Fantasy Swingers and Fantasy Swingers 2

Fantasy Swingers Cover 200x308Fantasy Swingers (12,000 words, FREE) tells of a couple, who become interested in swinging because of the wife’s infatuation with a co-worker.Later while shopping for a sexy dress, they meet a couple of swingers, who initiate them into the alternate lifestyle known as swinging.

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This story deals with the conversion of Cynthia from a sweet innocent housewife to a complete slut (use your own imagination here). Cynthia and her husband are thrown into the deep end of the swinger’s pool and learn to sink or swim or at least swallow!

Fantasy Swingers 2 Cover200x300

Fantasy Swingers 2 (35,000 Words) continues the tale started in Fantasy Swingers to complete the conversion of Cynthia and her husband into the world of swingers and wife swappers.

Follow along as Cynthia learns the actual meaning of, “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”

Our happily married couple explores the kinkier side of life and expands their relationship and sexual partners. The story involves group sex in a swing club, where Cynthia finds herself helping put on a show as she goes onstage with two other housewives.

Later, our ever present swingers Foxy and Larry take them home to satisfy their debauchery. Along the way home, Cynthia finds that having her skirt up to her waist in a low-slung convertible helps entice another couple to join in on the fun.

Cynthia finds herself in situations she didn’t expect, like when she was stripped naked, tied to a bed, and forced to satisfy her host’s needs as well as those of his wife. Even though she had a safeword, Cynthia found herself caught up in an erotic scene that seemed to be ripped from her wildest fantasies.

After she checked “anal sex” off her bucket list, Cynthia is now willing and eager to be a sex slave for anything that comes her way. Even after having all of her holes violated, she was even more excited and ready for action.

Warning: This ebook is for adults only and contains very graphic representations of bareback sexual activity. It includes ass to mouth, deepthroat, gangbang sex, fmf sex, girl-on-girl lesbian sex, swingers, wife swapping, threesome sex, sex with strangers, oral sex, first anal sex, erotic stories, group sex, sex stories, ménage, creampie, cuckold, facials and semen (cum) swallowing & swapping.

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P.S. I just have to mention that I love the model on the cover of this story. She looks so much like wifey its amazing. Tall and dark haired with long legs that go all the way up. The only difference is that wifey likes to wear her naturally curly hair bushed out like an 80’s porn star.