House Party

House Party (Foxy & Larry #18) is an 85,000-word novel about an innocent house party that goes wrong or extremely right, depending on which side of the story you’re on.

Foxy and Larry attend a house party where Foxy falls for the husband of a couple from Los Angeles. She runs off leaving her husband, Larry, to deal with the man’s wife as well as their live-in girlfriend. Foxy becomes immersed in the pornographic movie business as an upcoming popular porn star.

Fans of Foxy know that she is a bi-sexual exhibitionist who likes to live on the edge and has always led a protected existence, sheltered by her husband, who picks up after her.

After moving to LA, she quickly tires of Russell when he tries to control her and throws him under the bus.

Foxy moves in with a houseful of people who work in the porn industry. Foxy, on her own for the first time in her life, runs amok and is either staring in porn movies, hopping from bed to bed, or walking naked at Black’s nude beach in La Jolla.

For all her messing around, Foxy worries about her husband and asks Sherry, whom both he and Foxy previously had an affair with, to watch over him.

Sherry, an up and coming television news reporter, is physically the opposite of Foxy. She’s over six-foot, busty, and “gasp” a blonde. Larry’s normal go-to girl is either a brunette or a redhead, but Sherry is quickly able to overcome that minor hurdle and moves in with Larry and Chrissy, their live-in, along with Delphine and Ruth.

Delphine is the ex-wife of Russell, who Foxy ran off with, and is a statuesque Swedish blonde bombshell. Now Larry has two over six-foot blondes, with the best bodies money can buy, to deal with.

Ruth is a nun who was sexually abused by a group of priests and Larry is helping with her problems. Ruth’s character is somewhat fluid at the moment as Larry (the author) works out her storyline.

For fans of Foxy and Larry swinger stories, this novel-length story should not disappoint. Virtually every page includes an explicit sex scene to keep the reader entertained, yet the conflict between the two of them is interesting but minimal.

The story is still ranked as HEA, Happily Ever After, even though Foxy leaves her husband, her replacement quickly takes over. Larry’s stories then to have minimal conflict between characters as this has been their real-life experiences with swinging.

This story changes that somewhat their actual relationship, with Foxy leaving Larry and becoming a porn star in Los Angeles. Technically not a lot of conflict as they are not fighting as typical in a separation, this story shows the characters in a different light with new and interesting characters thrown in the mix.

Fear not though, as they will be back together in House Party 2 (soon to be released in Fall 2019) and Walk on the Wild Side (released October 2019). The Foxy and Larry series of stories are based loosely on the author and his wife’s real life adventures in swinging, which have always been positive and never with any conflict. Larry has some difficultly in casting the fictional Foxy and Larry in situations which they’ve never experienced.

I hope that you’ll enjoy the mixup in characters and their relationship but still not pull them too far apart. I use “what if” scenarios that bounce around in my mind to come up with ideas that morph into story ideas, yet with Foxy and Larry, it is difficult for me to change up the characters too much from their real selves.

While not richer than God and not owning a strip club in Vegas, our main characters have experienced many of the things I write about in my Foxy and Larry series of stories.

As always, Larry Archer’s stories weave non-stop sex along with a plot line to keep you both aroused and entertained.

House Party is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle or if you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read it for free on your electronic device. For those who do not have a Kindle, apps are available for your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone.

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* * * Below is a short excerpt from House Party * * *

Note: The following excerpt is taken from the first time Foxy and Larry had met and bedded Russell and Delphine at a house party.

Pulling her mouth off Larry’s dick for a minute to breathe, Del watched as Chrissy easily took Larry to the root in one motion. She was amazed that the redhead could deep throat that large cock without any effort at all.

She watched Chrissy’s face, and her half-open eyes were completely white. Can she really climax while sucking dick? But watching the spasm which ran through the girl’s body, followed by how she relaxed against Larry, indicated that she had in fact come.

“Did you just come?” Del asked Chrissy as Larry’s cock slipped out of her mouth. She had a lazy smile on her face as her eyes opened, “One of the side benefits of living with Foxy and Larry.”

“Can you teach me that trick?” Delphine asked in a serious tone.

“Sure, it’ll be fun,” Chrissy answered with a giggle. “Now don’t you think it’s time for you to get fucked?”

“What about my husband?”

“Larry’s not into guys, but after he’s finished with you, we’ll see!” Chrissy said laughing.

“No, what I mean is that Russ has never seen a guy in me before. We’ve always partied in different rooms, not that we’ve done it very many times before. We’re still new to the swing scene.”

“Foxy’s got her legs wrapped around his neck, and I guarantee that he’s not worried about you in the least!” Chrissy said as she looked over to watch as Russ drilled deep into Foxy’s bald pussy.

Del listened for a second to the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as her husband fucked Larry’s wife. She could hear Foxy telling her husband what a nice long dick he had and how good it felt in her dirty cunt.

Cunt, there was that word again, and somehow it seemed more appropriate than ever, she reminded herself as she heard her husband grunt every time he slammed his cock into Foxy’s juicy hole.

Larry picked Delphine up off the floor and laid her on the bed next to his wife. Spreading her legs, he worked the head of his cock up and down between Del’s wet lips. As his dick slowly entered her wet box, she felt Foxy patting around on the bed until she found Del’s hand. Wrapping her fingers in Del’s, she squeezed her hand tightly as Russell continued to pound his big cock into her cunt.

Turning her head to look at Foxy, she could see that she was in mid-climax, and it was almost creepy to watch her eyes slowly roll up in her head until all she could see was white. Foxy was making kissing motions with her lips, and it took Del a second to realize that she wanted to kiss her.

Larry’s cock was stretching her open as she leaned over to kiss the brunette being fucked by her husband. My second girl kiss, she told herself as Foxy’s tongue speared deep into her mouth. As their lips mashed together, she felt a shudder run through Foxy’s body as her climax exploded.

It felt like a burning rod being shoved in Del’s hole as Larry buried his dick in her pussy. Russell had never felt like this before, and she could feel the head of his tool pushing against her cervix, demanding entrance.

“How’s Larry’s dick feel?” Chrissy’s hot breath burned into her brain as she nibbled on Del’s earlobe.

“Unbelievable,” is all she could say without really pissing off her husband. For two guys with large cocks, Larry seemed to go deeper and different places than her husband ever had.

Chrissy kept whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Encouraging her to focus on her pussy and ignore everything around her. Chrissy’s fingers were stroking Del’s clit and adding to the torment as her next climax built rapidly. She could feel her legs starting to tremble and jerk as Larry pounded his cock into her tight hole.

“Just let go and show me see how hard you can come,” Chrissy ordered as she kissed Del and tweaked her nipples.

Delphine could feel her mind starting to soar as the volcano erupted between her legs and she could feel that all her self-control was spinning away. Her climax hit like a runaway train, and Del screamed as she poured every bit of her body into a climax that she’d never experienced before. She grabbed the sheet with both hands and arched up off the bed to meet Larry’s thrusts. Chrissy pinched her nipples hard and the pain added to the strength of the climax that she would always remember.

As her climax slammed into her, she could hear Larry grunting, and the feel of his white hot seed pouring into her greedy hole was the icing on the cake. When she opened her eyes, she found Foxy above her. “He’s a good fuck, isn’t he?” the big-haired brunette asked as she kissed Del. “I can still taste his pre-cum on your lips.”

She tried not to be self-conscious as she realized that she’d just been fucked by another woman’s husband as she watched. But still, it was so fucking good that it was easy to overlook that little fact.

Smiling up at Foxy, she reached up and pulled her down for another kiss. After a long tongue filled kiss, she asked, “Was Russell okay?”

Giggling, Foxy replied, “One of the best lays I’ve ever had. Your husband has a talented dick.” Then pulling her close, she whispered into Delphine’s ear, “Don’t worry, I like it when Larry gets well fucked, and we both like to watch.”

“Foxy, my husband has never seen me have sex before, and you’re sure he didn’t mind watching Larry and me together?”

“So you always done it in separate rooms?”

“We’ve only swung a couple of times, and it was never like this,” Delphine admitted.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” Foxy asked as she felt Del’s boob and played with it.

“No, but this has really been nice especially with Chrissy playing with me.”

Foxy kissed her again as her hand trailed down the center of her chest until she was stroking Delphine’s well-fucked pussy. “Larry came in you didn’t he?”

“Was that okay? Am I in trouble?”

“No, it’s just unusual as most girls have a hard time getting Larry off and what you did in thirty minutes takes most girls several hours.”

“He can fuck for hours? That’s unreal!”

Chrissy slid down until her face was in between the girl’s legs. Kissing the girl’s pussy, Chrissy confirmed, “Yeah, she’s full of cum!”

“Let’s see,” Foxy said as she shoved her two middle fingers deep into the girl’s love hole. “I can feel Larry’s load in her,” Foxy said as she dug around in Del’s cunt while watching the girl’s face. “Does that feel good, having my fingers in your well-fucked pussy?”

“Oh, Foxy,” Delphine moaned. “That’s feels so good. My pussy is so sensitive after having Larry’s big dick in me.”

“Del, I want you to take good care of my husband because I plan on fucking yours until his dick is a limp noodle. Then I plan on sucking his cock nice and clean.”

Pulling her fingers out, Foxy looked at her fingers covered in Larry’s white spunk. Looking at Delphine, she asked, “Do you like the taste of cum?”

“I don’t know; I’ve never tried it before. I would never let Russ cum in my mouth,” she confessed.

“Open up,” Foxy asked as she waited to see if she was going to have to force Russ’s wife to clean the cum off her fingers. When Del obediently opened her mouth, Foxy smiled and painted the girl’s lips with cum. “Take a deep breath and smell your pussy juice and my husband’s spunk.”

This is perfect, she obeys every one of my commands without question! Foxy thought as Del breathed in the aroma of her well-used hole. She could see the girl’s eyes dilate and lose focus as her fingers went into Del’s mouth. “Suck my fingers clean and think about where they’ve been.”

Delphine lapped up the mixture with her tongue and made sure that every drop was vacuumed off the big-haired brunette’s fingers. She had never been this horny in her life and the last few minutes had been the best sex she’d ever had.

Larry’s dick is not that much bigger than Russell’s but the way he uses it! She thought as the taste of his jizz seemed to be deep in the center of her brain. Closing her eyes, she savored the tart flavor of his cream, which was mixed with her juices.

Foxy pulled her fingers out of Del’s mouth which caused her eyes to pop open. She watched as Foxy smiled at her and sucked her fingers to make sure Del had cleaned them. Leaning in, Foxy softly kissed Delphine’s cum covered lips, and she could feel the shudder race through her body as Foxy came from the taste on Del’s lips.

“Did you just come?” Delphine asked, but it was a stupid question as the vacant look on Foxy’s face told her the answer. “How can you come from just kissing?”

A lazy grin crossed Foxy’s face as they slowly focused on Delphine, “I can come by just thinking about it. Larry can teach you that just like he taught me.”

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