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Can Feminism and Women’s Rights Coexist?

As a couple in the Lifestyle and a writer of erotic literature, I’m often asked about how we can reconcile women’s rights and the apparent objectification of women’s sexuality for those in swinging.

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Need Help Getting Laid?

This is another public service announcement (PSA) for those of you who are challenged when trying to get lucky. In the spirit of sharing the love, I’m letting you in on my sure-fire way to get into his/her pants.

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National Orgasm Day is Coming Tomorrow

Tomorrow, July 31th is National Orgasm Day and you are requested to come. Everyone should do their part and help out a friend also. In fact, why don’t you run to the bathroom and practice one right now? SKYN condoms … Continue reading

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Is Your Butt Plug Recording Your Love Making?

First, we find that FaceBook wants your dirty pictures. Now it seems that your vibrator and butt plug may be phoning home also. I guess that I need to buy Wifey a remote controlled butt plug as apparently, they are … Continue reading

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Send Your Naked Pictures To Facebook?

When I first read this, I’m thinking maybe this will work for me? Maybe I could get everyone to send their nudes to me. Just stop what you’re doing and before you think it through, copy those pictures you keep … Continue reading

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Should We Bite The Hand That Feeds Us?

As a writer of smut (erotica to those of you with a weak stomach), we typically nurse at the biggest teat we can find, Amazon. But Amazon is typically a love – hate relationship with the author’s of porn constantly … Continue reading

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Hookers for Healthcare

Just when Republicans thought it couldn’t get any worse, now when they turn to someone for comfort, they also throw them under the bus.

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