Twitter Ads

I’ve been having a ball creating Twitter ads to sell my smut with. Like the guy who laughs at his own jokes, this is so much fun! While I realize that a lot of people may not appreciate my warped sense of humor, it’s been fun for me. How was it for you?

Cuckold Hotwife Erotica

Ad-Screw the Wedding 480x320

The girl in the convertible reminds me of a previous girlfriend, who one night after a bout of serious lovemaking, rolled over and said, “I can’t see you anymore!” When I asked, “Why?,” she replied, “I’m getting married tomorrow!”

Ad - Best in Erotica 480x320

Ad - Not That Kind of Girl 480x360

Ad - Vibrator 480x320

It’s what a growing young man needs!

Ad - Ice Cream 480x319

Ad - Searching 480x252

Ad - Take Clothes Off 200x300

Ad - Boobs 480x349

Ad - Cute Butt 480x320

Ad - Got MILF 480x300

What can I say, I love dark haired women, especially when they are undressed!

Ad - Plot

Ad - Clothes Are Off 480x320

Ad - Take Me Home 300x450

I’m just a country boy at heart.

Ad - I Want It All 480x320

Who says, “I ain’t got no class?”

Ad - Get Lucky Tonight 480x303

As a guy, we are all controlled by our little buddy, which is why a lot of guys give their dick a name. After all, you wouldn’t want a total stranger to be making all your decisions for you!

If you want to get some strange stuff, try your left hand. Or if you wonder if you’re boring in bed because your hand goes to sleep on you?

When you’re into the Lifestyle, this can happen to you all the time. But keep in mind that one of these girls could be your wife! 🙂

While I’m more into brunettes and redheads, this woman is really hot! Remember for most people, your hand will never turn you down or get a headache!

Love these girls!

The look on that girls face is priceless. I love watching someone who enjoys their work.

Can you just picture those legs wrapped around your neck? My wife has a dress just like this and she looks even better with her bushy mane.

Ad - Batteries are Dead 480x300

As you can probably imagine, it doesn’t take much to amuse me. I’ll see something and the brain cells will start firing as my imagination flies away.

Ad-Dont Make Me Tell You 398x300

While not into whips and chains, like my wife, I love to watch as her slaves twist in the wind with a spike heel in the middle of their back. “Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks!”

Ad-Ready 200x300I love this picture, a combination of slut and innocence. She looks a lot like my wife except for the hair. Probably a little shorter also, Wifey is pushing six foot and has a bushy mane that a lioness would be proud of.

I like my girls classy but a little on the cheap side. Sort of upscale trailer park!

Ad-Ready For Larry 456x300

I’m partial to brunettes and redheads but certainly would not turn a blonde down either!

Ad-Playing With Myself 480x320

Speaking of being on your knees and abusing yourself! My Mother always told me I’d go blind if I didn’t stop playing with myself but I promised her I’d quit when I needed glasses! Funny thing is that it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse?

Ad - Home Early 480x320

This one is a shout out to all of our cuckold-Hotwife couples that we love so much. Voyeurism plays a big part in the swinger lifestyle and just watching the show at a House Party is well worth the admission. A big percentage of women are exhibitionists, and at a party where they don’t have to worry, allows them to let their freak out!

Ad - Get Comfortable 400x300

I like this one as you can just imagine the treasures about to be released!

Ad-Butt Plug 480x319

I figured that I’d finish up with this one, being the end and all. LOL These are some of my Twitter ads I’ve created over the last few weeks.

Of course, one of Wifey’s pictures is also a good way to end a blog post.

I love my job and can’t believe that people will pay me to do this. There’s an old Hustler cartoon about this.

Seriously if you enjoy erotica that has a plot but you can still jerk off or Jill off to, give my smut a try. Versions are available for all types of phones, tablets, iPads, PC’s. or Mac’s. You can find erotica from Larry Archer at all the best places such as Kinky LiteratureAmazon KindleSmashWordsApple iBooksBarnes and Noble, and Kobo.

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