You Go Girl! – Abortion Legalized in Ireland

_101764229_shanepic.jpgIn a historic move, voters in Ireland soundly trumped the anti-abortion laws and will now allow women to obtain a legal abortion up until 12-weeks of pregnancy. This follows the 2015 decision to allow same-sex marriage.

Hopefully, this portends a swing to more liberal views in the world as the pendulum swings back to the left.

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6 Responses to You Go Girl! – Abortion Legalized in Ireland

  1. dourdan says:

    As someone who is infertile, I am pro-choice because the adoption process is so difficult.
    Either A. legalize abortion (I’m looking at you, rural United States.) or make adoption cheaper and easier for both the mother and the prospective parents.

    Otherwise, we have states/countries where all the pro-life people are cheering for their victory while teens are getting arrested for dumping babies in trash cans.

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    • Dawn D says:

      Well, fighting against teen pregnancies would be relatively easy and not very expensive, but it would require white men to get their heads out of their arses and actually implement TRUE sex ed in schools, from a young age. Taht would also help with cases of rape and assault, which would be a win-win, but… that’s just my opinion, coming from the other side of the world, where we do things differently, and having had a chance to observe how things are done in the southern States.

      but I hear you about abortion too. And adoption. Though it may not be a bad thing for parents to go through a process, for checking that children don’t end up in the hands of criminals who want to use them. Though apparently the USA is quite good at doing that with children taken from illegal parents… Sorry, rant for another day and/or another place!

      (I have friends who adopted in Europe, I think in our process parents are vetted, but it’s not near as expensive as in the States).

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  2. Dawn D says:

    It’s not quite as simple as what you wrote. There still needs to be a law passed by the house of representatives, who can vote according to their beliefs, not necessarily party lines. But the victory was so broad, they’d be foolish to vote against it if they want to retain their seats at the next election.
    So abortion isn’t yet legal in Ireland, but well on the way!

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  3. LarryArcher says:

    I’m sorry but the way I look at it (1) a woman should have control of her own body and if she is unable for whatever reason to raise a child then abortion is much more humane than putting an unwanted child into a system who does not want he/she. (2) If politicians say that you cannot have an abortion then the government should be responsible for raising and educating the child. That to me is the reasonable thing for our politicians to do. Why do they fight so hard to stop a woman from having an abortion, yet the instant the baby is born, they wash their hands of the whole deal? Our government does everything it can to stop welfare and other means of supporting children that they insist must be born.

    Unwanted pregnancy is a terrible problem but simply saying no does nothing to solve it. This cannot be solved by making it illegal.


  4. lisabetsarai says:

    No woman wants to have an abortion. But sometimes it’s the best, or even the only, recourse.

    And I agree with Dawn, that commonsense, integrated sex education (by integrated I mean including emotional and social aspects of sex, not just the physical/medical) would go a long way toward reducing unwanted pregnancies, and would probably improve relationships, too.

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    • LarryArcher says:

      It is unfortunate (at least in the US) that many of our political leaders feel that abstinence or some other idiotic method will keep a woman from getting PG and not considering rape or other forms of forcible sex.

      Women should be the ultimate deciding factor in how they deal with medical issues and not some right wing nut job!


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