Seduced By The Dark Side

“Seduced by the Dark Side” (58,000 word erotic novel) is a hard-core non-stop erotic romance novel about a small-town farm girl from Minnesota who moves to Las Vegas to experience the wilder side of life. Ingrid’s education starts as soon as her plane lands in Las Vegas, where she is picked up by Stormy, an exotic dancer, while trying to claim her luggage. Accepting a ride from her new girlfriend, she finds out how much fun the back of a limo can be with a bunch of horny exotic dancers.

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On her first day at work, her new boss, Crystal, catches her taking care of business while she relives her experience from last night in the limo. Her boss, who is a MILF in expensive clothes, takes an immediate liking to her. While driving in her boss’s new convertible, she meets a swinger couple, Foxy and Larry, on Las Vegas Boulevard, who invite them to a gentleman’s club that night for what promises to be an exciting evening.

They end up the evening at Foxy and Larry’s house for a continuation of the fun in the hot tub and the master bedroom. Ingrid continues her education and learns why she has to call Foxy “Mistress,” the hard way. Ingrid endures a flogging and realizes that she has completed her journey to the dark side and loves it!

For porn stories, this one is long at almost 60,000 words, and there are few dull moments as Ingrid realizes she has desires and needs that she never knew before.

You may also see this story with this cover image as Amazon decided my cover was too explicit. The same hot tale, just a different cover.

WARNING: This story includes explicit descriptions of bisexual, hot, menage, group sex, anal, BDSM, swinging, lesbian, blowjob, snowballing, cum swap, bareback, and swingers Foxy and Larry. There are NO safe-sex lessons included in this story.

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Excerpt from Seduced By The Dark Side

Ingrid is leaving the airport where she’s just been picked up by a stripper named Stormy.

Ingrid couldn’t believe it, but Stormy started sucking her tongue, and she was afraid that she would come standing by the baggage carousel. As she clung to Stormy, it was all she could do to stop her climax as Stormy sucked her tongue and kissed her. The heat Ingrid felt between her legs was almost consuming her, and it was virtually more than she could take.

They continued to kiss for about a minute and reluctantly broke the kiss as some people, trying to get their baggage, pushed in next to them. In her hometown, two girls kissing would have been a scandal, but here people were just pushing you out of the way to get their suitcases.

They collected their bags and walked towards the limo pick up area. Stormy took Ingrid’s hand in hers as they walked. The feeling of Stormy’s fingers in hers was the most erotic thing Ingrid had ever felt. Ingrid felt Stormy scratching her palm and flashed back to high school when that was a secret signal that your date wanted to fuck you.

Ingrid looked down at Stormy and found her staring at Ingrid’s jugs. As Ingrid watched her, she saw Stormy lick her lips. The look on Stormy’s face, as she was mesmerized by Ingrid’s jugs, caused a bolt of electricity to shoot through Ingrid’s pussy as her love juice started to pour out. The blast to her wet pussy made Ingrid shiver all over.

As the tremors ran through Ingrid’s body, Stormy leaned against Ingrid and laid her head on Ingrid’s heaving breast. The two girls ground to a halt just outside the limo area, and Ingrid put her fingers through Stormy’s huge mane of hair and turned her head up. Stormy’s eyes closed as Ingrid put her hot lips against Stormy’s. Ingrid couldn’t believe how bold she was, kissing Stormy outside the airport terminal without a thought about what people would think.

The first two things now on Ingrid’s bucket list was one, get rid of her bras and two, fuck Stormy and could she dare to suck Stormy’s pussy? As they kissed and probed each other’s mouth with their tongues, Ingrid had now advanced far past kissing and was hoping that Stormy’s pussy was as sweet as she imagined it would be.

Then Ingrid heard a bunch of hooting and hollering, things like “Get a room!” washed over her. Ingrid was instantly embarrassed until she looked up at the big stretch limo to see girls hanging out of it, cheering, and putting their tongues between a V made with their fingers.

Stormy just said, “Just ignore them, they are just jealous. Come on, let’s get in the limo as they will not leave us alone until we do.”

The driver didn’t blink an eye at them and took their bags, which must be an everyday occurrence to him. They climbed into this huge stretch limo that looked like the front end of a Mac truck but was like an RV on the inside.

The other girls welcomed Stormy, and most of them kissed her. Stormy introduced her as her girlfriend from Minnesota. She tried to hide her surprise at being “Stormy’s girlfriend,” but the other girls didn’t blink an eye. Each girl kissed her on the lips, and most offered their tongue to her.

Stormy told the girls, “You can look, but you cannot touch!” Which led a number of the girls to say things like, “Spoilsport!” Stormy told them that she wanted Ingrid to dance with her and said, “Can you imagine those hooters on parade, and they are real.”

One of the girls said, “Her boobs can’t be real; they are too big and pretty.”

Stormy told her, “You should feel them; they are fabulous.” Then all of the girls said, “We want to feel, please!”

Then Stormy said, “Okay, just this once but wait for a second, she has a bra on because she was visiting her family. Let me just pull it off.”

Stormy told her to lean forward and, with one hand, unhooked her bra in just a second. She was faster than any boy she knew. She could tell that she had done this before because her bra was on the floor of the limo before she could protest.

Stormy put her mouth to her ear and whispered, “No more bra, okay?” Ingrid told her, “Never again, I promise.”

Then Stormy let all of the girls feel her up through her t-shirt. Her headlights came on instantly as the first girl squeezed her tits and felt her nipples. Her hands were so fantastic, so much better than a guy’s. She couldn’t believe how much more exciting it was for a girl to play with you.

She was beginning to think that Sin City had already turned her into a lesbo, but she didn’t mind in the least. As one after another of the girls played with her tits, she was so close to coming. She could feel the electricity run between her jugs and her pussy. Somewhere around the third girl, she lost her t-shirt, and it joined the bra on the floor.