“Idle Hands” – The Devil’s Workshop

Idle Hands

“Idle Hands” – The Devil’s Workshop

As your parents have probably told you many times, “Idle Hands are the devil’s workshop,” which is the title of my erotic story. Two MILFs with workaholic husbands decide that they should take matters into their own hands to get some satisfaction.

They start at an adult theater and store to innocently purchase a replacement vibrator for one which has died from overuse. One thing leads to another, and they end up learning what “Glory Hole,” really means and how hard the floor is on their knees.

They next decided to sample the world of swingers and further their education in the ways of sexual conquest and satisfaction.

This 20,000-word story is available now on all the usual sites for your self-abuse pleasure. As always, I recommend that you purchase from KinkyLiterature.com as the price is the same, and you get the satisfaction of supporting people who enjoy smut stories as much as you do.

Idle Hands includes a lot of girl-on-girl action, as well as oral, anal, and group activities such as swingers and orgy scenes. The sex is hot, explicit, and always HEA.

If you don’t have a regular site for purchasing your erotica, I recommend that you check out KinkyLiterature.com. The price is the same, and you are dealing with people who think being a pervert is an attribute.

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X-Rated Excerpt from “Idle Hands”

Tiffany removed the coffee beans from the freezer, ground them, and then filled the coffee maker in anticipation of her backyard neighbor’s regular visit. Setting the cream and sugar on the kitchen table, she sat down and checked her cell phone for any new messages as she waited.

Tiffany was a tall brunette with a slender body toned by running and weekly trips to the gym. She had long legs and medium boobs, which her husband Mark had been trying to convince her that they needed some work. After passing the dreaded four-oh, her concern about her looks was becoming an obsession, and her husband’s comments were not helping.

Pulling her shorty robe apart, Tif carefully examined her breasts. Even at forty, they were perky, and the nipples still pointed up reassuringly. As she bounced them up and down, Tiffany could feel the heat building between her legs.

Damn, I’m horny, she told herself since her vibrator had died last night, and she was already feeling neglected. It hasn’t even been a day, and I really need to be serviced.

“Tiffany, are you Jilling off at the kitchen table again!” her neighbor Wendi said with a laugh as she walked through the open patio door.

Surprised, Tiffany pulled her robe together as a blush crossed her face. “I wasn’t playing with myself. I was checking out my boobs!”

“You say tomato; I say tamato! Try to convince yourself that’s what it is, but I’m your friend, and I know better!” Wendi replied as she leaned over and kissed Tiffany on the cheek.

Tiffany could help herself, but she looked down her neighbor’s gaped open bathrobe as she leaned over. Wendi’s massive breasts were clearly visible, and she could feel her sex responding. What’s wrong with me? She asked herself. I’ve never been attracted to women before. Still, the lesbian porn movie she’d watched last night was undoubtedly entertaining.

Shaking her head to try and clear her thoughts, Tiff got up and poured coffee for the two of them. Standing in front of the patio door, the sunlight made her robe almost transparent.

Wendi could see that her neighbor was completely naked under the robe, and it appeared that she was shaved bald. Wendi giggled and said, “Did you buy that robe from Victoria Secrets? I can see right through it!”

“It’s not that see-through!” Tiffany protested. “Is it?”

“Well let’s put it this way, your jugs are making my mouth water, and I see that you’ve gotten a Brazilian.”

“I didn’t think about it. When I get out of bed in the morning, I generally just grab something from the closet to put on. I’ll be more careful next time.”

“Whoa, I never said I was complaining, only that I was enjoying the view. Next time, why don’t you greet me au naturel?”

“Wendi, you’re terrible. I can’t be naked in the kitchen.”

“Oh, and when are you going to start covering up?” Wendi replied. “I’ve caught glimpses of you at night, getting a drink of water while you were in the buff.”

“You can actually see that well from your house?”

“Of course, our backyards touch, and at night I can see right into your kitchen. But don’t change your habits, it’s the one thrill I get these days.”

“So, Randy is not that randy these days?” Tiffany said with a laugh.

“He works so hard trying to get the new business off the ground, and he’s exhausted all the time. The only strange stuff I’m getting these days is my left hand!”


“I’m serious. I need to get laid!” Wendi confessed. “Internet porn is okay, but I need something big and hard inside me.”

“You watch porn also?”

“It’s either that or try and seduce the postman, but he looks like my grandfather.”

“Are you doing anything today?” Tiffany asked as an idea started to form in her mind.

“No, other than riding the washing machine.”

“Does that work?”

“It’s not bad except the spin cycle doesn’t last long enough,” Wendi replied with a laugh. “What do you have in mind?”

“My sex toy went tango uniform last night, and I need to get a new one. Why don’t you go with me to the Adult Theatre and Store? You can give all the perverts there a thrill.”

“Tango Uniform?”

“It’s military slang for Tits Up or broken.”

“Sounds like fun. Dress sexy, right?” Asked Wendi as she mentally started going through her closet.

“Exactly, both our husbands are out of town, and its time you let those big puppies of yours out to play.”

“I won’t wear a bra if you don’t?”

“I normally never wear a bra. I would have thought that you noticed, your husband certainly does.”

“That asshole doesn’t stick his dick in me, yet he’s drooling over the fence at you!” Wendi laughed.

“He’s a guy, cut him some slack!”

“Next time he wants some pussy, I’m going to send him over to your house!”

“Just make sure Mark’s not home,” Tiffany replied with a giggle.

“Give me fifteen minutes to get as close to naked as I can, and I’ll be back!” Wendi said as she gulped down the rest of her coffee and headed out the patio door with her robe billowing around her. Tiffany got a glimpse of Wendi’s naked butt for a second as the wind caught her robe.

As Wendi trotted across the yard over to her house, Tiffany was suddenly looking at her in a new light. About the same age but a fiery redhead with a voluptuous body and plenty of curves, Tiff tried to picture her naked. Another woman would not be cheating, would it? She asked herself.

Shaking her head, Tiffany got up from the table and let her robe fall to the floor. Walking over to the patio door, she stood in front of it for a full minute with her hands on her hips. There, get a good look Wendi, she thought.