A Hotwife Is Born [Cuckold/Hotwife #2]

A Hotwife is Born

A Hotwife is Born

A Hotwife Is Born (Cuckold/Hotwife #2)

A graphic novella (47,000 Words) about a 40-year-old housewife, who is seduced by her next door neighbor, and turned out as a Hotwife, with her cuckold husband.

Tina is happily married except for the small fact that her husband is too little to take care of her needs. Her husband has gotten a big promotion, which enables them to buy a new house where Tina meets her sexpot neighbor Gretchen.

Gretchen sees potential in Tina and introduces her to the sexy world of clubbing, where she and Gretchen are on the outlook for young and virile studs to party with.

Tina becomes caught up in a world of non-stop sex as she samples everything she finds including the girls.

Tina’s husband Ryan grows suspicious of his wife, who comes home late at night wearing micro-mini’s and little else. After installing secret video cameras to monitor their bedroom, he finds his worst fears are true but realizes that he is not really mad but aroused at watching his wife and her girlfriend, with the Bulls they bring home.

Ryan meets a girl at the video store, who turns out to be as big a nymphomaniac as his wife and is shocked when his wife invites his girlfriend to join her in a debauchery filled romp in the hay with her girlfriend and their young studs, while he watches.

This story is very graphic with non-stop action and a good storyline to weave all of the acts of perversion together into a hot story which doesn’t give you time to take a breath, much less change hands.

tumblr_neza3a3S011s8qd8oo1_500The story involves acts of cuckolding (Hotwife) action, voyeurism, lesbian, girl-on-girl, FFM, FMF, MMF, bareback group (menage) sex, oral, anal, and facial scenes.

For more on the phenomena of the cuckold and Hotwife lifestyle, click here.

As with all of Larry’s stories, it always ends up HEA (Happily Ever After). Larry’s girls are always sluts, but we still love them.

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