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Love at First Sight, Once Again or The Saga of Laptops

I started writing porn a little over five years ago and one of the things every smut writer needs is something to fondle and hold dear, in other words, a laptop. As an engineer and self-professed geek, electronics is something … Continue reading

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Is Your Butt Plug Recording Your Love Making?

First, we find that FaceBook wants your dirty pictures. Now it seems that your vibrator and butt plug may be phoning home also. I guess that I need to buy Wifey a remote controlled butt plug as apparently, they are … Continue reading

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Alexa Listens To Me – Unlike My Wife!

It’s dawned on me how much I like ordering Alexa around and she never talks back. I’m trying to figure out how to get her to respond with, “Yes, Master.” But I’m okay with her now, at least as a … Continue reading

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Hookers for Healthcare

Just when Republicans thought it couldn’t get any worse, now when they turn to someone for comfort, they also throw them under the bus.

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Wifey’s Hair is Back in Style

Well it looks like my wife’s hairstyle is coming back based upon Halle Berry’s latest looks. Being from Texas, I love girls with big hair and appreciate the fact that my wife humors me and wears it in the 70’s … Continue reading

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Smashwords Blog: 2017 Book Industry Predictions: Intrigue and Angst amid Boundless Opportunity

For those of you who didn’t see it, below is Mark Coker (SmashWords) 2017 Industry Predictions. Interesting reading. Posted: 31 Dec 2016 03:20 PM PST If you could see into the future, what would you do to change it? Each … Continue reading

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Putting My MacBook Air Out To Pasture

Well I’ve finally given up on Apple and have ordered a new HP Spectre X360 13t three-way laptop with my earnings as a writer of smut. I’ve held onto my trusty 2012 Air and its never failed me but is … Continue reading

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