Walk on the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side is a 58,000-word explicit HEA erotic novel from Larry Archer, about two co-workers who become interested in spicing their boring life up with swinging. This is the twentieth story in the Foxy and Larry swinger series and continues the uncensored look into the freewheeling life and antics of our favorite swinger couple.

Sandy and Kim are co-workers at a hotel in Las Vegas and both suffering from lack of nookie from inattentive husbands. The prospect of being ignored by another night of Monday Night Football leads the girls to a presentation on swinging at the hottest strip club in Las Vegas, The Fox’s Den.

Like standing in quicksand, our two naive housewives are quickly sucked into a world that neither had ever dreamed of. For two sex-starved and neglected women, the prospect of non-stop guilt-free, no strings attached, sex without blame, and few consequences is an irresistible urge.

The Den’s owners, Foxy and Larry, quickly take over satisfying the insatiable needs of the cheating housewives and ensure that their needs are filled in every way possible. Their interest in the Lifestyle is wetted by learning the benefits of swapping partners and recreational lovemaking. The help of the club’s manager and a security guard are also used to complete their education.

Larry Archer is known for his explicit HEA erotic stories, which always include an interesting plotline in addition to the non-stop no holes left unfilled action. Larry and his wife are swingers in real life and use their experiences to weave a hot story, which will leave you breathless as you explore a lifestyle few normal people know about or could ever hope to experience.

At the end of this post is an x-rated excerpt to give you a taste of what you’ll get when you click the buy button!

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X-Rated Excerpt from Walk on the Wild Side

“That’s my girl. Call your husband and tell him we’re going out for dinner and a drink. That’s not really a lie! Also, tell him you might spend the night at my house.”

“I probably should have my head examined for letting you talk me into this, but what the hell!” Sandy said as she gave in. She’d heard about swingers, who swap partners but never really considered it. What would it be like to sleep with someone other than my husband?

Going back to her desk, Sandy stewed about what she’d just agreed to. Going to a strip club is bad enough, but now I’ve signed up for a class on swinging!

She couldn’t ignore how damp her panties were and tried to squirm around in her seat to relieve the itch she’d suddenly developed. The thought of going to a strip club full of naked women and horny guys worried her. What should I do if the guys get carried away and try to rape Kim or me? She asked herself.

An image of a muscular bare-chested man standing over her girlfriend as he ripped her blouse off, flashed before her. Kim’s nipples, flushed with excitement, burned a hole in her mind as she pictured the man pulling a monstrous penis out of his pants.

Sandy pictured her girlfriend as the man held her by the hair and pulled her mouth towards his throbbing cock. His dick was swollen with pre-cum leaking out of the purple head as he stroked it with his hand while directing it towards Kim’s mouth.

That’s when she realized that Kim had her mouth open and her tongue stuck out to guide that huge tool into her throat. Her girlfriend had a wicked smile on her face as she kissed the swollen head and licked off the pre-cum.

Sandy licked her lips as she tried to picture what it would feel like to have a dick that big in her mouth. The guy in her vision was two or three times bigger than her husband, and his cock had never been that hard or delicious looking.

“Did you finish the morning’s reports?” she heard from behind her.

“What?” she snapped out as she realized that this was a daydream or fantasy while she was sitting at her desk.

“I didn’t mean to startle you! I was wondering if you’d finished the weekly reports?” her boss’s administrative asked.

“Oh, excuse me, my mind was elsewhere. Here you go,” Sandy replied as she handed the woman a stack of financial reports.

That was so real, she told herself. I almost got to watch my girlfriend suck some guy’s massive cock!

Shaking her head but it was no use, the image of her girlfriend sucking dick would not go away. It was like watching a movie except it seemed completely real. She could see how Kim licked the pre-cum off his dick with relish.

Kim tried to swallow the handsome stranger’s penis without much success. His dick was so long that she could hold it with both hands and still not fit the rest in her mouth. The man started to fuck Kim’s mouth with his shiny rod, and the girl’s cheek bulged as she tried to take it all.

It was obvious, the man was choking her with that monster, but Kim never pushed back, and she knew that her girlfriend would choke to death without a single complaint. Her girlfriend’s eyes were dilated as her face slowly turned blue from lack of oxygen.

At least, she’s going to die happy, Sandy told herself as she watched her girlfriend impaled on a cock that was the size of her arm.

The man relaxed his grip on Kim’s head long enough for her to take a big gasp of air. Instead of pushing away, Kim shoved her mouth back down on the big cock and bobbed up and down, trying to get it all in her throat.

He held her hair tightly and with a roar, shot off in her girlfriend’s mouth. Sandy could see Kim’s eyes open wide and then roll back in her head as she started to convulsively jerk. She was climaxing as cum started to run out of the corners of her mouth.

Sandy reflexively licked her lips as she watched the stream of cum run down Kim’s cheek and drip on her heaving breasts. The electricity between her legs was impossible to ignore as she pressed against her mound to try and relieve the fire that burned between her legs, while her girlfriend sucked off the stranger.

She realized that she had better go to the ladies room else she might do something she’d later regret while sitting at her desk. Grabbing her purse, she headed towards the bathroom. She could feel her face burning and hoped that no one would ask if she was okay before she could lock herself in a stall.

Slipping her panties down, she could tell that they were sopping wet and so just took them off and put the soggy thong in her purse. I’ve never been this wet in my life, Sandra told herself as she tried to pat her sex dry. Throwing the wet toilet paper in the toilet, she rubbed her throbbing clit to try and get some relief.

Leaning her head against the cool stall wall, she closed her eyes, and immediately, her girlfriend’s rape fantasy restarted in her mind. Now she was on her knees alongside her girlfriend watching as Kim continued to lick and suck her lover’s huge dick like a popsicle.

Kim smiled at her and offered the wet cock to her. Without a moment’s hesitation, Sandy leaned over and opened her mouth as wide as possible. She could still taste his cum as she sucked the head and lapped at it with her tongue. The size of his dick was threatening to split her mouth open at the corners, but she didn’t let that stop her.

She could feel the leftover cum running down her tongue as she carefully licked up his juice. The aroma of her girlfriend’s pussy was strong, and the very thought of sucking his dick after he had fucked her girlfriend made her nipples twist up into hard knots.

Sandy was picturing her girlfriend lying on the floor with her feet on the guy’s shoulders as he drove his cock deep into her wet hole. She had her cheek on Kim’s abdomen as she watched her girlfriend get fucked. The smell of Kim’s pussy was driving her wild, and she licked his wet dick and her girlfriend’s clit while she was getting pounded.

It was so erotic to see his big rod, slick and shiny, move in and out of her girlfriend’s sweet pussy. When he pulled back, she would lean in and lick the juice off his shaft as Kim tightened her fingers in Sandy’s hair.

Kim would grunt every time his dick rammed into her cervix, and Sandy could imagine how it was going to feel when he fucked her. The idea of the stranger pulling his wet cock out of her girlfriend and making her suck it before jamming it into her fuck hole was making lightning flash behind her eyelids.

The taste of her girlfriend’s cunt as she finger-fucked herself was irresistible. Her juicy fingers slid easily into her mouth, greased by pussy juice. Using her thumb to rub her clit, Sandy worked her pussy. Her orgasm was sudden and unexpected as she felt the electricity strike deep inside her addled brain.

She continued to lay her head against the sidewall of the stall, and the cool material helped lower her temperature. Her brain finally started to work again, and that’s when she realized that she was sucking her dirty fingers and could still taste the flavor of being deep in her wet hole.

Pulling her two fingers out of her mouth, Sandy looked at them as she realized what she’d just done. Smelling the scent of her overheated love box, she carefully cleaned her fingers up until all the taste was gone.

Her legs were weak as she washed her hands. On the one hand, she hated to wash them as her fingers had tasted so good. But, the notion that more of her juices were easily available made her smile to herself.