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Sunday in Sin City

May is banging on our front door in Lost Wages. The temperature is starting to look like my Corvette’s tachometer when I stand on it. Starting out in the sixties, the temp will rapidly climb into the upper eighties by … Continue reading

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The Shrink by Larry Archer

The Shrink is coming along nicely, and I wanted to share my current draft version of the paperback cover. The cover is a wide PDF file of the back + spine + front as one image. This is my current … Continue reading

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“Stripper or Nurse” – Be Still My Beating Heart

Stripper or Nurse? is an 80,000-word  combination cuckold/Hotwife swinger novel with a lot of voyeurism thrown in for good measure. An x-rated excerpt is included at the end of this post. It’s a non-stop sexual romp as you watch how swingers … Continue reading

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“Cheating Glory Hole Wives” by Larry Archer

Cheating Glory Hole Wives is featured today on KinkyLiterature. Glory holes are typically found in adult theaters or video stores. They are small rooms with holes cut in the side walls. Guys go in and stick their dick through the hole, … Continue reading

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Published My First Story on Medium

I guess I’m a sucker for punishment, as I’ve just put up the first chapter of Groomed to be a Hotwife on Medium, a platform for sharing stories, among other things. Medium is like several other sites which feed you … Continue reading

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Pool Parties Can’t Be Long Now

Spring is slowly arriving, and with it, pool parties. In Swinger’s Pool Party, I wrote a story about one of our parties at a couple’s home. Swingers have great events, and the scenery is always fantastic. This adults-only story contains … Continue reading

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Company Benefits – New Cover

My hot little copy of Company Benefits arrived courtesy of the Amazon driver in a new electric truck. He was so quiet slipping in and out I couldn’t hear him for the wind howling outside. But I can’t complain, others … Continue reading

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Privacy and Swinging

When you think about throwing your house keys in a bowl, there are other ramifications to remember besides how many times I can get lucky at one party before passing out from exhaustion. One of the first things you learn … Continue reading

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