“First Date” as Hubby Watches

Cuckold Club - First Date
Cuckold Club – First Date

For all you cuckold fans who fantasize about watching your Hotwife having sex with well-built Bulls, Larry Archer’s story should be right up your alley. However, for those who have somehow missed this kink, First Date will throw you into the deep end without floaties! And no, I purposefully wrote “cuckold” in lowercase. cuckold is always lowercase to emphasize who is in charge here. For the same reason, Hotwife is always capitalized to ensure you know who the boss is.

I’ve written many blog posts about cuckolds and Hotwives, click on this link or search my site for more info.

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Our closest couple (in real life) is a fortyish beautiful blonde Hotwife with a voluptuous body and jugs to die for. When you look up nymphomaniac in the dictionary, her picture is usually there.

Her husband is always watching and taking pictures while abusing himself. The only complaint is that he shakes the camera while videoing his Hotwife with her Bulls. Catching his wife in bed with the milkman is his ultimate fantasy. It’s too bad that milkmen are hard to find these days.

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“A Night at the Bar” Featured on Kinky Literature

A Night at the Bar

A Night At The Bar 24,500 Words) a cuckold – Hotwife story is featured today on KinkyLiterature.com for all you perv’s out there.

Tina, a 40ish housewife, who has kept herself in great shape, has decided to do something about the fact that her husband doesn’t measure up.

This MILF initially trolls the bars and picks up younger studs that are big enough to satisfy her every need. At first, she cleans up before coming home, but when her husband doesn’t seem to mind her late-night “dates,” she discovers that he enjoys being a cuckold and starts making him clean her up after she’s been out with one of her Bulls.

Then the night they walk into a small neighborhood bar, she discovers an extra large soccer team who have stopped for a beer. That night her husband, Steve, realizes the whole truth about what his wife has been up to.

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House Party 4 – Released Today

House Party 4, the latest in the House Party Series by Larry Archer, was released today on SmashWords.

Our horny gang of perverts is all together once again, with everyone back in Las Vegas. Previously, Foxy ran off to Los Angeles to become a pornographic movie star. You can read about her escapades in LA by checking out the initial books in the House Party Series.

Larry thought his life would get back to normal with his wife back at home, but why would he believe that? Foxy may be living at home, but she’s still infatuated with Butch, their big dicked friend, whom she calls Horse Dick.

Sherry, his sensible girlfriend, which he could always count on, has now fallen off the wagon and discovers she wants to be a swinger, also. And not just a “normal” swinger but has a fascination for orgies and gangbangs.

House Party 4 is available in both electronic and paperback versions, as are the rest of the House Party series. Most of Larry’s stories are currently available in paperback form for those who like to hold something while reading erotic stories.

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House Party 4 Coming Soon to SmashWords

House Party 4

House Party 4 – The last book in the House Party series will be available at SmashWords on Friday, December 2, 2022. The story has been up on Amazon for a while, and I’m moving it to SmashWords to expand the distribution to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Adult, Scribd, and Gardner Extended.

Preorder House Party 4 by clicking this link

House Party 4 is available for preorder and will be available next Friday. HP4 is available in both paperback and electronic format on digital devices.

The HP series was challenging to write from my perspective and included situations that have never arisen in our personal lives. As a swinger couple in real life, I’ve tried to keep the fictional version of Foxy and Larry somewhat true to life. Previously, if I could not see us doing something, I’d avoid a storyline that was not conceivable in our real lives.

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Fantasy Swingers 2 by Larry Archer

Fantasy Swingers 2

Fantasy Swingers 2 A swinger story about a couple who become interested in swinging because the wife is infatuated with a co-worker. Later while shopping for a sexy dress, they meet a couple of swingers who initiate them into the alternate lifestyle known as swinging.

This story deals with the conversion of Cynthia from a sweet innocent housewife to a complete slut (use your imagination here). Cynthia and her husband are thrown into the deep end of the swinger’s pool and learn to sink or swim or at least swallow!

Follow along as Cynthia learns the actual meaning of “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”

This is one of the first erotic books I’ve written and has been updated a couple of times along the way. It was initially somewhat about the way Foxy and I got into swinging in real life.

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Happy Turkey Day

Well, we’re off like a prom dress to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends. Foxy, and I hope you have a great day. Don’t drink too much beer or eat too much turkey unless you have a soft couch to collapse on.

Minus COVID, it’s been a good year for us, and knock on wood, we’ve managed to make it through to when Ho Ho comes.

I hope to finish getting House Party 4 ported over to SmashWords to finish up the series. Possibly when I’m too bloated to do anything else, I can get the project finished this weekend.

To all my fans, thanks from the bottom of my heart for following me and hopefully buying my smut stories. This has been an interesting trip to put it mildly, and I have all of you to thank for it.

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Help With a Story

I have a folder in which I keep draft stories, which currently has over one hundred stories partially completed. A lot are fifty to seventy-five percent complete and just sitting in my draft folder.

I’m easily distracted by shiny objects or short skirts and will get an idea for a story. Then I’ll work on it for a while. The next thing I know, something will spark a story idea that will derail me until the next idea comes along.

Being a swinger often means that I’m deluged with ideas from watching people at house parties or functions. Swinging is a social event, as I’m sure you can guess. So, we’re constantly meeting new people, especially since COVID is somewhat on the DL.

House parties are generally ten to fifteen couples in the crowd we run with, plus a smattering of unicorns. There is a core group who come to every party, but there are couples that show up from out of town or friends of friends.

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‘The Dancer’ Featured Today on Kinky Literature

My erotic story, The Dancer, is featured today on KinkyLiterature.com, check it out.

The Dancer (21,000 words) is a story about a young college girl, who is working her way through college by dancing at The Fox’s Den, a gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas. While on the job only a week, she has learned a lot about sex beyond what was taught in Sex Ed 101.

What could possibly go wrong? Only that her mother learned of her new job stripping and was convinced that she was also hooking. What’s a mother to do, so naturally she crashes into the bosses’ office in full on crazy cat-lady attack mode.

Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and the crazy lady ends up in bed with the bosses’ wife, while the young dancer, Peaches, ends up in a threesome with the boss Larry and Linda, the manager.

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The Demand for Paperback Porn

I released my first porn story in paperback a few years ago, more as a lark and to allow my wife to read and comment on my smut stories. Foxy, a cute Luddite, refuses to read anything longer than a text message on her phone or laptop. She is one of those people who read every word and ponder every sentence on which came first, the chicken or the egg. When you get the book back, it is often filled with notes in the margin, along with underlined and corrected verbiage. I was taught that writing in a book is a sacrilege against the laws of nature. So, it’s typically with chagrin when she returns a smut story after reading it.

Her comments are insightful and mostly on point, but I can’t seem to get her to read electronic stories. She has a laptop, iPad, and tablet, but nothing seems to work, and I’ve pretty much given up.

Initially, I had serious reservations about any ROI on printed smut stories. I wasn’t convinced that the additional time and effort would be rewarded in sales. But, once again, I fear I’m about to eat my words.

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House Party 3 is Alive on SmashWords

House Party 3

It’s Alive! No, this is not some cheesy horror movie starring Bela Lugosi but House Party 3, full of F&S’ing now available on SmashWords, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Adult, and Scribd. Of course, it’s on Kinky Literature and Amazon Kindle in electronic and paperback format.

The four-book House Party series has been a popular set of stories and was previously only available on Kinky Literature and Amazon Kindle. I’ve been publishing the series on SmashWords and their affiliates, with HP3 just released. I’m working on House Party 4 and should get that pushed out within the next two weeks.

In the House Party Series, Foxy and Larry meet and party with a couple from Los Angeles. Foxy decides to run off with the guy, who abandons his wife with Larry. After they return to L.A., Foxy discovers that he owns a movie production studio that makes pornographic movies.

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