Larry’s Erotic Stories Catalog

Below is a list of my published eStories of an erotic nature. I write HEA (happily ever after) stories that generally involve swinging (wife swapping), multiple partners (group sex or menage), girl-on-girl (bisexual and lesbian), cuckold or Hotwife, oral (blowjobs), anal (backdoor), BDSM, bareback, and some just plain old fucking and sucking as we say in the Lifestyle.

You can also click on the “Larry’s Erotic Stories Catalog” at the top of the page for a drop-down list of my stories.

Update 2022-05-30 I’m in the process of creating a new catalog of Larry Archer’s erotic stories. To check it out, click this link. This is a work in progress so ignore any issues for now.

I write in a humorous style based upon swinger’s typical acceptance of virtually all sexual activities even if they are not into that kink.  My BDSM stories are not super deep as we enjoy the bondage and discipline more than the sadomasochism but never fear as I’ll warn you if you need a safe word or not. LOL

A lot of my stories involve Foxy and Larry, which I should probably explain a little bit. When I first started writing erotica, I used experiences that Wifey and I encountered along the way. This has slowly grown to a somewhat fictional couple, Foxy and Larry who own a strip club in Las Vegas that caters to swingers.

We are described fairly accurately in the stories in case you’re interested. Thinking back I probably should have created a fictional couple with different names than ours but once I had published a few stories, I hated to change the thrust of them, so to speak.

If you know us and recognize yourself in a story, don’t worry I have changed the names to protect the guilty and hopefully have accurately portrayed you.

My stories are available on a number of sites, primarily, Amazon Kindle, Excitica, Barnes & Noble, and KOBO. Some stories are not available on Amazon as they didn’t allow them but you can always find the story on SmashWords. I am also publishing on the new site.

To grab a story, click on one of my Author’s Pages below and then select the story from the list shown. Check out they have all the good smut. (No charge links to all the hottest erotica)

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~ ~ ~ My Latest Stories ~ ~ ~

House Party is an 85,000-word novel (Foxy and Larry #18) from the smut-filled keyboard of Larry Archer. Foxy and Larry, along with their unicorn Chrissy, attend a house party where they meet a couple, Russell and Delphine, from Los Angeles. Foxy is infatuated with the husband and ends up running off with him to LA, leaving his wife in Larry’s custody. Click here for more on House Party, including an excerpt from this top-ranked novel.

Crashing the Swingers Pajama Party 200x300Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party (Foxy & Larry #17) is an 80,000-word novel based upon an actual event which occurred at one of Foxy and Larry’s annual New Year’s Eve Pajama Parties. For details on this hot new novel, along with an excerpt, click here.

Neighbors innocently crash a huge New Year’s Eve party next door, only to discover that they’ve stumbled into an orgy that will change their lives forever.

This HEA story is full of all the guilt-free sex that you expect from Larry Archer. Available from all the usual outlets.

Cheating Glory Hole Wives 200x300

Cheating Glory Hole Wives is a heartwarming story for all you glory hole fans. The guys are all in the basement building their man caves while their unsatisfied wives twiddle their thumbs. Two married women finally decide to take matters into their own hands, or more correctly their mouths.

Ensconced in his basement man cave so he can watch non-stop football, Ralph becomes suspicious that his wife is entertaining herself with a completely different sport. One where she spends most of her time on her knees! Worse, she has sucked his best friend’s wife in on her dirty little game, and both wives start disappearing at night dressed in outfits that would be more appropriate for streetwalkers than sweet loving housewives. Click here for more info.

Nina, The Fallen Ballerina, (36,000+ words) is a sexy tale about a beautiful young woman who trained all her life to be a ballerina. However, as she grew up, she realized that she was never going to achieve her dream.

Ballerinas are typically small tiny girls, and as Nina grew into a picture of her mother, she was tall and lanky, not ballerina material at all. Frustrated, Nina threw herself into her college studies and graduated with an MBA at age twenty-four.

Once again she was thwarted in her dreams. Working in an office with a sexist boss, she found herself unfulfilled and unhappy.

Just when things couldn’t get any darker, she discovered a job listing for exotic dancers at The Fox’s Den. Could this be her destiny? She asked herself as she interviewed with the club’s manager Linda. Click here for more.

Quick Index

The Dancer [Foxy and Larry #8]

My Wife is a Porn Star

Mostly Lezzie Stories

The_Voyeur_Cover 200x300

The Voyeur

The Voyeur, (15,000 Words) a delicious little tale about a small town girl, who moves to the big city to escape her abusive and domineering father, who beat her for any real or perceived thought about anything related to men or sex. Constance takes a job far away from home in Saint Louis, where she works at an ad agency surrounded by people who live on the edge between fantasy and reality.

There she meets her new best friend Sue, who takes the naive girl under her wing and tries to iron out some of the kinks instilled by her father and his paddle. Constance rapidly blooms and finds that she’s not only attracted to men but also girls. Then things heat up as she starts letting the guy across the courtyard watch her dress and help with her wardrobe selection.

This story is primarily girl-on-girl, with some voyeuristic scenes thrown in and written in the no holes barred style of Larry Archer, with graphic descriptions of the action to fill your imagination.

Foxy and Larry’s Stories

Wife_Swap_2_Cover200x300Wife Swap 2 (54,400 Words) carries on in the same depraved and debauchery filled story that started in the original Wife Swap. This really long, for a BDSM sex story, follows Carol as she falls into the clutches of Dominatrix Mistress Foxy, who decides to beat some sense into her and breaks up Carol’s marriage to take her as the latest submissive in Foxy’s stable.

In spite of the occasional beatings, this light hearted romp completes Carol’s education as she realizes what she’s been missing all these years.

This story blends cuckold/Hotwife scenes, BDSM, and swinging situations into a fun filled erotic story that has something for most everybody, regardless of your kink.

Note that at 54,000+ words, this story is much longer than your normal smut story and you get a lot more bang for the buck. Compare story lengths and remember Larry has sex on virtually every page.

As always Larry Archer combines a good story line with sexual situations involving straight, girl-on-girl, anal, oral, facials, humiliation, and group sex with graphic descriptions. This story is completely bareback and no safe sex lessons included.

Kindle Unlimited Members – Read this story for FREE!

Wife_Swap_Cover200x300Wife Swap ( 26,300 words) In a plot similar to their 1969 movie namesake, two couples Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice decide to open up their marriage and share some of their most intimate fantasies. Follow along as the two wives decide to swap husbands for an innocent date but things rapidly spiral out of control, when they realize that Carol has a multiple personality Sybil, who is up for anything and anyone.

This is Larry Archer, at his best, weaving a a scorching hot explicit tale of consensual bareback sex between two couples that leaves no detail out as everything is on the table for these throwbacks to the swinging era of the 70’s.

You may have to put your Kindle in the freezer to cool it off after reading this graphic novel about swingers and the swinging lifestyle.

Swingers group sex voyeurism, ménage, extreme hard core graphic sex heat level 5, bareback, big dick, girl on girl, oral blowjobs anal butt fucking

Warning: This ebook is for adults only and contains very graphic representations of sexual activity.  It includes ass to mouth, deep throat, gangbang sex, fmf sex, girl-on-girl lesbian sex, swingers, wife swapping, threesome sex, sex with strangers, oral sex, first anal sex, erotic stories, group sex, sex stories, ménage, sex stories, creampie, cuckold and semen (cum) swallowing and cum swapping.

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The_Dancer_Cover_200x300The Dancer (21,000 Words) is a story about a young college girl who is working her way through college by dancing at The Fox’s Den, a gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas. While on the job only a week, she has learned a lot about sex beyond what was taught in Sex Ed 101.

What could possibly go wrong? Only that her mother learned of her new job stripping and was convinced that she was also hooking. What’s a mother to do, so naturally she crashes into the bosses’ office in full on crazy lady attack mode.

Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and the crazy lady ends up in bed with the bosses’ wife, while the young dancer, Peaches, ends up in a threesome with the boss Larry and Linda, the manager.

As all of Larry Archer’s stories go, this one is full of well written and graphically described sexual situations on virtually every page. His stories are always HEA (happily ever after) and exactly the reason that you read erotic stories, to be entertained and sexually stimulated.

This story like all of Larry’s are bareback and leave no holes unplugged. The scenes include girl-on-girl, straight sex, oral, menage, swingers, anal, cream filled, and with a little BDSM thrown in for good measure.

Swingers Pool Party -Cover 200x300Swinger’s Pool Party (12,500 Words)

Foxy and Larry attend a pool party hosted by a couple of swingers they know. While at the party they meet a new couple, Mike and Cindy. While getting to know them, they introduce the husband to the hotwife pool hostess, leaving them to take care of his wife.

Cindy feels at ease with Foxy and Larry and quickly forgets about what her husband is up to. Foxy finds that Cindy is as eager and open minded as she is beautiful. After a hot and steamy threesome, they take Cindy back to their house for more fun.

In the morning, Cindy is introduced to the sexy widow who lives next door and comes over for coffee and early morning satisfaction.

This adults only story contains explicit sex scenes, 3-somes, girl-on-girl, always bareback, and all around hot times.

TheRunawayCoverThumb72dpiThe Runaway (34,000 Words)

Foxy and Larry, two swingers, pickup a stranded girl on the side of the road and take her home to try and help her just before Christmas. Initially their motives were simply to try and help her but rapidly the homeless girl becomes infatuated with the couple and their lifestyle. Their mission of mercy now turns to debauchery as they invite her into their home and family. This 34,000 word story is reasonably long for your reading pleasure.

This is an erotic romance story that is intended for mature adult audiences only and includes graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adults with bareback, straight, bisexual, lesbian erotica, erotica taboo, erotica for women, erotica for men, romantic erotica, BDSM, and group scenes.

Seduced by the Dark Side - CoverThumb72dpiSeduced by the Dark Side (58,000 Words)

A hard-core non-stop erotic romance about a small town farm girl from Minnesota who moves to Las Vegas to experience the wilder side of life. Ingrid’s education starts as soon as her plane lands in Las Vegas where she is picked up by Stormy, an exotic dancer, while trying to get her luggage. Accepting a ride from her new girlfriend, she finds out how much fun the back of a limo can be with a bunch of horny exotic dancers.

On her first day at work, her new boss, Crystal, catches her taking care of business, while she relives her experience from last night in the limo. Her boss, who is a MILF in expensive clothes, takes an immediate liking to her. While driving in her bosses new convertible, she meets a swinger couple, Foxy and Larry, on Las Vegas Boulevard, who invite them to a gentleman’s club that night for what promises to be an exciting evening.

They end up the evening at Foxy and Larry’s house for a continuation of the fun in the hot tub and the master bedroom. Ingrid continues her education and learns why she has to call Foxy “Mistress”, the hard way. Ingrid endures a flogging and realizes that she has completed her journey to the dark side and loves it!

For porn stories, this one is long at almost 60,000 words and there are few dull moments as Ingrid realizes she has desires and needs that she never knew before.

AlysonDiscoversGloryHoleCoverThumb72dpiAlyson Discovers the Glory Hole (30,000 Words) 

A hard core erotic adult story about two swingers, Foxy and Larry, who take an oral obsessed girlfriend to a Las Vegas adult theater with glory holes to satisfy her cravings for servicing strangers.

While in the toy section, they pick up a straight couple when the wife becomes infatuated with Foxy’s braless jugs, micro-mini, and thigh high boots. Foxy makes Alyson take care of the husband to help get her warmed up. Foxy’s dominate side quickly comes out as she punishes the cashier for hitting on her husband and gives her ten lashes with her riding crop in front of the other customers as correction. The young Goth cashier begs Foxy to become her Mistress and take her as a new slave.

In the booth, Alyson stays on her knees, taking care of every guy who pokes his rod through the hole in the wall and is quickly covered from her face to her chest with one facial after another. The other girls take turns helping Alyson service the anonymous appendages that are poked through the wall.

When the cashier’s shift ends, she joins them and is immediately on her knees between her Mistress’ legs to show her new Master what a good girl she really is. This story involves taboo erotica, romantic erotica, BDSM, erotica breeding, erotica for men, glory hole, gloryhole, oral sex, facials, cum swallowing and sharing, anonymous sex, group sex, lesbian or bisexual sex, anal, and Mistress/slave action that is bareback non-stop from the beginning to the end.

DrivingStripperMobileCoverThumbDriving the Stripper Mobile (53,000 Words)

This is the story about Don, an ordinary guy who is down on his luck. In fact, while he was down, Lady Luck even gave him a couple of hard shots to the stomach. Dumped by his wife and fired from his job, Don is befriended by a stripper and the club owner, who feel sorry for him. The strip club builds a truck with a clear plastic box on the back, complete with a stripper pole. The plan is for the Stripper Mobile to drive up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, while girls dance in the plastic box. Hopefully, people will be attracted by the beautiful girls dancing and visit the club. The club owner decides to give Don a shot and hires him to drive the Stripper Mobile.

Don ends up with one of the strippers as his girlfriend and is thrown into a world of swingers, group sex, erotic dancers, cuckolding, lesbian, and perverted sexual acts that he had only previously dreamed of. This story involves graphic sexual scenes and is told in a well-developed story line as only Larry Archer can weave it.

FantasySwingersCoverThumb72dpiFantasy Swingers (12,000 Words)

Note: This story is available for free from SmashWords but it’s okay if you buy it to help keep my dog from starving!

The story tells of a couple, who become interested in swinging because of the wife’s infatuation with a co-worker. Later shopping for a sexy dress, they meet a couple of swingers, who initiate them into the alternate lifestyle known as swinging. This is Part 1 of a multi-part series of how Cynthia and Francis are introduced into swinging by veteran swingers, Foxy and Larry.

The upcoming stories deal with the final conversion of Cynthia from a sweet innocent housewife to a complete slut (use your own imagination here). Cynthia and her husband are thrown into the deep end of the swinger’s pool and learn to sink or swim or at least swallow!

Cynthia learns the actual meaning of, “Thank you sir. May I have another?”

This story was originally one of the first that I wrote and about 75% true with the rest being fantasy from my sick mind. Most of the characters have been taken from people I have known and party’d with. I have changed the names and places to protect the guilty. If you recognize yourself in the story, then I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

As always, this story deals with sick and perverted people and the disgusting things they do to each other and themselves. If the thought of fucking and sucking (not making love to) a total stranger makes you queasy, then stop here. Otherwise, I suggest that you take your laptop into the bathroom and lock the door.

ISawMommySuckingSantaClausCoverThumb72dpiI Saw Mommy Sucking Santa Claus(7,990 Words)

Note: This story is available for free from SmashWords but it’s okay if you buy it to help keep my dog from starving!

A swinger couple and their girlfriends have a chance encounter with Santa Claus while getting ready for a Christmas swing party. Santa drops in by accident at the wrong house and finds three beautiful naked girls trimming the Christmas Tree. He finds out that they have been very naughty and they decide to give him a good blow job so he will put their names on the ‘Nice’ list. While this is obviously a fantasy, as we all learned the cruel truth about Santa at around age 6, the other aspects of the story were taken from our friends and our lifestyle.

Cuckolding and Hotwife Stories

Cuckold and Hotwife - Box Set 1 -Cover 200x300Cuckold and Hotwife – Box Set 1

A box set of three hotwife stories for your reading and self-abuse pleasure. Almost 100,000 words describing some of the wildest scenes you could ever imagine. If you’ve ever wondered about the erotic fantasy of watching your wife being ravaged by men, right in front of your eyes; this is your entry into that forbidden world.

Written by a swinger, who’s been there and done that, this box set is based upon the true adventures of a swinger couple to give you an up close and personal look at the world of cuckold husbands with their hotwives.

Cuckolding: A Night At The Bar

First we start off with “Cuckolding: A Night At The Bar” (24,500 words) where we and her husband learn what his wife Tina has really been up to. As a guy, who’s a little on the short side, and getting suspicious that his wife is getting serviced by much bigger rods.

Our story starts as they walk into a neighborhood bar and discover an amateur soccer team, whose name is “8-Plus”. To her husband’s shock and her excitement, she discovers what their team name actually means.

Cuckolding: A Hot Wife Is Born

Our next tale, “Cuckolding: A Hot Wife Is Born” (47,000 words) involves a 40-year-old housewife who gets seduced by her next door neighbor, who turns out to be a hotwife, with a cuckold husband.

Tina is happily married except for one small problem, her husband’s cock. Moving into their new house, Tina meets her sexpot neighbor Gretchen, who recognizes a potential partner in crime and introduces her to the sexy world of clubbing. She and Gretchen quickly go on the hunt for young and virile studs to party with.

Naive Tina easily slips into the world of non-stop sex as she samples everything including the girls.

Tina’s husband Ryan quickly grows suspicious when his wife comes home late at night, wearing a micro-mini and little else. Follow along as Ryan’s anger quickly turns to erotic fascination as he learns of the forbidden world they are entering.

Cuckolding: My Wife Is A Porn Star

The box set finishes up with “My Wife Is A Porn Star” (24,000 Words) about a guy who comes home to an empty house as his wife is once again “out with the girls.” But he’s beginning to have suspicions.

Figuring that this would be a good time to watch some Internet porn, he grabs a beer and selects a new video that looks hot. As he’s sitting there playing with himself, he is amazed at how much one of the porn stars looks like his wife but he never gets a clear shot of her face.

In the final scene, when the two girls kiss and lick off each other’s cum covered faces, he gets the shock of his life! The girl he’s just jerked off to is actually his wife and his excitement quickly turns to revulsion. On top of everything else, the girl, who helped his wife satisfy the group of big-dicked guys, is his best friend’s wife!

But to his amazement, his anger and revulsion quickly turns to excitement as he can’t help but re-watch the video, while continuing to jerk off at the mind-blowing videos of his wife and his best friend’s wife giving up every hole to non-stop pounding, while screaming for more.

The thing that really gets to him is that his wife seems to love doing all those things to other guys that he has begged her to do with him. Maybe the fact that he isn’t hung like a Shetland Pony has something to do with it?

After breaking the news to his best friend, together they track down the porn studio and discover their wives busily taking care of a new group of young guys. You won’t believe the ending as they watch the movie being shot through a one-way mirror.

This stories are *HOT* and have non-stop action on virtually every page. This box set explores the perverted world of cuckolding, where hotwives engage in sex, while their husbands watch. This bareback story includes graphic hard-core sex scenes involving cuckolding, multiple partners, gangbang, pulling a train, girl-on-girl lesbian, oral, anal, facial, menage, and cum swapping.

Cuckolding A Night At The Bar CoverThumb72dpiCuckolding: A Night At The Bar (24,500 Words)

Tina, a 40ish housewife, who has kept herself in great shape, has decided to do something about the fact that her husband doesn’t measure up. This MILF initially trolls the bars and picks up younger studs that are big enough to satisfy her every need. At first she cleans up before coming home but when her husband doesn’t seem to mind her late night “dates”, she discovers that he enjoys being a cuckold and starts making him clean her up after she’s been out with one of her Bulls. Then the night they walk into a small neighborhood bar, she discovers an extra large soccer team, who had stopped for a beer. That night her husband, Steve, discovers the full truth about what his wife has been up to.

This story includes graphic hard-core sex scenes involving bareback hotwife, cuckolding, multiple partners, gangbang, girl-on-girl, blowjobs, anal, facial, and cum swapping.

Cuckolding A Hotwife Is BornCoverThumb72dpiCuckolding: A Hotwife Is Born (47,000 Words)

A graphic tale about a 40 year old housewife, who is seduced by her next door neighbor, and turned out as a hotwife with her cuckold husband. Tina is happily married except for the small fact that her husband is too little to take care of her needs. Her husband has gotten a big promotion, which enables them to buy a new house where Tina meets her sexpot neighbor Gretchen.

Gretchen sees potential in Tina and introduces her to the sexy world of clubbing, where she and Gretchen are on the outlook for young and virile studs to party with. Tina becomes caught up in a world of non-stop sex as she samples everything she finds including the girls.

Tina’s husband Ryan grows suspicious of his wife, who comes home late at night wearing micro-mini’s and little else. After installing secret video cameras to monitor their bedroom, he finds his worst fears are true but realizes that he is not really mad but aroused at watching his wife and her girlfriend with their Bulls they bring home.

Ryan meets a girl at the video store, who turns out to be as big a nymphomaniac as his wife and is shocked when his wife invites his girlfriend to join her in a debauchery filled romp in the hay with her girlfriend and their young studs, while he watches.

This story is very graphic with non-stop action and a good story line to weave all of the acts of perversion together into a hot story which doesn’t give you time to take a breath. The story involves acts of cuckolding (hotwife) action, voyeurism, lesbian, group (menage), oral, anal, and facial scenes.

Cuckold My Wife Is A Porn Star 200x300Cuckolding: My Wife Is A Porn Star (24,000 Words)

A kinky story about a guy, who comes home to an empty house as his wife is out partying with the girls. Figuring that this would be a good time to watch some porn on his computer, he grabs a beer and picks out a new video to watch that looks pretty hot. As he’s sitting there, playing with himself, while watching these two girls take care of everyone on the set. In the last scene he finally gets a good look at the girls and realizes that he’s just jerked off to his wife and his best friend’s wife making a pornographic movie.

His revulsion quickly turns to excitement as he realizes that they’ve been doing this for a while. Follow Ralph as he and his best friend track down the studio and get to watch their wives make another movie, while they watch from a hidden room.

The story involves acts of cuckolding (hotwife) action, voyeurism, lesbian, group (menage), oral, anal, and facial scenes told in a light hearted manner with graphic descriptions of the sex scenes portrayed as only Larry Archer can spin the tale.

Other Erotica Stories by Larry Archer

Teenage Love Plus MomCoverThumb72dpiCaught Screwing Mom’s Daughter (11,700 Words)

His first week in college, 18 year old Tim goes to a fraternity kegger with his buddies. Most of the night is an alcohol induced blur and the next thing he knows, he’s back at his apartment. To his surprise, Tim discovers a beautiful college girl in bed with him and from the evidence he finds on her face, realizes that he’s had a great time but doesn’t remember a thing. Finally out of the fog, he remembers her name and they quickly begin to resume the activities they started the night before.

The next thing Tim knows, his new girlfriend Olivia is on top and riding him to a hard climax. Just as they are both climaxing, Olivia’s mom bursts into his one bedroom apartment. Too late Tim regretted forgetting to lock his door.

After raking Olivia over the coals for being such a slut, mom begins to realize that everything she sees is making her incredibly horny. She finally admits that she and her ex were swingers and her fear is that her daughter will be as big a slut as she was.

Note this story is published under several titles such as “Teenage Love Plus Mom” due to censorship restrictions. The story is the same but the title may be different.

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