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Sell Your Used Panties, Get ’em while they’re hot!

I guess I’ve been living under a rock because I’d never heard of, where girls can sell their used panties for guys to huff when the spray can is empty. According to the site, they advertise, “Sell Your Smell” … Continue reading

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There is a new kid on the block

We have a new writer on the block who so far has written about her lesbian fantasies (truths?) with hints of a kink side that I’m still waiting to find out about. I believe she is going to be a … Continue reading

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Amazon’s SkyNet Review System Comes on Line

Amazon, the 800# gorilla lurking in every aspiring author’s living room, has just released news of a “machine learning platform” “to make customer reviews more meaningful”, which in plain English means who the heck knows. Just like SkyNet, apparently Amazon … Continue reading

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ARe Books 25% Off Tomorrow

Myself and may other authors of romance and erotica on All Romance eBooks are having a 25% off welcome to summer sale tomorrow on June 20th, 2015. All of my erotic stories are 25% off as well as many of … Continue reading

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California Drought Caused By Abortion

That’s right people, it’s not an El Nino, CO2, pollution, global warming, or any other man made act, it’s God’s wrath over abortion! Think about that the next time you get an abortion because it’s less trouble than taking a … Continue reading

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Anal Relaxing Spray – WTF?

So I’m sitting in the family room with wifey as we wait for time to go see Jurassic World. She DVR’s all these shows that I can’t stand and as I always tell her, “Isn’t our life bizarre enough?” We’re … Continue reading

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Maybe there is hope for us all?

Well today’s rambling has nothing to do with fuck’n and suck’n but just rambling on the news of the world. We’ll never know what Figo was thinking when he leaped in front of his blind owner to try and save … Continue reading

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