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Do your good deed for the day!

I’m reposting a request from my good friend Lisabet Sarai, who writes delicious smut from a woman’s point of view. In addition to her dirty stories, she helps to support various charities around the world. Check out her post below … Continue reading

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I’ve just discovered, which is a rough and ready replacement for FaceBook and Tumblr, uncensored, not tracked, and free. For those of you who railed against Tumblr when they slapped the cuffs on explicit videos and pictures, MeWe is … Continue reading

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Does Swinging End in Divorce?

An interesting topic that seems to come up a lot is, does swinging end up in divorce? I read the other day that 2% of swinger couples end up divorced. Then there was another study which said that 92% of … Continue reading

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Okay, Enough With the Earthquakes

At about 8:22 PM tonight, another earthquake hit Ridgecrest California. This time it was a 7.1 which is considerably stronger as the scale is logarithmic. Las Vegas is about 120 miles from the epicenter and so all we felt was … Continue reading

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We Just Had an Earthquake

Around 10:33 AM PST, the Las Vegas area was moved (not really shaken) from the earthquake centered in Searles Valley California. It was weird and the first earthquake I’ve ever really felt. It took a second to realize what was … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July

“Man That’s Some Good Shit!” Ran across this picture of what looks to be a stoned dog in an article about not letting your pets eat your doobies. If you catch your dog with his head in a bag of … Continue reading

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Support Project Gutenberg

My good friend and fellow writer of smut Lisabet Sarai is holding another one of her Charity Sunday events. If you click on the link and add a comment, she’ll donate one dollar to Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg is … Continue reading

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