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Erotica From The Dirty Mind Of
Larry Archer

KinkyLiterature is your one-stop source for all your erotica and porn story needs, including stories that are #2Hot4Amazon. All my stories can be found on Kinky Literature.

Kinky Literature is the very best place to find any type of smut that you would like to read. All the top authors publish on KinkyLiterature and the price is the same as you would pay anywhere else, so shop there and support the best supplier of hardcore porn stories on the Internet.

The big thing about KinkyLiterature’s Richie and Randi is that they love smut as much as I do and will never look down on you like the little old blue-haired lady who you ask for one of “those” books they keep under the counter.

Versions are available for all types of eReaders such as cell phones (Android & iPhone), Kindles, Tablets, iPads, PC’s, and Mac’s.

Amazon Kindle for stories suitable for Kindle readers. Note that Amazon does not carry some stories, which can burn your hands and are considered “Too Hot For Amazon.” For those stories, go to KinkyLiterature or SmashWords to get versions which are Kindle compatible.

SmashWords carries all my erotica including the more kinky topics, which Amazon doesn’t allow.

Versions are available for all types of eReaders such as cell phones (Android & iPhone), Kindles, Tablets, iPads, PC’s, and Mac’s.

Barnes & Noble and Nook Press carry most of my erotica as well except for the kinkier stuff.

Apple iBooks also carries a lot of my stories, which are not too hot for them. But you can always get copies of all my smut, even the dirtiest, from KinkyLiterature or SmashWords.

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Larry Archer’s stories are generally HEA (Happily Ever After) except for those featuring his wife Foxy and her whip. Larry writes about swingers, group sex, girl-on-girl, and some BDSM. All the stories are intended for adults only and are dripping with well written explicit erotica for men and women.

Even the stories with Foxy and her toys of pain generally end up on a positive note except you may have to sit down gingerly for a couple of days. “Oh, I just figured out where my butt plug was!”

A lot of swinger or cuckold porn is depressing with cheating, divorce, fights, etc. Our experience with the Lifestyle has always been positive and we are a stronger couple for it. I write smut with a plot yet it is stories that you can jerk off or Jill off to. Just remember to lock the bathroom door, unless your partner likes to watch.

In most instances, we’ve been in the middle or next to the action that is written about in one of my stories. As we live the lifestyle, it is from the actual perspective of a couple who’s been there and done that.

A lot of the characters in my stories are taken directly from couples that we know and have partied with. Naturally, the names and identities have been changed to protect the guilty!

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Of course to get all of Larry Archer’s ramblings about life, swingers, cuckold-Hotwife couples, and writing erotica, follow his blog.