Pool Parties Can’t Be Long Now

Swinger’s Pool Party

Spring is slowly arriving, and with it, pool parties. In Swinger’s Pool Party, I wrote a story about one of our parties at a couple’s home. Swingers have great events, and the scenery is always fantastic.

This adults-only story contains explicit bareback sex scenes, swingers, wife swapping, 3-somes, girl-on-girl, oral, and all around hot times in graphic detail as only Larry Archer can write it.

As always, thanks to Kinky Literature for selling my smut as well as the best porn from other writers of erotica, all in one place. You pay the same price but everything is available in one spot, even the things that are 2Hot4Amazon (and we all know what those are).

Click here for the Swinger’s Pool Party buy link at Kinky Literature: Swinger’s Pool Party

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Company Benefits – New Cover

Company Benefits by Larry Archer

My hot little copy of Company Benefits arrived courtesy of the Amazon driver in a new electric truck. He was so quiet slipping in and out I couldn’t hear him for the wind howling outside. But I can’t complain, others have tornados, and we have high winds in Vegas. Just enough to blow the skirts up.

I updated the original paperback with a new wraparound cover using my new design. I even impress myself with how cool this is.

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Privacy and Swinging

Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party

When you think about throwing your house keys in a bowl, there are other ramifications to remember besides how many times I can get lucky at one party before passing out from exhaustion.

One of the first things you learn in swinging is to keep two little black books. Probably few of us have a little black book for phone numbers anymore, but the same thought is there. You think you’ll never forget the blonde with the big hooters or the guy whose dick was the size of your arm. Swinging is a social experience if you’re like many of us, you’ll be meeting people right and left, even those you don’t party with.

In the old days, we kept two address books. One for those who would and the other for the straights in our lives. Somehow mark your contacts to ensure you don’t accidentally invite your next-door neighbor to your wife’s gangbang.

Somehow it’s okay to have an affair with a co-worker, except possibly her husband, and no one dings you for it. But if the two of you decide to swap partners for the evening, everyone is aghast at what such terrible people you are. In the Lifestyle, you must maintain two separate lives hidden from each other, like the people inhabiting Sybil’s mind. Certainly, some of us can openly admit we’re swingers, but most who have jobs and real lives can’t be quite so blatant.

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House Party – The Series

House Party

Before I get started, please take a minute and check out Lisabet Sarai’s Charity Sunday blog hop. https://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com/2023/03/charity-sunday-celebrating-womens.html She highlights a different charity in her blog hops. She makes a donation for those who check it out and leave a comment. With all the problems in the world, she is a shining beacon that we can all aspire to emulate.

The House Party series is available at this link. For more information on the series and an x-rated excerpt, click this link.

Foxy and Larry, the fictitious couple who feature in many of my erotic stories, are two dyed-in-the-wool swingers living the dream. Larry, a multigenerational Texan, is how you would draw someone from the deep south. Tall and broad-shouldered with a muscular, lean body and dark hair. He is educated and has a deep voice with only a hint of a southern drawl. People have often remarked that he looks like a young Elvis and is obviously a bad boy.

Foxy, on the other hand, is a gorgeous gazelle on speed. She’s touching six feet with a lanky body and long legs. Beyond pierced nipples, her C-cup boobs are natural, a rarity in Sin City. The perfect example of an “A” type, Foxy is typically bouncing off the walls. Outgoing and bubbly, she is an exhibitionist everyone stops and stares at. Exuding sex and being an ex-model, she moves like she is on the runway. Struts is probably a better explanation of her walking style.

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Another Day in Paradise

It’s Friday in Sin City. Another glorious weekend is before us as we edge our way out of winter and into spring. Las Vegas has the greatest weather except for possibly San Diego without the taxes. It doesn’t dip below freezing often, and the typical winter weather is at its worst in the 40s and 50s. We must suffer three or four months of 100+, but the rest of the year is pleasant.

With COVID not entirely in the rearview mirror, being vaccinated and boosted with the government’s little microchip spying on us, it’s relatively safe to go out and meet the masses with our cheap sunglasses, as ZZ Top sings.

If you are a self-published author, I’ve discovered a neat tool for reporting your Amazon sales, KDP Champ. The site takes input from your Amazon sales and creates several neat graphs to show how well or poorly your sales are going. I’m currently experimenting with the free basic version, and if you do advertising with Amazon, their paid versions offer many benefits.

Today my favorite outlet for erotic literature, Kinky Literature, is featuring one of my stories, Fantasy Swingers. Here’s a buy link for the story. As a photographer, I’m especially proud of my cover images. The original underlying image is shown above. It reminds me so much of my wife and her in-your-face attitude.

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The Times They Are A Changing

as Bob Dylan used to sing. Since I’ve gotten fired up on paperback covers, I think my latest designs are neat. The image above of Company Benefits is the proof copy that I’ve sent off to Amazon and waiting for the finished product to come back. The white rectangle is not a screw-up but the spot where the ISBN information will end up in the final printed copy.

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“Walk on the Wild Side” by Larry Archer

Walk on the Wild Side is a 58,000-word explicit HEA erotic novel from Larry Archer, about two co-workers who become interested in spicing their boring love life up with swinging. The twentieth story in the Foxy and Larry swinger series continues the uncensored look into our favorite swinger couple’s freewheeling life and antics.

Walk on the Wild Side is featured today at Kinky Literature.com, the favorite spot for readers to buy their erotic literature from the hottest authors, including yours truly. Available in both electronic and paperback formats suitable for cell phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, PCs, as well as your left hand.

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“BULL Riding MILFs” Hits the Streets

The computer screen I get to look at every day.

I managed to pull my paperback copy of BULL Riding MILFs out of the hands of my mail person and was lucky to discover only a few of the pages were stuck together with an unknown substance!

This morning as I sit in front of my dual 32-inch monitors with the background set to a full length of Foxy buck naked except with a thong and thigh-high socks, I’m trying to decide if I should jack off or do something more productive. The image is almost life-size with the two monitors equaling about 64 inches in width, including the 6-inch space in between.  The space is necessary so I can look at my wife when she graces me with her presence. At almost 6 feet, Foxy is a tall drink of water and every day I thank my blind luck for meeting someone so far above my paygrade.

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Love Delivered by UPS


My very own personal paperback copy of BULL Riding MILFs is bouncing around somewhere in Las Vegas on a UPS truck. I just hope that the pages are not all stuck together when I yank it out of the sweaty hands of the delivery person with his shorts half unzipped.

BULL Riding MILFs is my latest Hotwife story themed in the sin-filled streets of Las Vegas, Lost Wages, or Sin City – pick your preference. Vince sells his corporation and along with his just turned fifty spouse Stella, move to town and settle in their penthouse condominium.

Away from the disapproving eyes of their family, Vince is determined to change his wife from the docile and easily forgettable spouse to the hottest piece of arm candy around. Naturally, they fall into the clutches of Foxy and Larry, our in-house perverts, who take over Stella’s training to Vince’s excitement. With himself in hand, he fantasizes about all the mischief his wife will be forced to endure!

After seeing what a traffic-stopping package Foxy is, Vince implores her to makeover his wife and turn her into the slut she is destined to be. For the full 4-1-1 on BULL Riding MILFs, check out this link on my catalog page. Available from all the popular publishers, Larry recommends KinkyLiterature for all your smut.

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BULL Riding MILFs by Larry Archer


From Housewife to Hotwife

Another sizzling erotic Hotwife romance story told in explicit detail as only Larry Archer can deliver. Available from all the popular publishers in paperback and electronic formats for your reading pleasure.

The electronic version is available for all cell phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, PCs, or MACs. The paperback version will fit all sizes of hands and is easy to hold, irrespective of what your other hand is doing.

This scorching new Hotwife erotic romance story from the perverted mind of Larry Archer and his band of merry perverts is guaranteed to put lead in your pencil. Vince and his wife Stella move to Las Vegas after he sells his company to enjoy a life of leisure without the prying eyes of friends and family.

Vince encourages his mature yet gorgeous wife to become eye candy for him to flaunt on his arm as they enjoy Sin City. But, like Texas, everything in Las Vegas is bigger and more outlandish than in real life. While moving into their penthouse condominium adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, they meet Larry and Foxy, who also live in the exclusive Towers complex.

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