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Blonde MILF Available for “First Date”

For all you cuckold fans who fantasize about watching your Hotwife having sex with well-built Bulls, Larry Archer’s story should be right up your alley. However, for those who have somehow missed this kink, First Date will throw you into … Continue reading

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I Tooted

As if we don’t have enough messaging sites, Mastodon is working to shoulder it’s way to the front of the pack. Mastodon is a decentralized service similar to Twitter without all of the political discourse. It’s an open-source software system … Continue reading

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“The Watchers” Has Arrived

My latest paperback, The Watchers, showed up at my front door this afternoon to my surprise. I’ve had it on order since December, and it looks pretty cool. I’m really pleased with my new cover designs that go completely across … Continue reading

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2023 New Year’s Resolutions

This year I’ve resolved not to resolve anything. I am painfully aware of my shortcomings and don’t need to remind myself every January first. My Mom is a psychologist, and I guess a lot of introspection is just something that … Continue reading

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