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Can’t We Just All Get Along?

As a resident of Las Vegas, I’ve tried not to overreact to the recent carnage on the Las Vegas Strip recently when some apparent loon decided to murder over fifty people and injure hundreds more. I feel a lot of … Continue reading

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The Gazillionaire and the Virgin

Lisabeth Sarai, the Mistress of Smut, has a new book out for all you BDSM fans, The Gazillionaire and the Virgin: An Atypical BDSM Romance. What’s neat about this story is that it’s also available in an audio format, for … Continue reading

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I’m Getting Behind

As a writer of smutty erotica, I’ve fallen down on the job and gotten behind! I just released Stripper or Nurse, which is an 80K word novel of swingers corrupting a Hotwife and making her cuckold husband watch his MILF … Continue reading

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