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Amazon Dungeon – Part Deux

Well, my post on Amazon’s Dungeon seems to have hit a nerve, and I’ve gotten conflicting results from some of my cohorts in crime. Using a non-smut computer with a non-smut related login, I’ve been able to confirm my initial … Continue reading

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I’m Getting Whiplash

Today, my latest story Idle Hands has flipped back and forth between Safe and Adult at least three times TODAY! WTF – I don’t know if this is a simple screw up but it’s killing my sales. You can watch … Continue reading

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A Kinky Sonnet from KinkyLiterature

My good friends at KinkyLiterature just penned a sonnet about my latest smut story. I’m sure glad I’m not the only pervert here! KINKY SONNET FOR LARRY ARCHER’S BOOK: CHEATING GLORY HOLE WIVES. Larry Archer, what have you done? Writing … Continue reading

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WTF? “Seduced by the Dark Side” ADULT!

Seduced by the Dark Side has just been thrown into Amazon’s dungeon and this is not a good thing???? WTF? One of my most popular erotica stories, Seduced By The Dark Side, has just been ranked as “ADULT.” For those … Continue reading

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Censorship Changes at SmashWords

SmashWords has added a new wrinkle to authors who publish erotica, requiring that they classify their smut as to whether it contains certain topics that some consider taboo. While we know that SmashWords is pretty forgiving and will pretty much … Continue reading

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Should We Bite The Hand That Feeds Us?

As a writer of smut (erotica to those of you with a weak stomach), we typically nurse at the biggest teat we can find, Amazon. But Amazon is typically a love – hate relationship with the author’s of porn constantly … Continue reading

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Pushing My Luck, Once Again

Now that I’ve managed to get my latest “Adult” ranked book out of Amazon’s dungeon, I think my next story after “Stripper or Nurse” is going to be a long overdue follow up to my one sort of incest stories … Continue reading

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