Cuckold, Hotwife, or Bull

girl-strapped-to-bedAn interesting phenomenon these days is being a cuckold or Hotwife. If you look up the definition, you’ll likely get a wrong answer or at least one that wrong by today’s definition.

Previously (in the old days) a cuckold was a husband whose wife cheated on him and flaunted it to his face. The wife is called a “Hotwife”, which is typically a more mature woman still in good shape or as sometimes called a MILF (Mother’s I’d Like to Fuck).

Possibly like a lot of guys, one of your school friend’s mom was a hottie and was well aware of being a sexpot. Maybe she was a Hotwife?

But back to being a cuckold, what we see today are guy’s who like to watch their wife having sex with other guys, who are known as Bulls. In the swinging lifestyle, this is more common than you’d imagine.

In the straight world, admitting that you like to watch your wife screw other guys would probably lead you to shame and ridicule, but not for us. For swingers, being a cuckold is just another kink and is no different than any of the other things we do.

Our best friends are a cuckold/Hotwife couple that we run around with all the time. She’s maybe fiftyish but with a body that would make most thirty-year-olds green with envy. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, large jugs, nice curves, and a complete nymphomaniac. When her and my wife are together, there is no end to the mayhem they start.

Her husband loves to watch her and likes to hide in the closet, which I think reinforces the idea that he’s spying on her.

As a writer of erotica, especially stroke material, I look around me for ideas to use while developing a good piece of literature, suitable for reading with one hand. To date I’ve written several cuckold/Hotwife stories that positively reinforce the idea that being a cuckold or Hotwife is okay, especially in my book.

Here’s excerpts on a several of my stories that feature Hotwives and the husbands who love them.

Cuckolding A Night At The Bar CoverThumb72dpi

A Night at the Bar: (24,500 Words) Tina, a 40ish housewife, who has kept herself in great shape, has decided to do something about the fact that her husband doesn’t measure up. This MILF initially trolls the bars and picks up younger studs that are big enough to satisfy her every need. At first she cleans up before coming home but when her husband doesn’t seem to mind her late night “dates”, she discovers that he enjoys being a cuckold and starts making him clean her up after she’s been out with one of her Bulls. Then the night they walk into a small neighborhood bar, she discovers an extra large soccer team, who had stopped for a beer. That night her husband, Steve, discovers the full truth about what his wife has been up to.

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Cuckolding A Hotwife Is BornCoverThumb72dpi

A Hotwife Is Born: (47,000 Words) A graphic tale about a 40 year old housewife, who is seduced by her next door neighbor, and turned out as a Hotwife with her cuckold husband. Tina is happily married except for the small fact that her husband is too little to take care of her needs. Her husband has gotten a big promotion, which enables them to buy a new house where Tina meets her sexpot neighbor Gretchen.

Gretchen sees potential in Tina and introduces her to the sexy world of clubbing, where she and Gretchen are on the outlook for young and virile studs to party with. Tina becomes caught up in a world of non-stop sex as she samples everything she finds including the girls.

Tina’s husband Ryan grows suspicious of his wife, who comes home late at night wearing micro-mini’s and little else. After installing secret video cameras to monitor their bedroom, he finds his worst fears are true but realizes that he is not really mad but aroused at watching his wife and her girlfriend with the Bulls they bring home.

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Cuckold My Wife Is A Porn Star 200x300

My Wife is a Porn Star: (24,000 words) A kinky story about a guy, who comes home to an empty house as his wife is out partying with the girls. Figuring that this would be a good time to watch some porn on his computer, he grabs a beer and picks out a new video to watch that looks pretty hot.

The actresses look familiar but it wasn’t until the end of the movie that he got a good at the cream covered girl’s faces and realizes he’s just jerked off to his wife and his best friend’s wife as they were gangbanged by a group of well hung studs.

His revulsion quickly turns to excitement as he realizes that this is not their first movie. Follow Ralph as he and his best friend track down the studio and get to watch their wives make another movie, while they witness the action from a hidden room.

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Cuckold and Hotwife - Box Set 1 -Cover 200x300

Cuckold and Hotwife Box Set No. 1:   Three Hotwife stories for your reading and self-abuse pleasure. Almost 100,000 words describing some of the wildest scenes you could ever imagine. If you’ve ever wondered about the erotic fantasy of watching your wife being ravaged by men, right in front of your eyes; this is your entry into this forbidden world.
Written by a swinger, who’s been there and done that, this box set is based upon the true adventures of a swinger couple.

The box set includes the complete unabridged copies of A Night At The Bar, A Hotwife is Born, and My Wife is a Porn Star as described above. The box set price for all three is only slightly above the cost of any one of the individual stories, so you get more self-abuse for your money.

Caution: Your mother told you that playing with yourself would cause you to go blind. Reading this box set may definitely make you wear glasses!

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The Watchers: (36,000 words) is a tale about Gene, an insurance adjuster, who is having a mid-life crisis after 20 years of marriage. Imagine that you’ve just finished a mind numbing statistics seminar and are sitting in a hotel bar having a drink, when you pick up on the conversation two guys next to you are having about a Sex Show.

You hear the words Sex Show and your ears perk up. As you listen, you discover that for one-hundred dollars you can watch people having sex right in front of your eyes. For someone who looks at wrecked cars and damaged houses for a living, a sex show sounds irresistible.

The sex show turns out to be everything Gene could hope for and much more. Being a newcomer, one of the resident MILF’s took a special interest in Gene and made the experience extra enjoyable. But at the end of the show, he was shocked to discover that one of the actresses is his sweet innocent wife of twenty years.

At first appalled, disgusted, and sick at his stomach at what he’s seen, he can’t seem to keep from looking at the pictures and movies one of the girls sends him. Read as Gene attempts to deal with the fact his wife is not what she seems and what is he going to do?

As with all of Larry Archer’s erotic stories, this one is for adults only and features graphic depictions of bareback sexual conduct between grown people, who should know better.

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