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High HeelsLarry Archer’s the name and smut’s my game. I’m a teller of tall tales, primarily erotic in nature. In plain English, I write porn or smut stories for those times you feel like reading with one hand.

They are perfect for those times alone with your tablet, phone, or laptop and a box of Kleenex. I also blog on the world of swingers in case you’re interested. My Smut is great when the only strange stuff you’re getting is your left hand. Or it’s been so long since you’ve had sex that you can’t remember who gets tied up!

For information on my erotic stories, Click Here.

Generally speaking, my stories are fairly graphic and not intended for those who are not of legal age or easily offended. If you are not a grownup (i.e. an Adult) or don’t enjoy reading about adult themed works, please leave now, otherwise I’m not responsible for anything you get splashed on your keyboard. Continue reading

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Free Porn, Grab the Lube

Free Smut from Lisabet Sarai is just a click away for your favorite reading devices, such as your cell phone, tablet, laptop, PC, or Mac.

My good friend and fellow erotic author, Lisabet Sarai, is offering a free erotica and erotic romance anthology that is sure to force you to store your reader in the freezer to keep it from melting from the heat of her stories. If you’ve read any of my stories, you know that I write hot stroke stories and Lisabet offers the same level of heat from a woman’s standpoint.

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‘Swinger’s Pool Party’ featured today on Kinky Literature


KinkyLiterature is featuring Swinger’s Pool Party today on their site.

Foxy and Larry attend a pool party hosted by a couple of swingers they know. While at the party they meet a new couple, Mike and Cindy. While getting to know them, they introduce the husband to the Hotwife pool hostess, leaving them to take care of his wife.

Cindy feels at ease with Foxy and Larry and quickly forgets about what her husband is up to. Foxy finds that Cindy is as eager and open-minded as she is beautiful. After a hot and steamy threesome, they take Cindy back to their house for more fun.

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My Love-Hate Relationship With Scrivener

By Larry Archer

As a writer, not professionally trained, I’ve had to figure out a lot of things on my own. My initial handicap is being an engineer as we are all genetically programmed to be poor writers and unable to express ourselves without a blackboard.

I’m also what we in the business are called a “pantster,” or that we write by the seat of our pants. I’m told I need to make an outline of what I’m going to write about, but how can I do that if I have no idea what the story is going to end up like?

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Time’s UP!

This is your last chance to get FREE and HALF-OFF porn from Larry Archer. It’s like that time when you heard the front door of your lover’s house open, and she says, “Oh! Fuck! It’s my husband! Hurry up and finish, it’ll take him a minute to get a beer out of the refrigerator.”

You were smart to leave the bedroom window open after finding yourself naked on the sidewalk as she throws your clothes out the window. The July SmashWords sale is one last chance for you to do the smart thing, not necessarily the right thing.

Unlike landing in the bushes outside your girlfriend’s bedroom, the good thing about reading erotica from Larry Archer is that there is little downside to reading smut from Larry’s computer as he frantically types with one hand beyond the minuscule dent in your credit card bill.

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MeWe.com – The New Tumblr and FaceBook Uncensored

I’ve just discovered MeWe.com, which is a rough and ready replacement for FaceBook and Tumblr, uncensored, not tracked, and free.

For those of you who railed against Tumblr when they slapped the cuffs on explicit videos and pictures, MeWe is a good place to try out for uncensored pictures and videos. Anything that does not include the typical taboo topics, child porn, etc. are welcome.

Granted, the help is a little dodgy, and the search doesn’t always find the groups that you desire, it is showing a lot of promise. The simple fact that if you are an aficionado of porn or write erotica as I do, it’s nice not to have to worry about getting your account blocked for a dirty picture or post with four-letter words in it.

Some of the interesting groups I’ve found are:
3 Hole Sluts
Amateur Porn
Erotic Short Stories
Hand in Panties
Nipples and Boobs
Strap-On Girls

I’ve also discovered a number of sites for writers of erotica:
Erotic Short Stories
Erotica and Erotic Romance Writers
Independent Authors Forum
Self Published (Indie) Authors
Smut Writers
Writers and Readers Connect
Writers’ World For Authors

Once you setup your MeWe account, search for the groups you’re interested in. A number of the groups will require you request access, but that’s quickly and easily done. I’m working on a list of people you might consider following and will post that shortly.

If you enjoyed the erotica previously posted on Tumblr, this is the site for you and while still in the beginning stages, should rapidly grow as they don’t censor posts and this is a free site.

My page on MeWe is “Larry Archer Author,” and this link should take you there: https://mewe.com/profile/5d1a21e706416d046c03f9dc

I’m a writer of HEA explicit erotica mainly revolving around swingers, strippers, bad girls, cuckolds, and Hotwives. For more on me, visit my MeWe page or my blog at: https:\\LarryArcher.blog

My author’s page on Amazon is: https://amazon.com/author/larryarcher

My author’s page on SmashWords is: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/LarryArcher?Ref=LarryArcher

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Wife Swap 2

This post highlights part two of a two part story I wrote about two housewives who decide to swap husbands for the night. It was an innocent idea about spicing up their marriage by going out to dinner with their friend’s husband.

But as Larry Archer’s stories often go, this one runs off the rails really quickly and a steak dinner ends up with both girls getting filled with meat that wasn’t on the menu.

In Wife Swap 2, the girls quickly find themselves in the deep end of the pool and when they reach out for help, they discover the hand is holding a whip!

Wife Swap 2 (54,400 Words) carries on in the same depraved and debauchery filled story that started in the original Wife Swap.

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Does Swinging End in Divorce?

An interesting topic that seems to come up a lot is, does swinging end up in divorce?

I read the other day that 2% of swinger couples end up divorced. Then there was another study which said that 92% of open marriages end in divorce.

What does this mean and are swingers headed to divorce court or are you the 98% who make it? I had to stop and think of these two extremes to try and understand what’s really going on.

First, we have to define some terms as swingers, polyamorous, open, and monogamous marriages have different meanings to a lot of people.

As a swinger, I believe that a lot of “straights,” tend to misunderstand us and believe that we’re all on the way to hell. Let’s talk about the basic types of relationships and then try to make sense of what’s the most stable one.

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