Computers Will Be The Death Of Me

House Party

It’s Saturday morning in Lost Wages, and I’m cautiously optimistic about the wide release of House Party 2 on SmashWords et al. HP2 was previously released on Amazon. So the expansion to SmashWords is pretty straightforward, but there have been a couple of potholes in the road.

Now that I’ve switched to Scrivener on my PCs and Macs, the process of assembling a final copy to submit to the designated publisher is several steps easier. For me, the benefit of Scrivener is that, for the first time, I can create a file for multiple publishers in one project.

A typical book consists of the following parts:
Front Matter: The cover, title page, copyright notice, and table of contents.
Body: The actual story itself.
Back Matter: Ads, links to the author’s website, other award-winning stories, and about the author.

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Now Auditioning Ukrainian Strippers!

Las Vegas, or Sin City as it’s locally known, is always good for a laugh. While a lot of people who live here are deeply religious, there is a lot of us who bend in the other direction.

Little Darlings, a local strip club, is one of the edgier gentleman’s clubs in town and shows a preference for the younger crowd. Their advertising is always good for a laugh when you’re stuck in an I-15 traffic jam alongside the Strip.

While I’m not sure how many Ukrainian strippers have fled the war zone to Lost Wages, the club says it’s hired at least one and interviewed several.

When the pandemic hit a couple of years ago, their sign lamented, “We’re Clothed.” Little Darlings is one of our clubs where the girls get buck naked, but you can’t buy alcohol. To me, this was a contradiction in terms when you only had to be eighteen to see the girls take it all off. Yet if you go to a club that serves alcohol, patrons only get to see boobs.

Several years ago, their sign displayed, “Now Interviewing 2015 Graduates,” acknowledging that our state’s educational prowess is right at the bottom of the list. So it’s sad that in Las Vegas, a woman’s job prospects are deciding whether to take her clothes off or make beds.

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House Party 2 Now Available On SmashWords

House Party 2

House Party 2 has been available on Amazon for some time, and I’ve decided to pull it out of Kindle Unlimited to distribute the story wide as it’s known in the trade. It will now be available on KinkyLiterature, Kindle Unlimited, SmashWords, Apple iBooks, B&N, Scribd, etc. Unfortunately, all links are not currently available, but I’ll update this post as the story gets pushed out to all suppliers.

House Party 2 is surprisingly the second story in the House Party series. I think the four stories in the box set is one of my better stories. I started writing smut ten years ago to talk about our adventures in the swinging Lifestyle. As throwing your house keys in a bowl is not something you can typically talk about around the water cooler, I decided to write about it. This was the start of the Foxy and Larry saga. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have used Foxy and Larry as the characters’ names in my stories, but I never realized that it wasn’t the best decision until I’d published a few stories. However, here we are thirty-plus books later, and like a lot of things, I’m stuck with what I started ten years ago.

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“The Perfect Wife” Cumming Soon!

Once again, Foxy corrupts an innocent housewife and turns her into a complete slut for everyone’s enjoyment. This latest story from the smoking keyboard of Larry Archer is an erotic romp through the life of a MILF who becomes entangled in our big-haired girl’s tangled web like the spider to the fly.

This is the draft version of the cover I’m thinking of using. I may have to tone it down for Amazon but will probably go with it for SmashWords. I need to think of Apple iBooks and it might be too much for them. Apple is a big chunk of my reader market and I may have to tone the cover down but I’m not quite at that stage yet. The story is about 75-80% complete at this point.

Tony and Wanda buy a condo in the exclusive Towers complex close to the Las Vegas Strip. Tony is a troubleshooter for a multinational conglomerate. The night they move in, he is whisked off to London to solve a computer problem that threatens to shut down their UK operation.

His wife is left alone in their spacious condominium with only the clothes in her suitcase. Their furniture is stuck in a broken-down moving van halfway between St. Louis and Sin City. Wanda, a shy person, is forced to go to the restaurant in the complex alone as there is no food in the unit, and she doesn’t have a car.

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A Night at the Bar

A Night at the Bar

A Night At The Bar – A cuckold – Hotwife story is featured today on for all you perv’s out there. Tina, a 40ish housewife, who has kept herself in great shape, has decided to do something about the fact that her husband doesn’t measure up.

This MILF initially trolls the bars and picks up younger studs that are big enough to satisfy her every need. At first, she cleans up before coming home, but when her husband doesn’t seem to mind her late-night “dates,” she discovers that he enjoys being a cuckold and starts making him clean her up after she’s been out with one of her Bulls.

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National Vagina Day

Two sexy lesbian women she’ing and she’ing

As part of the knuckle-dragging male species, I am continually surprised about my lack of knowledge of people of the feminine persuasion. For example, today, April 23rd, is National Vagina Day, and while I’ve knelt at the altar many times, I never realized it had an actual holiday.

When you pay homage to a king, you kiss his ring, and I’m assuming you can figure out where this sentence is going?

In my youth, before the old ball and chain, I did my best to help a number of married men with their homework. One fair lass, I remember, was a cute little blonde with a hubby and three kids. One night we were lying in bed after I had coveted my neighbor’s wife, and she told me that I was the first person to see her naked with the lights on.

“Wait?” I spoke. “You’ve had three kids, and your husband has never seen you naked?”

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Another Day in Paradise

As spring arrives in Las Vegas, along with income tax and pollen, count your blessings. As my Mom always says, “It’s better to be pulling up weeds than pushing them up.” As we shake off the doldrums of a rough winter where it almost froze a couple of times, and we’ve had possibly a half-inch of rain in the last four months. Today is Friday as the locals brace themselves for another onslaught of tourists for the next couple of days. All I can say is bring money and beware of the tall big-haired brunette waiting to put her hand in your wallet as you were hoping it would go somewhere else!

Foxy is a serious Texas Hold-‘Em player intent on keeping her diamond tier status at the strip casinos even after the ravages of COVID closed up everything. Sin City is starting to finally open up as we await the arrival of the BA.2 variant. Casinos away from the Strip are known as “locals” casinos and cater to the normal work-a-day crowd, not the frenzied out of towners who hope to smash two weeks of vacation into a single weekend.

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House Party Coming to SmashWords

House Party

House Party (book 1) is now up on SmashWords for preorder and will be released next Friday, March 25, 2022. The first book in the series is almost 100,000 words, which I’m pretty proud of. Available in both electronic and paperback, for the discriminating pervert and will complement that new raincoat you have just ordered from Degenerates R Us. If you buy the paperback version of House Party, remember not to put it in the pocket that has the bottom cut out. Don’t put your cell phone in that pocket either!

Keep in mind that House Party is now going wide and has been previously published at Amazon. But don’t let that stop you from buying another copy. Especially if you have more than one bathroom and you won’t have to fight with your spouse over whose turn it is.

The House Party series of four books have been published in Kindle Unlimited, which didn’t allow me to publish it at SmashWords, Apple, B&N, et al. I’ve pulled the stories out of KU which now frees them to be published through other distributors.

I’ll release the other three books in the series as their contracts expire with Kindle Unlimited over the next month or so.

To preorder on SmashWords, click this link:

Or check with my favorite distributor Kinky Literature:

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House Party Series by Larry Archer

House Party

For your reading pleasure, my highly successful four-book House Party series is coming to SmashWords, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Nook, and Scribd on March 25, 2022. This series of smut books were previously only available from Amazon, and I’m releasing the series using the SmashWords distribution system.

House Party also spins off in several unpublished stories as Larry attempts to deal with his porn star wife as she spreads her wings (and legs) in the dirty movie business. As my readers know, the fictional Foxy and Larry somewhat mirror our lives in the real world.

Being one of “those people” who swap wives and throw our house keys in a bowl, swinging has always been a lot of fun for us. My stories have reflected our enjoyment of the Lifestyle with few cross words between Foxy and myself. In an attempt to inject some change, I decided to break up Foxy and Larry to see what would happen. Although I couldn’t bring myself to stretch reality too far and have a pissing match on Las Vegas Boulevard, the House Party series adds some fun into our relationship.

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BRIDGE Between Old and New Computers

The past several weeks have been an interesting transition as I move from my previous mishmash of computers to HP Workstations. Unfortunately, as a computer nerd and electrical engineer, I am often my own worst enemy while attempting to make progress.

So far, I’ve managed not to shoot myself in the foot. At least to this point in my coming out. I do several primary sets of tasks when sitting in front of my monitors. I decided a long time ago to set up a computer to handle specific workloads.

For example, one computer is dedicated to writing smut stories, graphics design of required artwork, advertising-related stuff, and jerking off. By configuring a computer to best handle certain activities, I’m assured that all of the tools I need are installed on that computer.

My second computer is configured for word processing, desktop publishing, graphics design, and computer programming. There is some overlap, but generally speaking, a specific machine does certain things.

What I had done previously was to add equipment when I saw the need; therefore, nothing is the same. While the appearance doesn’t affect the computer’s performance, it is nice when all the boxes are identical externally.

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