House Party 2

House Party 2 is available on Kindle Unlimited and can be read for free along with the first story, House Party.

The House Party series is somewhat of a break from my normal Foxy and Larry series of stories, and I’m waiting to see if I catch hell from my wife about how I portrayed her in this series. We are a happily married swinger couple, and when I create a story based upon our fictional selves, I try to write the story pretty much true to life as we are “normally.”

I portray Foxy and Larry as we are in real life, except not richer than God and not owning a strip club. Being in the Lifestyle has always been fun and enjoyable. We have a close group of friends that we run with. With the divorce rate at around fifty-percent in the straight world, divorce among swingers is rare.

In the first story, House Party, Foxy leaves Larry and runs off with a guy she met at a swinger’s party. Moving to Los Angeles, she becomes a porn star and is having the time of her life performing in front of the camera. For more on House Party, click this link.

In the next story, House Party 2, we follow Foxy as she runs amok in Los Angeles as an up and coming porn star. Larry stays in Las Vegas, minding the store while he frets about his wife’s safety.

Larry doesn’t have to fret alone, as a television news reporter moves in to help take care of Larry. House Party 2 continues in the plot-driven explicit style Larry is known for.

In real life, she would not do this (at least I hope not), and she may be pissed at how I picture her. My only saving grace is that she is a Luddite and refuses to read anything on an electronic device such as a phone, iPad, or laptop.

To date, my only printed porn story is Stripper or Nurse, which at almost 300 pages came out well. Foxy helped edit the story and did an excellent job, but she continues to refuse to read anything electronically.

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