A Sample of My Reviews

Cuckold My Wife Is A Porn Star 200x300If you’re like me, you love to read erotica stories but get bummed out when you spend your hard earned money for stuff that doesn’t turn you on. Below you will find a sampling of honest reviews that I’ve gotten on my stories.

First I’d like to talk for just a minute on how I write. My stories are always hard core erotica with graphic descriptions of sexual activities on virtually every page.

As a swinger, I live in the lifestyle that many people only fantasize about and a good portion of my stories are based upon actual things that we have been involved in or witnessed.

Virtually all of my stories are HEA (happily ever after) and do not involve jealousy, divorce, or fighting. What I’ve learned is that swinging is a lot of fun and true swingers are happy together, with a much lower incident of divorce or separation.

Okay, enough of all this and let’s get down to the good stuff. Below find some of the reviews that my readers have written about my stories and these are representative of all my reviews. Please note that I have deleted the Amazon username of the person writing the review.

Swingers Pool Party September 27, 2015
Larry and Foxy are the real deal when it comes to swinging. They take Cindy under their care and turn her into a highly sexual individual. This was a very good novel, one that I would surely recommend.
WOW very hot and good July 17, 2015
I have to admit, this was one of the best swingers books/box set I have read. These stories are not for everyone. This was mostly written from the males point of view, but there was also a woman’s point of view here and there. There was a lot of feelings and explaining as the story progressed. Very well written. I would read again as well as other works from this author.
My Wife Is A Porn Star June 14, 2015
Five stars , could be higher. HOT! HOT! HOT! Liked everything about this story. Readers with an open mind Will like this also. Thanks
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Just a fun erotic read March 30, 2015
Just a fun erotic read, nothing surprising, don’t expect a deep story or action oriented. Got exactly what I wanted and enjoyed the read.
Someone reviewed Driving The Stripper Mobile
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Disappointed, the review of the book should read a … March 30, 2015
Disappointed, the review of the book should read a cuckhold story. Not exactly my cup of tea. Potential is there for an enjoyable erotic read, author just missed my wheelhouse.
Someone reviewed Driving The Stripper Mobile
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Wild erotic fantasy January 27, 2015
Driving the Stripper Mobile
By Larry Archer

This is Larry Archer’s universe. Welcome!

In Driving the Stripper Mobile, Mr. Archer takes readers on a light-hearted trip to Las Vegas, into the back rooms of a strip club named the Fox’s Den. Our hero Don is down and desperate. He’s lost his wife and his job; if he can’t scrape together a bit of cash, his apartment is next. He spends his time drinking and fantasizing about the strippers, but he’s too depressed to take any action.

He doesn’t deserve his hard luck. Jenny, a sweet-tempered, intelligent dancer, strikes up a conversation with him and discovers he’s a decent guy who needs a break. The connection between them grows stronger, even when she gets involved with the club owner Larry, and his wife Roxy (generally, and appropriately, known as “Foxy”). Meanwhile, Larry, a tough guy with a dubious and intimidating history, hires Don to build and drive the Stripper Mobile, a truck outfitted in the back with an air conditioned plexi-glass box big enough to accommodate two of Larry’s dancers. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it! Don manages to make the publicity stunt hugely successful, despite the – um – distractions of the gorgeous girls he’s ferrying about.

The Stripper Mobile cruises up and down the Vegas streets, showing the tourists and locals alike just how wild life is in the Den. Back at the club, things get hotter and crazier by the minute. Jenny shows just how insatiable she is. If anything, this brings Don and Jenny closer.

Driving the Stripper Mobile is very graphic. Mr. Archer pulls no punches in his erotic scenes. The book doesn’t feel cliched or exploitative, though, largely because the author’s enthusiasm shines on every page. You can tell that Mr. Archer is writing about what arouses him personally.

I’ve given this book only three stars because the writing needs some work. Mr. Archer’s dialogue tends to be stiff and unrealistic (very few people talk in compound sentences), and there are some serious problems with head-hopping. That’s the editor in me speaking, though. I suspect that a lot of readers wouldn’t notice these flaws.

Despite these issues, I enjoyed the book. I particularly liked Mr. Archer’s portrayal of women. Jenny, Foxy, Sally, Pat and the other female characters are unapologetic when it comes to their desires. The men don’t look down on them – they appreciate them wholeheartedly. These guys aren’t threatened by the women, either. When they’re not participating, they enjoy watching, happy to be taken along for the ride.

Read it! Hot! Scorching Hot! July 24, 2014
Hot! Scorching hot book!
First, this book is written for pure entertainment, so don’t expect a lesson in safe sex. It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself not the author. With that being said, there’s a lot cum swapping going on at the bar. No condoms. It’s pure fantasy sex.
I usually don’t read books like this because I strictly read M/M or BDSM books, but I was curious about Cockolding. I really didn’t understand what kind of man that was. I wanted to know what was in it for him. This book is about Steve and his wife Tina.
Tina is a wife who has needs, more needs than her husband can take care of, so both of them agreed she could play around. Most of the book spans over an evening when Tina and her husband Steve go to a bar and Tina plays with all the young men in the 8+ club. A waitress is thrown in to play, too. Steve gets off by watching his wife and cleaning her off.
It’s a dirty sexy book with lots of cum swapping. If you like, gritty sex than I say read it. It will turn you on! Get your tissues or vibrator.
The book is well written. Give it a try!
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From the dirty mind of Larry Archer May 14, 2014
Larry Archer has a beautiful home in Vegas, a sexy wife with real boobs, and a strip club where none of the strippers know he is the owner and yet they all think he is a god. Why not? He really is a classy guy. That’s why when he discovers poor little Beth abandoned and shivering on the side of the road, he offers to help. What else could he do, being the kind of guy he is? He and his wife take the little stray into their house and watch as she slowly comes to realize what her true mission in life might be. This is a hard core sexual romp through some pretty intense and imaginative sex. It’s not really big on plot or narrative, but if you’re wondering what it might feel like to live the lifestyle of hedonist, this is the title for you. Tag along as sweet Beth learns the ropes in Sin City, USA.
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Raw, Visceral, and Ohh So Sizzling Hot! April 28, 2014
Larry Archer KNOWS how to keep his Reader’s Captivated, and Engaged.
I was in a constant state of Titillation!
Mr. Archer provides his Reader’s a constant adventure. I couldn’t read this story fast enough.
I felt as if I was their watching every adventure, and through his descriptiveness I felt as if I was experiencing everything the characters were partaking in.
I have already started to read his next book “The Runaway” and within the first few pages could Not put it down.
Bravo Mr. Archer, You have me hooked,and gaffed!
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One word… HOT!!! November 24, 2013
Thus was actually a very well written story. Not your typical shirt sex story. This one was long enough to keep you engaged and hot enough to make you sweat.
I actually had to stop reading it a couple of times in public because I found myself getting too turned on.
Do yourself a favor and either read it in private or have somebody there whom you can make love to, because you will get excited.
Good work Larry!