Swinging – a.k.a. “The Lifestyle”

This page will focus on swinging related posts and will attempt to collect them up so that you can easily find older posts that have fallen into the archives. We enjoy the lifestyle, whether you call it swinging, lifestyle, wife swapping, throw your keys in a bowl, or get naked and lay in a pile.


Another in my helpful tips on swinging. Just general suggestions as to how to conduct yourself at a house party or swinger’s event.

2 Responses to Swinging – a.k.a. “The Lifestyle”

  1. J.T. Moore says:

    Many years ago when i was in the navy at Norfolk Va. A bunch of people couples and singles would get together. who was there depended on if they were deployed. some times the wife or girlfriend would show up with out their partner. or with an other friend. Just a small group about thirty at most parties. every two or three weeks. Hell half the time we just sat around an talk. Went the first time with a girlfriend, till she got transfer to Calf. and i stop going till one of the people ask me why. Told her i thought i was with her,(ex-girlfriend) and did not belong. she laugh and told me i was better company than most of the people who showed up. well i got transfer and later discharged. that group was a fluke for me. i just fell into it. I loved it but not not really know how to go about getting into an other. but I had a great time.


    • I agree and it’s funny how you are on the outside looking in and unable to figure out how. Once you find a couple or group, then you suddenly realize that swingers are everywhere. One of the best ways is to Google for swinger’s clubs or bars that cater to swingers in your area. Then you and your partner can check them out and see what happens. You’ll find that like everything else swingers are as different as straights, you might have to visit a couple of clubs until you find one that caters to the type of couples you want to associate with.


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