Links To Publishers Of My Erotica

Erotica From The Dirty Mind Of
Larry Archer

KinkyLiterature is your one-stop source for all your erotica and porn story needs, including stories that are 2Hot4Amazon. All my stories are on Kinky Literature.

Amazon Kindle for stories suitable for Kindle readers. Note that Amazon does not carry some stories, which can burn your hands and are considered “Too Hot For Amazon.” For those stories, go to KinkyLiterature or SmashWords to get versions which are Kindle compatible.

SmashWords carries all my erotica including the more kinky topics, which Amazon doesn’t allow.

Barnes & Noble and Nook Press carry most of my erotica as well except for the kinkier stuff.

Apple iBooks also carries a lot of my stories, which are not too hot for them. I haven’t figured out how to create a link to my stories and so the best thing is to open the iBooks app and search for “Larry Archer.”

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Larry Archer’s stories are generally HEA (Happily Ever After) except for those featuring his wife Foxy and her whip. Larry writes about swingers, group sex, girl-on-girl, and some BDSM. All the stories are intended for adults only and are dripping with well written explicit erotica for men and women.

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