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Your Worst Nightmare – Raped By Four Dentists

For most, a trip to the dentist can be one of the worst experiences of your life. How many times have you heard the term “root canal” being used to describe some horror? Here, only in Las Vegas, could a … Continue reading

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Porn is Bad, Guns are Good!

The Florida legislature just voted that porn is a health hazard but refused to discuss gun control legislation? WTF? As a self-proclaimed semi-gun nut from Texas, I question that “Porn” is bad for you but fully agree that “Guns” will … Continue reading

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#MeToo – Stop The Abuse

It’s disturbing to turn on the TV or CNN to discover yet another guy in power who abused his position and took advantage of vulnerable women. As a swinger and author of erotic stories, this topic hits home with me. … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry Also!

A few weeks ago, I made a flippant blog post about sexual harassment and now I’m realizing that I was seriously wrong and apologize.  I never realized the extent that men have been victimizing women, that is so alien to … Continue reading

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Send Your Naked Pictures To Facebook?

When I first read this, I’m thinking maybe this will work for me? Maybe I could get everyone to send their nudes to me. Just stop what you’re doing and before you think it through, copy those pictures you keep … Continue reading

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Knit Yourself a PussyHat

In case you haven’t heard of the PussyHat Project, it supports the women’s movement for women’s equality and rights. Wifey and I have been long time supporters of women’s rights, which you may find hard to believe from swingers. PussyHats … Continue reading

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“Slut Walk” in Los Angeles Oct 3, 2015

Just in case you haven’t had to do a Slut Walk lately when you’ve had to walk through the hotel lobby in the outfit that looked hot last night but is a little too short at 7 in the morning, … Continue reading

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