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Stripper or Nurse Now Premium

SmashWords just gave Stripper or Nurse Premium Status which means that it will ship out to iBooks, B&N, Kobo, along with other retailers. This is always a big plus for writers as publishing to SmashWords means that you get published … Continue reading

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Swinging is Not Cheating

A question that comes up regularly when we talk to “straights” about swinging is cheating. We don’t cheat and don’t consider swinging as cheating. Cheating is when you take a co-worker out for a nooner unless your wife/husband tags along. … Continue reading

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Smut’s Pouring Out of My Keyboard

I don’t understand why but I cannot seem to turn out dirty words on my desktop PC with twin 27-inch monitors but they flow so easily from my laptop. I started out with a MacBook Air, which is the best … Continue reading

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