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The Times They Are A Changing

as Bob Dylan used to sing. Since I’ve gotten fired up on paperback covers, I think my latest designs are neat. The image above of Company Benefits is the proof copy that I’ve sent off to Amazon and waiting for … Continue reading

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“Walk on the Wild Side” by Larry Archer

Walk on the Wild Side is a 58,000-word explicit HEA erotic novel from Larry Archer, about two co-workers who become interested in spicing their boring love life up with swinging. The twentieth story in the Foxy and Larry swinger series … Continue reading

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“BULL Riding MILFs” Hits the Streets

I managed to pull my paperback copy of BULL Riding MILFs out of the hands of my mail person and was lucky to discover only a few of the pages were stuck together with an unknown substance! This morning as … Continue reading

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Love Delivered by UPS

My very own personal paperback copy of BULL Riding MILFs is bouncing around somewhere in Las Vegas on a UPS truck. I just hope that the pages are not all stuck together when I yank it out of the sweaty … Continue reading

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