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“My Wife Is A Porn Star” zooming up the charts

My latest eBook, “My Wife Is A Porn Star”, is really doing well and seems to be a hit. Who Hoo! On SmashWords, the story is #4 in Multiple Partner/Menage for books $2.99 or less and #68 for all erotica … Continue reading

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Why you need two little black books

One of the things you quickly discover when you start swinging is that you develop two sets of friends, the straight ones and the party ones. I know that you think you are smart enough to keep them separate but … Continue reading

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Neighbors With Benefits

I just watched the first episode of Neighbors With Benefits, a new reality show on A&E (link to episode 1) about a subdivision of swingers. Before you start praying for them, relax the show is cancelled. They shot 5 episodes … Continue reading

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What Happened To The Dirty Pictures?

Sorry guys but I’m trying to stay off of WordPress’ radar screen and they banned my last blog for having dirty pictures. But there are still dirty pictures on my BlogSpot site in case you need to jerk off or … Continue reading

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