Send Your Naked Pictures To Facebook?

school girl outfitWhen I first read this, I’m thinking maybe this will work for me? Maybe I could get everyone to send their nudes to me. Just stop what you’re doing and before you think it through, copy those pictures you keep buried away and email them to me.

Seriously, when I read that Facebook wanted your naked pictures to combat revenge porn, I thought WHAT? Okay let me get this straight, someone is posting naked pictures of you and the way you’re going to solve it is by sending Facebook the same naked pictures?

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Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop

Ad - Batteries are Dead 480x300

How do you like my new series of ads for Twitter? Hopefully, my readers will appreciate my sense of humor or at least get a chuckle out of it.

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WTF? “Seduced by the Dark Side” ADULT!

Seduced By The Dark Side 200x300Seduced by the Dark Side has just been thrown into Amazon’s dungeon and this is not a good thing???? WTF?

One of my most popular erotica stories, Seduced By The Dark Side, has just been ranked as “ADULT.”

For those of you who like to read erotica and people like me who write erotica, being labeled ADULT means that your story disappears off the search engines and is impossible to find unless you have the exact link to the story.

What I don’t understand is why? The story has been previously rated as “Safe” and is not changed yet someone has decided to slap an adult rating on the story.

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cassandra-elvira-peterson-snrlkky-imgurOnce again, it’s Halloween boys and girls. After the youngsters are safely tucked away in a sugar-induced coma, it’s time for the older boys and girls to go out and play.

Hopefully one of your group has volunteered to stay sober and somewhat sane, otherwise, call Uber or Lyft for a ride. We’ll be down on the Las Vegas Strip partying and people watching.

The nice thing about being on the Strip is people watching and the show is often better than the ones you have to pay for.

Be careful and have fun! I realize that those two are mutually exclusive but try to make it home alive as most people have to work in the morning.

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A Twofer from Lisabet & Larry

HotBridesCover400x600Two hot new stories from Lisabet Sarai and Larry Archer are fixing to melt your eReader. “Hot Brides in Vegas” and “Nina, The Fallen Ballerina” are soon headed your way.

Top smut writer (aside from me, that is) Lisabet Sarai is joining the perverts at The Fox’s Den to bring you a hot – hot – hot story from the world of Foxy and Larry. Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any more disgusting and nasty at The Fox’s Den, Lisabet joins me in penning a tasty story from Sin City, “Hot Brides in Vegas.”

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Another Day in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise 200x300-72dpi

Another Day in Paradise (40,000 Words) an erotic Novella. Featured Today on KinkyLiterature.

Monica is a mid-western girl, who moves to Las Vegas to pursue her dreams of being a chorus girl. Like many others, who came before her, she finds fame and fortune a difficult goal to achieve.

By accident, she meets a fellow dancer who gets her a job serving as eye candy escorting the mayor around town, to help keep her afloat.

Her girlfriend, Porsche, turns out to have a wild side and quickly Monica is thrown into the clutches of two swingers, and their girlfriends for a sex filled romp that will keep you titillated page after page. This is a hard-core novella with a plot that leads you down the road of Monica’s seduction in exquisite detail. You’ll be amazed as to how quickly, she comes over to the Dark Side.

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Can’t We Just All Get Along?

tumblr_neq6hy498v1taxkxbo1_500As a resident of Las Vegas, I’ve tried not to overreact to the recent carnage on the Las Vegas Strip recently when some apparent loon decided to murder over fifty people and injure hundreds more.

I feel a lot of people think of Las Vegas as one big party, drinking, dancing, and of course gambling. I’m as guilty as the next person for most of those evils except the gambling, which I leave to Wifey.

We may never learn why the shooter did it and it probably will not make the friends and relatives of the victims feel any better either but we need to try and learn from the experience and move forward.

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