Paige and Lakshmi’s Alternate Ending – Belinda LaPage

They lay on the stage, pinned together by the long black dildo, with their lips touching. Paige could feel the vibrations in her cunt from Lakshmi’s climax as it was transmitted by the dildo. Her jerking rubbed the head of the dildo across her tender cervix and caused a perverted thrill to run through Paige’s body.

The glow from her climax slowly spread through her body as she pulled Lakshmi to her while keeping their pussies locked together with her legs. Paige kissed her and could taste the cum on her girlfriend’s lips and in her mouth.

She opened her eyes and saw Lakshmi watching her with that post-coital expression of satisfaction on her face. Without thinking about it, Paige licked up a streamer of spunk that hung off Lakshmi’s chin and relished the sharp taste that reinforced what an obscene gesture it was. With the collected spunk on her tongue, she kissed her fellow stripper and shuddered as Lakshmi sucked her tongue clean.

Through the fog, she could hear the guy’s hooting and hollering as they kissed and cleaned each others faces up. She wondered what her husband would say when she asked him to give her a facial and cover her face and tits with his juice. Would he think that I’m a slut? She asked herself. Of course, he would!

Lakshmi slowly pulled back and eased the dildo out of her pussy. It came free with an obscene sucking sound and it seemed as if her cunt didn’t want to let go of the big black dildo. Free of being pinned to her fellow stripper, Paige slumped to the stage and watched Lakshmi with interest.

The other stripper kept her legs spread wide, so everyone could watch, and eased the dripping wet dildo out of her snatch by carefully holding it in the middle so as not to wipe off any of their love juice. The sucking sound as it popped free made Paige’s cunt throb.

She held up the dildo for everyone to see how wet it was and for the first time Paige realized exactly how much she had taken in her cunt. No wonder it hurt, She told herself with a giggle as she imagined the entire length buried in her dirty hole.

Lakshmi leaned across Paige and offered her the wet end to suck that had been buried in Paige’s cunt. But then she stopped and turned it around. Paige was beyond shame at this point and eagerly opened her mouth to take Lakshmi’s end of the dripping dildo.

The taste of Lakshmi’s pussy juice generated a lightning bolt deep into her brain but she eagerly sucked Lakshmi’s end clean. As she cleaned her half of the dildo off, she watched her fellow stripper doing the same to the end that had just been pulled out of her cunt. They shared a brief smile and then closed their eyes to savor the flavor of another girl’s juices. Paige could feel money being thrown on them as the customers “made it rain.”

Discarding the now clean dildo, the girls resumed kissing as they lay naked on the stage with cum soaked money stuck to them.

She could taste her pussy in Lakshmi’s mouth as they kissed and worked each other’s tongues. I could get used to this, she said to herself as she tried to imagine how much money they had made. She thought briefly about her husband but dismissed the thought of cheating as none of the guy’s had fucked her this time. This time? She asked herself. Could there be a next time and would she go further?

She smiled to herself and gave her girlfriend a final kiss.