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High HeelsLarry Archer’s the name and smut’s my game. I’m a teller of tall tales, primarily erotic in nature. In plain English, I write porn or smut stories for those times you feel like reading with one hand.

They are perfect for those times alone with your tablet, phone, or laptop and a box of Kleenex. I also blog on the world of swingers in case you’re interested. My Smut is great when the only strange stuff you’re getting is your left hand. Or it’s been so long since you’ve had sex that you can’t remember who gets tied up!

For information on my erotic stories, Click Here.

Generally speaking, my stories are fairly graphic and not intended for those who are not of legal age or easily offended. If you are not a grownup (i.e. an Adult) or don’t enjoy reading about adult themed works, please leave now, otherwise I’m not responsible for anything you get splashed on your keyboard. Continue reading

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“The Watchers” – Hotwife Story

The Watchers

My good friends at KinkyLiterature are featuring one of my stories, The Watchers, today. The Watchers was written for all my cuckold-Hotwife fans.

Our hero, Gene is sitting at a bar having a drink after enduring a work-related training session.

Gene overhears the two guys next to him talking about attending a Sex Show and getting to watch people having sex on stage right in front of their eyes.

After a little pleading, Gene gets the location of the weekly Sex Show and the fact it’s going to cost him one-hundred bucks to watch. He’s promised that while he probably won’t get laid, he’ll get to watch some unbelievable gang bang action. However, there are often housewives in the attendance who enjoy giving blowjobs to the voyeurs.

As Gene watches two girls, a redhead, and a brunette get their brains fucked out, he notices some woman, who looks familiar, going down the row sucking off the guests, while they watch the debauchery happening in front of their eyes.

As the girl, who is handing out blowjobs, gets closer Gene can see that she’s coated in cum, which is dripping off her chin to fall on her boobs. Her face is completely covered in jizz, with both eyes glued shut from dried spunk. She has to use her hands to feel for the next guy and when she touches Gene’s leg, she looks up for a second.

Her eyes are glued shut but Gene’s heart drops to his stomach as he realizes that it is his wife who has been sucking off everyone in the room. Before he can say a word or react, her soft lips close around the head of his dick and she sucks him into her throat, with a deep moan.

He tries to ignore his wife and the shame but the way his dick feels in her throat is unbelievable. Wrapping his fingers in her hair, he cannot pull her mouth off as it feels so good. This is so wrong, he tells himself but the sensation is too much to resist.

He can feel his climax boiling even though he’s just realized that his wife is a cum guzzling, cheating slut who is on her knees for every man and most of the women at the Sex Party.

There was nothing else to do but hold his wife’s mouth down on his cock, as he empties his balls into her throat. Then after sucking his dick clean, she kisses the head, and then Gene on the lips as she feels her way to the next guy in line.

For the full story, grab a copy of this 36,000-word novella on Kinky Literature by clicking this link. For more details on the story, click this link.

Versions available for most types of electronic readers such as cell phones, tablets, Kindles, Nooks, PC’s, or Mac’s.

Following is an excerpt from The Watchers

In one of the bedrooms, the two stars for the night were getting ready. Foxy, a tall brunette, with a runway model’s figure, is pacing the room. Chrissy, a big redhead also almost six feet tall was dressed in only a thong and black high-heeled stripper shoes.

“Foxy, stop pacing, are you that nervous? I’m so excited about getting some college boy cock, I can’t wait,” Chrissy said to Foxy as she applied blush to her cleavage to accent her huge set of jugs. Looking at her large nipples, she decided that they needed a little extra color also and carefully applied a darker shade to them to emphasize the smattering of freckles on her milky white skin.

Bouncing her big tits up and down, she appraised herself in the mirror and spun to look at her tight ass. “Pretty fucking hot, if I say so myself,” Chrissy told the mirror. Turning to her partner, “You’re going to wear a hole in the carpet. Calm down and take your clothes off.”

Foxy tossed her dark curly hair in response and slowly started pulling her wife-beater t-shirt off. “I don’t know if I want to go through with this or not,” she stated as her t-shirt hit the floor.

Walking over to her, Chrissy took Foxy in her arms and kissed her. She could feel Foxy relaxing as her tongue slipped into the brunette’s mouth. They were almost the same height, which made their nipples rub together and Chrissy could feel the hot nubs burn into her tits.

“You know you want it?” Chrissy said as she unbuttoned Foxy shorts and let them fall to the floor.

“You know how I hate to plan sex. For some reason that gets me uptight. Even if Larry and I are planning on getting together, it never seems to work out. I love it when he just fucks me but to plan in advance is so hard. I guess that means I have to admit I’m going to get laid and my Catholic upbringing kicks into gear to remind me what a slut I am.”

“But the other night, in front of the club’s audience you ate some cute girl’s pussy and then sucked her boyfriend’s dick. I didn’t see any hesitation then?”

“But the difference was that wasn’t planned, it just happened. Plus, I don’t usually party without Larry, and it feels funny to fuck some guys when he’s not here with me.”

“Larry gets his dick wet all the time, without worrying about you!”

“I know, but it’s different for a guy.”

Chrissy kissed both of Foxy’s eyes and then her nose, “Look we’re just going to go out and let some horny young college boys drill our lights out. That’s all it is, just fucking and sucking!”

Walking to the bedroom door, Chrissy opened it and beckoned to a server. “Bring us some Tequila shots with fixings,” she asked the girl.

Turning to Foxy, Chrissy said, “I’ll get us some courage to relax us and put us in the mood. ”

Within a couple of minutes, the girl brought in a bottle of Patron Platinum along with limes and salt. Chrissy quickly fixed a couple of double shots and the girls slammed them down. “Better?” she asked.

“Yeah, you know it is, and that shit goes down so smooth.”

Chrissy giggled, “Just think about how easy the first load of cum is going to slide down your throat. But remember not to be greedy, and you must always share. That’s the rule!”

Foxy picked up the Patron and took a big shot straight from the bottle. Chrissy could see her whole body shiver as the Tequila burned a hole in her stomach. “Ease up Foxy, I want you to be awake for the fun! I know your husband usually fucks you when you’re unconscious but it might freak out the young guys to fuck a rag doll.”

Foxy sat down on the bed and started digging through her purse. Pulling out a black rubber butt-plug, she handed it to Chrissy and asked, “Would you do the honors?”

“That’s my girl,” Chrissy replied as she dropped down between Foxy’s legs and pulled off her thong. “Here get it wet for me, while I take care of your other hole.”

Chrissy handed Foxy the butt-plug back, which she promptly put into her mouth and started sucking on it. Chrissy pushed her back onto the bed and ran her tongue around Foxy’s clit.

As Foxy started to moan, Chrissy slipped one then two fingers into Foxy’s already engorged cunt. Her fingers went in easily then Chrissy added her tongue to the mixture as Foxy picked up her legs and held them back by the heels on her stripper shoes. She could pull her heels back until they were locked behind her head.

Chrissy looked at Foxy’s eyes over the top of her pussy mound and could see them already starting to roll back in her head. Grinning to herself, Chrissy pushed her tongue deep into her lover’s wet pussy and started sucking out the juice.

Foxy’s climax came quick and hard as usual, while she tugged on her heels, which made her pussy bounce up and down on Chrissy’s mouth. Reaching up, Chrissy pulled the butt-plug out of Foxy’s mouth and quickly jammed it into the girl’s fuck hole, to get it wet.

As the pussy juice poured out of Foxy’s hole, Chrissy pulled the butt-plug out and shoved it into her ass, in one quick movement. The wet butt-plug, lubricated with Tequila, made quick work of Foxy’s ass. Before she could finish moaning, the plug was buried all the way to the hilt.

Foxy jerked and humped Chrissy’s face as the redhead tried to clean up all of the girl cum that poured out of her lover’s sweet hole. Chrissy thumped the butt-plug with her fist, which made Foxy shudder and squirm every time.

“Better now?” Chrissy asked.

“Much!” is all Foxy said.

End of the Excerpt

Buy a copy of The Watcher’s by clicking this link.

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The Voyeur – Featured Today @ KinkyLiterature

The Voyeur

The Voyeur, (15,000 Words) a delicious little tale about a small town girl, who moves to the big city to escape her abusive and domineering father, who beat her for any real or perceived thought about anything related to men or sex. Constance takes a job far away from home in Saint Louis, where she works at an ad agency surrounded by people who live on the edge between fantasy and reality.

There she meets her new best friend Sue, who takes the naive girl under her wing and tries to iron out some of the kinks instilled by her father and his paddle. Constance rapidly blooms and finds that she’s not only attracted to men but also girls. Then things heat up as she starts letting the guy across the courtyard watch her dress and help with her wardrobe selection.

This story is primarily girl-on-girl, with some voyeuristic scenes thrown in and written in the no holes barred style of Larry Archer, with graphic descriptions of the action to fill your imagination.

Buy Link: https://kinkyliterature.com/book/8129-the-voyeur/

Excerpt from The Voyeur

Constance was wearing a man’s dress shirt, as it was comfortable and easy to take off when she was getting dressed. She looked down towards her breasts and realized that she hadn’t buttoned the shirt at all. While her breasts were not exposed, the strip of her chest could be seen along with the inside curves of her breasts.

Constance stopped brushing and took her fingers to slowly pull one side of the shirt open and expose her left breast. When her nipple popped into view, she took a long slow breath and watched her areola start to wrinkle up as the cool air hit it. Her actions would have brought her an instant beating before but now the only thing that happened was the sound of her panting breath and the feeling of warmth between her legs.

She lay the hairbrush down and took her right hand to cup her breast and heft its weight. The feeling of her hand brushing her sensitive breast made her vagina throb. Constance closed her eyes and explored her breast with her hand. She rubbed her palm across her hard nipple and then lightly pinched her nipple between her finger and thumb. A shudder ran through her body as she pinched harder and harder.

She could feel the room starting to spin as the pain spread across her breast but was it really pain as the sensations from between her thighs was becoming an irresistible urge. Sue always kidded her that being a slut was fun and Constance knew that she must be a slut also as nice girls didn’t pull and pinch their nipples like she was doing.

She felt dirty and nasty but was unable to stop working her nipples as the feelings were starting to consume her. Finally, afraid that she may fall off the chair from the dizziness she was feeling, she slowly stood up while holding the chair back for support. As she stood, she looked at herself in the mirror and was shocked by what she saw.

The girl looking back at her was a stranger with half closed eyes and a flushed face. The obvious lust in the girl’s eyes was undeniable but she couldn’t tear herself away from looking. “Could this really be me?” she asked herself as she was seeing a side she had never seen before.

Looking down at the girl in the mirror, Constance saw that she was continuing to pinch and twist her hard nipple. Somehow her shirt had slipped off the other breast and both were clearly visible. Sue had told her that she had really pretty “tits” as Sue called them but would it be okay for Constance to have “tits” instead of breasts? As she looked at herself in the mirror, she brought up her other hand to fondle her other tit.

The sensations were now coming in waves as she played with herself, remembering her father saying that self-abuse was the work of the devil and she should be punished for it. But Constance couldn’t stop and the harder she pinched her nipples, the stronger the feelings became. The heat from her vagina was starting to consume her as she continued to watch herself in the mirror while doing unspeakable things to herself.

“My father would kill me for this,” she thought but continued to work her tits and see how aroused they were. Constance tried not to look but her vagina was calling to her and when she looked down between the open sides of her long shirt, she could see her lips. The lips of her vagina were swollen and flushed. Her lips were partially open, they were so engorged and Constance could see the dampness inside.

“Vagina,” no that wasn’t what it was. “Vagina” is a nice word for nice girls but Constance knew that she had never been a “nice” girl, it was only an act. Her vagina was actually her “cunt” as Sue called it. Constance said the word, “CUNT” to herself and couldn’t believe how dirty the word sounded and every time she said it, her pussy would throb with erotic feelings.

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The End is Almost Here! – Repent All You Sinners!

Half-Off Larry Archer’s explicit HEA Erotic Literature ends on Jan 1, 2019! You snooze, you lose!

I know it’s tough but get your hand out of your pants and grab your credit card to make both you and me happy. I’ll meet you halfway by cutting my prices, but you have to do your part by clicking on the Buy button.

Larry Archer is known for writing humorous explicit HEA erotic stories and novels about swingers, Hotwives, and perverts in general. Erotica with a plot, along with sex on every page!

Between Christmas and the New Year, SmashWords and Larry Archer are holding a huge sale of electronic reading material, suitable for the bathroom or the boardroom (just be discrete with the Kleenex).

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50% Off – Everything Must Go!

Larry Archer’s smut is on sale for 50% off between Christmas and New Year’s at SmashWords! That’s right, so take your credit card, lube, and your laptop, then lock yourself in the bathroom for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Just have your wife or husband slide Pop-Tarts under the door occasionally.

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Merry Christmas

Foxy and I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas. Take time to enjoy your friends and family. If you are going to drink, either select a designated driver or call Uber or Lyft.

Christmas is often a lonely time of year and make sure you reach out to any of your friends that you are concerned about. Call and touch base or at a minimum send them a text message or email and wish them well. If possible have them over and talk about only good things.

I hope that you get that pony you’ve always wanted since childhood or whatever it is that you desire.

We are planning on holding a small party with our closest couples and friends. Nothing special, just quiet time with friends. Vegas is a great party town and if you’re coming to visit, have a good time but be safe and responsible.

To all those I know through blogs, writers’ associations, and perverts in general, my fondest thoughts go out to you. I’ve been writing erotica for six years now and this has allowed me to meet a huge group of people that I would never have met before.

We Love you guys,

Foxy and Larry

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Ooooh, a Shiny Object!

by Larry Archer

Well, it’s that time of year, when we generally look back on all the things, we did right but typically remember those times when we stepped on our dick. Let’s be honest, the lessons that hurt are the ones we generally remember best.

This year I’m going to focus on one resolution, and that is to avoid looking at shiny objects. I have a bad habit of getting distracted and not finishing the story I’m working on as I get a new idea about a different story. When the dust settles, I end up with multiple stories in various stages of completion.

This year, I’m going to try and finish one thing before I start another. Checking my Draft folder, I see that there are 173 document files in it. If I assume that there are a certain number of auxiliary files, then this means that since I started writing smut in 2012, I’ve published about 25 stories yet have over a hundred waiting in the wings.

It’s so hard for me though and like when I see a pretty girl, my attention is instantly glued to the shiny new object. All other things fall by the wayside. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I’d finish one story before starting another, but I end up with a bunch of stories that are 25% -75% completed and only need a little push to put them over the top and out the door.

While I realize I should become a better person, lose weight, and stop jerking off so much, I’m not going to strive for something I’ll never accomplish. I’m going to try and do one thing for a change; finish a story before starting the next one.

I’ll do that right after I finish the four stories I currently am working on in rotation!

I certainly know better as I can watch my sales at Amazon and see the dreaded 30-day cliff when my latest story becomes old news and starts to drift off into the sunset. Just like the little engine that could, I can do it, I can do it.

I was reading Lisabet’s latest blog posting about how she got started writing smut, and my path was a similar one except for the fact that I previously hated to write. As an engineer, it seems to be a part of our genetic makeup that writing is always a struggle for us. We are much better at making something rather than telling someone how we made it.

I guess my first masterpiece after college was a paper I wrote on how to throw a swinger’s party. Foxy and I used to give presentations on throwing house parties back when we lived in the mid-west. You’d think it wouldn’t be that complicated to take your clothes off and lie in a pile, but it’s harder than you would expect.

Not trying to pat myself on the back, because it always makes my shoulder sore, we are reasonably successful at throwing parties. I can only remember one party when we invited someone we didn’t know, and the guy got belligerent and drunk. The couple we knew had vouched for them and against our better judgment extended them an invitation.

Our New Year’s Pajama Parties are typically 50-60 couples plus a few Unicorns and stags. The party normally lasts several days or until the next normal work day. After the first night, it’s down to about ten couples who we are very close with and with that one exception, always trouble free.

With several cops, strippers, a surgeon, a paramedic, and a forensic pathologist typically in attendance, we’re prepared for most situations. We can cover you coming and going!

The only problem having a party is that we don’t get to party much as watching out for everything is a full-time job. For us, constantly circulating to check the rooms, restock the towels, and change sheets takes most of our attention.

My first erotic story, Fantasy Swingers, was the offshoot of reading a poorly written story on Literotica and telling myself, “I can do that!” While struggling with the technicalities of proper English, I find that smut will pour out of my keyboard like a kicked over can of beer.

Swingers are still an ostracized group like the LGBTQ folks used to be, and I doubt that we’ll ever be fully accepted, but that’s okay as it’s a lot of fun and never a dull moment. Back home, we had a swinger’s bowling league, Friends and Lovers, that offended the other bowlers but it was amusing and would break up the work week on Wednesday night.

You would hear catty remarks about the girl’s low cut tops or short skirts and that generally encouraged them to be even more outrageous. A lot of women in the Lifestyle are exhibitionists, and the show is always a hoot. The manager at the bowling alley always bought the girls drinks and told us how much we boosted his business.

Unlike our current president, when I look back on 2018, I think it has been a successful year, all things considered. My only advice is first take a breath before proceeding.

Merry Christmas to all, and visit me at LarryArcher.blog for all your smut. Until next month.

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Things I’m Thankful For – Braless Girls

Foxy and a Admirer

As 2018 draws to a close, I look back on the good things that I’m thankful for. Having a gorgeous wife is always number one on the list. I married so far out of my pay grade, but hey I’m not complaining.

Probably number two is the fact my wife hates to wear a bra and always lets the girls go free. She missed out on the braless revolution of the ‘60s and ’70s but has tried to make up for it going forward.

Wifey was a model when we met, and it’s common to this day for models and female entertainers to skip putting on a bra. Just last night, on Saturday Night Live (SNL), Miley Cyrus wore a dress cut down to her waist and an outfit with a jacket, completely open, and nothing underneath.

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