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High HeelsLarry Archer’s the name and smut’s my game. I’m a teller of tall tales, primarily erotic in nature. In plain English, I write porn or smut stories for those times you feel like reading with one hand.

They are perfect for those times alone with your tablet, phone, or laptop and a box of Kleenex. I also blog on the world of swingers in case you’re interested. My Smut is great when the only strange stuff you’re getting is your left hand. Or it’s been so long since you’ve had sex that you can’t remember who gets tied up!

Generally speaking, my stories are fairly graphic and not intended for those who are not of legal age or easily offended. If you are not a grownup (i.e. an Adult) or don’t enjoy reading about adult themed works, please leave now, otherwise I’m not responsible for anything you get splashed on your keyboard. Continue reading

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A Kinky Sonnet from KinkyLiterature

Cheating Glory Hole Wives 200x300My good friends at KinkyLiterature just penned a sonnet about my latest smut story. I’m sure glad I’m not the only pervert here!


Larry Archer, what have you done?
Writing such smut that’s so much fun
When reading this story, I urge everyone
Tissues nearby…better not have none

Imagine going into an adult store
Looking for a suck from a cute little whore
You stick your penis into the glory hole
And find two ladies vying for your pole

That’s what happens to Ralph and his friend
That these women love dick, they don’t pretend
While the men think sucking is what it’s about
The two women are eating each other out

It’s often said shock is part of life
Like learning who’s in the glory hole… is really your wife

Kinky Richie; January 15, 2018

You guys are such a hoot, I love you Richie & Randi, you’re the greatest!

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“The Watchers” – Featured Today @ Kinky Literature

the_watchers_cover-amazon200x300“The Watchers” is featured today by my good friends at KinkyLiterature.com. They have best in smut including those stories which are Too Hot For Amazon (#2Hot4Amazon)! For a more detailed blurb go the page on KL or to my blurb page here.

The Watchers (36,000 words) is a tale about Gene, an insurance adjuster, who is having a mid-life crisis after 20 years of marriage.

Imagine that you’ve just finished a mind-numbing seminar and are sitting in a hotel bar having a drink when you pick up on the conversation two guys next to you are having about a Sex Show.

You hear the words Sex Show and your ears perk up. As you listen, you discover that for one-hundred dollars you can watch two girls getting gangbanged, right in front of your eyes. For someone who looks at wrecked cars and damaged houses for a living, a sex show sounds irresistible.

The sex show turns out to be everything Gene could hope for and much more. At the end of the show, he discovers that one of the actresses is his sweet innocent wife of twenty years.

At first, he’s appalled, disgusted, and sick to his stomach at what he’s seen. But he can’t seem to keep from looking at the pictures and movies one of the girls sends him.

Read as Gene attempts to deal with the fact his wife is not what she seems and what is he going to do, beyond taking himself in hand? The words “Cum Slut” keeps coming to mind!

As with all of Larry Archer’s erotic stories, this one is for adults only and features graphic depictions of bareback sexual conduct between grown people, who should know better but apparently don’t. Rather than tell you about the sex acts described, it’s a lot easier to tell you what’s not in the story. . . . After thinking about it, I can’t think of anything except there are no water sports involved, well except for the squirting!

girls-kissingSince you’ve made it down this far, how about a picture from my private collection as a thank you!

Sorry if the picture is a little blurry; it’s hard to hold the camera still and whack off at the same time!

Check out my smut, I think you’ll like it and be sure and buy from Kinky Literature.

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More Smut Coming Soon From Lisabet and Larry

Our initial effort was to collaborate on the two stories to combine our talents to see what we could come up with. Lisabet doesn’t normally write in the hypersexual vein that I seem to wallow in and I was pleasantly surprised at what a down and dirty author she can be.
As I said in my original blog post:

It was just a matter of time before two of the hottest, dirtiest writers of erotica pooled their resources to double-team their readers. That’s right, before you have time to ask, “Which hole do you want?” We’ll take both!

It was a fun experiment and worked well. If you haven’t read the two stories, give them a try.

Now we are on to bigger and better things, our first co-authored book about a “normal” couple who falls under the spell of a swinger couple. Lisabet and I write in two completely different styles and it has proven to be a challenge for sure. I’m optimistic that we will get the story out the door without killing each other but stranger things have happened.

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Your Last Chance – Or Else!

137That’s right, this is your last chance to save on all the porn stories that you’ve drooled over. SmashWords‘ between Christmas and New Year’s sale ends today. As you know, SmashWords is the ONE publisher who thumbs their nose at Amazon and #2Hot4Amazon stories.

Virtually all of the depraved smut that makes your phone smoke like a Note 7 is available from SmashWords, but it gets even better.

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Get On Your Knees and Beg

Am I Going To Have To Make You Get On Your Knees and Beg For Forgiveness?

That’s right, whip out that credit card and give till it hurts! Imagine the delicious pain of having your burning card melt in your worthless fingers!

“Please Mistress, don’t make me buy another dirty story from Larry Archer but if I don’t, his wife will beat me!”

Get your smut here for 50% off. That’s right Larry’s entire catalog of erotic stories is on sale during the week between Christmas and New Years. You know you want it, so just whip it out and do it! (If you’re on the bus, it’s okay to wait until you get home.)

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Everything’s On Sale – Half Off!

Arm Waving Girl 200Everything’s Half Off

Get your smut here for 50% off. That’s right my entire catalog of erotic stories is on sale for the week between Christmas and New Years.

You know you’ve been a bad little boy or girl and what better reward is to fill your phone, tablet, Kindle, eReader, PC, or Mac with smut to keep you titillated and satisfied.

So come on down and get yours today. You know you want it and I want to give it to you.

This promotion is being run at SmashWords but do me a favor and buy through KinkyLiterature. They are an advertising house which pushes all the best smut from your favorite authors, including those titles which are #2Hot4Amazon. The price is the same through KinkyLiterature and you help support people who think like you do.

That’s right if you’re tired of not being able to buy the really kinky stuff, SmashWords has it and buying through KinkyLiterature is your ticket to happiness. If your husband or wife asks you why you’re spending so much time in the bathroom, with the door locked, just tell your spouse you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Just remember when you need some strange stuff, try using your left hand!


Cheating Glory Hole Wives 200x300“Erotica from the Dirty Mind of Larry Archer.”

Buy Links or For More Information:

Click here for Half-Off Smut at Kinky Literature Remember to select SmashWords to get the 50% discount.

Click here for Half-Off Smut at SmashWords

Click here to learn more about Larry’s premium smut.

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I’m Sorry Also!

girlinchristmasoutfitA few weeks ago, I made a flippant blog post about sexual harassment and now I’m realizing that I was seriously wrong and apologize.  I never realized the extent that men have been victimizing women, that is so alien to me.

My wife has said that she’s often been hit on but usually shuts a guy down immediately. She’s a big women’s libber and doesn’t take shit from anyone. She was not surprised by the number of men who have used their status and power to force women into situations that they were uncomfortable with.

We’re in the Lifestyle and as hard as it might be to believe, if there is harassment then it’s possibly due to the women rather than the men. Ninety-nine percent of the time, we’ve only ran around with other swingers and I have to admit, I didn’t realize this was happening or at least to the extent it was happening.

As a guy, most (all) of our decisions are made by our dick. That’s why most guys give their dick a name as you wouldn’t want a total stranger to be making all your decisions for you.

All jokes aside, we men are assholes and it’s time to make changes to the ways we deal with women.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years – feel free to substitute the appropriate occasions for your country and/or belief. Make a pledge that you’ll do better as I am.

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