourself a PussyHat

In case you haven’t heard of the PussyHat Project, it supports the women’s movement for women’s equality and rights. Wifey and I have been long time supporters of women’s rights, which you may find hard to believe from swingers. PussyHats … Continue reading

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The Supremes Rule Against Texas

Well the great state of Texas has been kneed in the gonads and good riddance. As a proud son of Texas, I have been disheartened by Texas politicians and their disregard for the rights of women. The “new” Republican Party … Continue reading

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