Getting Nakkid!

One of my fellow writers and bloggers is Lisabet Sarai, who writes both stroke and erotic romance stories. In a recent post, she added an excerpt from one of her BDSM novels that included a spanking scene.

Spanking is a fairly common kink, especially with my fellow perverts across the pond, and brings up in my mind a girl in a schoolgirl outfit, lying across someone’s lap getting their behind tanned. As I read her excerpt, it reminded me of the Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, Indiana.

Back in the mid-west, nudist camps were somewhat on our To Do list. A fair number of the couples we know in the Lifestyle are members of nudist camps. Wifey has never been fully onboard with many of the nudist camps we’ve been to. Not that she minds getting buck naked but running around au naturel in the woods with bugs is not one of her favorite things.

As my mind tends to work serially, I started with Lisabet blogging about spanking, which somehow reminded me of the Nudes-a-Popping contest every July at Ponderosa. Then finally connected me to a young couple we met there from Chicago.

The couple were young and both under twenty-five but already in a Dom/sub relationship. I don’t know how we attract these perverts, possibly it’s my London Fog raincoat but more likely my hot wife. Even without her clothes, Foxy is an exceptionally stunning creature and easy on the eyes.

Anyway, we are at the Ponderosa nudist camp away from the stages and the crowds, just walking around talking. I don’t remember how we got on spanking or punishment, but the Dom made his sub bend over and hold onto the side of a travel trailer as he demonstrated how to properly spank her.

The looks we received from some of the “actual” nudists was interesting. I always assumed that people who liked to run around in the buff would be open-minded, but it’s funny how conservative they are. While a fair percentage of nudists are swingers, by and large they are a cross-section of the typical population and conservative.

The sound of the smacks drew a number of people, and most of them had frowns. I was happy when he stopped punishing her as we were collecting a somewhat hostile crowd.

The whole dominance and pain scene is somewhat lost on me. While I have nothing against it, it’s not something that I regularly get into. I usually just get to watch and hold Foxy’s whip. I know that when she puts on her thigh-high leather boots that someone is in trouble!

Foxy goes both ways, in more ways than one, and likes to be tied up when she’s not in a dominating frame of mind. Personally, I like to use drapery rope (probably not the correct term), but if you go to a fabric store, they have rope which straight people use to tie drapes back. The rope is thick, about 3/8’s to 1/2-inch in diameter and soft to the touch.

I like drapery rope better than clothes-line type cord as it is less likely to cause damage to the skin. The marks it leaves are pretty neat, but I have this fear of them not going away. If you run out of new things to try, get some rope, and tie your significant other to the bed, spread eagle then have your way with her!

Nipple clamps or clothes-pins are always popular. Can you even buy clothes-pins these days? Clothes-pins are serious stuff and hurt! Foxy will not let me get within 10 feet of her with clothes-pins, and our nipple clamps all have adjustments to limit how tight they clampdown. It’s more of a visual thing to have her on her knees, getting pounded and watching the clamps swing back and forth.

For more from Larry Archer’s perverted mind, follow me and more from my erotica, click this link.

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As a thank you for reading to this point, below is an X-Rated excerpt from Stripper or Nurse?

The next time she awoke, her mind was clearer, but she had a lion’s mane of hair on her face. As she ran her fingers through the hair, she could feel Foxy softly sucking her nipple in her sleep.

Suzanne had yet another mind-bending experience, this girl was nursing on her boob, while fast asleep. As her body started up, she realized there was more than nipple sucking going on.

She could feel Foxy’s fingers deep in her well-fucked cunt as she focused on her pussy and probed inside her hole. The thought of having her boobs sucked and being finger-fucked at the same time finished lighting Suzanne’s already short fuse.

As she thrust against Foxy’s fingers, her climax seemed to explode out of her hole and drill deep into her brain. That’s when she realized the fireworks show that was going on behind her closed eyelids.

She could feel Foxy also coming and matching her grunt for grunt and thrust for thrust. “How can a girl come from just sucking another girl’s nipple?” she asked herself as the fleeting thought crossed her mind, between lightning strikes.

As soon as it hit, it was over for both girls! Both Suzanne and Foxy slumped against each other as Foxy slowly slipped her fingers out of Suzanne’s wet hole. Pulling them up between their bodies, Foxy and Suzanne smelled the sweet aroma of a freshly fucked cunt. Offering one finger to Suzanne, Foxy sucked the other one into her mouth.

She and Foxy were nose to nose as they both cleaned her girl cum off Foxy’s fingers. Finally, with a smile, Foxy pulled her finger out and kissed Suzanne’s soft lips. “Was it good for you?” Foxy asked, with a giggle, as she nestled into Suzanne’s neck.

“I’m probably going to hell for this, but good doesn’t come anywhere close to explaining how it felt. I’m afraid my conscience is going to bother me for what I just did.”

“Would it help your conscience to tell you that I forced you to fuck my husband?” Foxy asked in a light tone as she kissed Suzanne’s lips and face.

“I think that will work,” Suzanne replied with a laugh. “Maybe I just dreamed that your hubby had put his big long dick into my stomach; most guy’s cocks aren’t that big, are they?”

“Well if you want to try somebody with a big dick,” I’ll introduce you to my friend Butch.

“His cock is bigger than your husbands?” Suzanne asked in a somewhat astonished tone.

“Butch is probably close to twice my husband’s size.”

“God, Larry’s cock was bad enough, how do you take somebody bigger?”

“When girls see his dick, they don’t think about if it’s going to hurt, only how deep they can take it down their throat and up their pussy hole.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Suzanne asked in a low voice, “Would you introduce me?”

Foxy burst out laughing and finally replied, “Are you sure you’re ready for the big time?” Suzanne didn’t say anything and only had a sly smile on her face. Foxy thought to herself, “I like this girl.” Then she leaned over and gave Suzanne a long kiss, with her tongue deep in the woman’s mouth. She couldn’t help herself, but the taste of pussy and cum in Suzanne’s mouth caused her to quickly climax.

“Did you just come?” Suzanne asked.


“How do you do that? It seems like every minute, you’re climaxing, and that must be so neat?”

“Larry taught me how but it’s a curse sometimes. I’ll come so many times that I’m exhausted and will fall asleep halfway through.”

“I’d never fall asleep when your husband is fucking me,” Suzanne replied and then immediately continued. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. Well, I actually did but don’t quite know how to talk to a woman whose husband I’m fucking.”

Snuggling up to Suzanne, Foxy kissed her cheek and started rolling the woman’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger. The feeling of Foxy working her tit, caused the lightning to start up again in Suzanne’s brain. She could feel the moisture of her love juice starting to soak her bruised lips.

“It’s okay Suzanne, I don’t mind you fucking my husband but just as long as it’s simply fucking. Keep in mind that you have a husband, who loves you and Larry is just a dalliance and not a substitute for your hubby.”

“It’s really alright for me to admit that I don’t care about Larry except for his nice cock and how it makes me feel?”

“Other than the smile on your face and your probably sore cunt, nobody will ever notice the difference,” Foxy said with a giggle as she pinched Suzanne’s nipple.

“Foxy, cunt is such a dirty word, but I think I like it better than pussy. Am I sick?”

“Suzanne, Suzanne you have so much to learn, but yes cunt can be either a good word or a really bad one. I’ll tell you a secret, Larry likes for his girls to talk dirty and so always use cunt to help him get off.”

“So, I should tell him how good it feels when he fucks me?”

“Sweetie, the dirtier you are, the quicker he gets off, and you need to vary how you talk to him, so he doesn’t get off too quick. Of course, for Larry, quick usually means in an hour or so,” Foxy replied with a snort.

“He can really fuck for an hour? That’s hard to believe? I’m used to getting a couple of minutes.”

“Where is he anyway, I woke up and he was gone?”

“That’s one thing you’ll find after Larry drills your lights out; you’re exhausted and asleep, while he’s wide awake.”

Suzanne was tired of talking and started kissing Foxy’s soft lips, while the big-haired brunette continued to work Suzanne’s nipples over. “Foxy, that feels so good and the more you play with them, the more sensitized they become.”

In response, Foxy scooted down and started to softly suck Suzanne’s nips and nurse on her boobs. Suzanne let out a low moan as she felt Foxy’s fingers slide deep in her well-used cunt. “Oh, god that is indescribable, you don’t know how good it feels for you to be deep in my love hole. I think I’m learning to love girls.”

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Suzanne pushed Foxy down on the couch and rolled on top of her. Starting with her eyes, Suzanne kissed each one gently and worked her way down to her pouty lips.

Kissing Foxy, Suzanne could still taste her husband’s leftover cum on her new lover’s lips. She could smell the aroma of Larry’s cream as it came out of Foxy’s mouth. “I’m just getting used to having a guy cum in my mouth. You must really like it, don’t you Foxy?”

“It’s the idea and not the taste,” Foxy replied. “We were always taught that anything related to sex was dirty and no matter how you try to ignore years of your mother’s harping, the thought is always in the back of your mind.”

“But you don’t think sex is dirty, do you?” Suzanne asked as she looked at the sperm covering Foxy’s lips and cheek from sucking Larry’s cock. There was no way she could think this was dirty, with all the evidence on her face.

“No, not in the least but at first it was a battle, my upbringing versus Larry’s hard cock,” Foxy replied and then after a second added with a giggle, “It helped that I’d started experimenting with girls in high school.”

“Hold still for a second and let me clean you up,” Suzanne said as she carefully licked the spunk and pussy off Foxy’s face. Each swipe of her tongue brought a new load to her mouth, and she savored each exotic taste to its fullest. By now, she realized that she could turn off the thinking part of her brain and just rely on the reptilian portion, which reacted to taste and sensation.

She could almost feel Larry’s sperm swimming rapidly to her brain, and the thought of millions of little guys drilling into her mind caused her body to jerk in response as they shot deep inside her addled brain.

Even though Foxy was cuddled up next to her, with a firm grip on her boob, it seemed like she was miles away and Suzanne couldn’t make out what she was saying across the fog, which enveloped around her mind and the roaring in her ears.

Her climax took her by surprise as Suzanne surrendered to her body and almost became an onlooker as her mind reacted to the memories of today. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Foxy had jammed two fingers deep in her twat, to help her along.

It was obvious that while Foxy didn’t know exactly what Suzanne was thinking, she knew what topic the MILF was thinking about and realized the need to help her along. Foxy dug up behind Suzanne’s clit until she felt the rough spot that was the woman’s G-spot.

With a smile on her face, Foxy stroked the area and watched the reaction on Suzanne’s face. She could see that Elvis had left the building and taken Suzanne’s mind with it. Working harder now, Foxy saw Suzanne’s eyes start to roll up in her head and told herself, “I’ve got her now and let’s see how long I can make her wait?”

The roaring in Suzanne’s ears was so loud that she almost didn’t hear Foxy tell her that she couldn’t come without permission.

“What?” she blurted out, confused.

“Don’t get your rocks off until I give you permission!” Foxy commanded as she continued to stroke the fire and Suzanne’s G-spot.

“But I need to come so bad, my cunt’s on fire!” Suzanne pleaded.

“You don’t deserve to come, only sluts need to pop off!”

“Please Foxy, I haven’t said no to anything. Doesn’t it help that I let your husband fuck me and I cleaned up his cream off your face? Larry didn’t stop me from coming?”

“You have to understand the difference between Larry and myself. He’s a nice guy, and I’m a cruel bitch. I like watching you suffer, and it’ll do you good to wait!”

“I’m begging you! I’ll do anything you ask, just a little climax not even a big one. I just need to put the fire out a little?” Suzanne pleaded.

Foxy thought to herself that she’d found another one to add to her stable and kicked herself for not bringing her crop with her. “This girl needs a little correction, and the taste of my crop will straighten her out.”

Foxy’s own climax started as she thought about how the leather bustier felt as it pushed up her tits and showed them off so well. Then the leather thigh-high boots sliding smoothly up her long legs, with the serious spike heels. Finishing her outfit off with a tiny black G-string, which barely covered her bald pussy lips.

Foxy tried to keep finger-fucking Suzanne as her own climax raged, but she heard Suzanne crying out, “You’re coming, you bitch! Why can’t I come? I deserve it more than you do?”

Foxy loved the aftereffects of a major climax as your whole body suddenly relaxed and turned to putty. She could feel the final spasms of her stomach muscles as her climax, and her mind flew away.

“Why?” Suzanne asked.

“Why what?” Foxy asked as her mind started to clear.

“Why can’t I come when you just did?”

Foxy couldn’t help but giggle for a second and then replied, “Because I own you, that’s why.”

“You don’t own me! I’m not property. That’s fucking insane!” Suzanne barked but started to lose it as Foxy’s fingers resumed their work deep in the MILF’s fuck hole.

“What if I told you that Larry would never get to stick his dick in you again?” Foxy asked.

“Not even in my mouth?” Suzanne asked, and Foxy could hear the panic in her voice.

“Never suck his dick again or get to drink his sweet juice,” Foxy replied in her final take it or leave it voice.

“No, no, no, you can’t take his cock away from me. He needs my lips, and my sweet pussy wrapped around his hard rod. Larry won’t stand for that!” Suzanne replied, but her confidence was starting to wane.

“Think about it Suzanne, if I tell Larry you’re off-limits and he’ll just have to fuck another one of his sluts, you’ll be left out in the cold!”

“Please Foxy, Larry hasn’t given me a good fuck yet and I need to be in bed with him, and you, to experience how his dick will feel buried in my cervix, with my legs around his neck.”

“Well, I don’t know Suzanne. If you were my property, then maybe?”

“Please Foxy, I’ve been married for twenty years, and the one-time riding Larry’s rod has shown me, I haven’t been really fucked yet. I’ll do anything you ask, just don’t cut me off?”

“Well, Larry has a lot of other girls to take care of. Do you really think I should let you have his cock?”

“You know that I’d do anything and anybody, to get another taste of Larry’s dick. You just need to give me a chance?”

“So, when I tell you that I’ll decide when you can come?”

“I’ll bite my lip and keep quiet, no matter what.”

“That’s what I want to hear. Otherwise the next time you’ll feel the bite of my whip!”

Suzanne could feel her ass start to twitch as she wondered what it would feel like to be riding Larry’s long rod and having Foxy whip her ass? She realized that she was sliding down a long pole and entering a land she’d never knew existed.

First, it was just the sex and realizing that she actually loved sex and allowed it to control her. The knowledge of cheating on her husband only briefly passed through her mind and was washed away by Larry’s cream. “What’s happening to me?” Suzanne asked herself as the thought of being a sex slave, caused her mind to burn uncontrollably.

“Will I be okay?” she asked in a somewhat panicked voice.

Foxy looked at her strangely and asked, “Suzanne?”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to say that out loud but I’m afraid that I’m going down the rabbit hole.”

 “You’re still not making any sense?” Foxy prompted.

“I need to come so bad, and you won’t let me for one. But the big thing is that I realize that I like the role of slut and while that’s wrong on so many levels, I don’t care. It’s scaring me to surrender to sex without any qualms, that’s just not right! But I’m not sure if I can stop myself?”

In response, Foxy wiggled the two fingers that were deep in Suzanne’s cunt and watched as the MILF’s eyes glazed over. “All it takes is for you to come over to the Dark Side, and give yourself to me without reservation. I’ll make sure your pussy is always stuffed full of hard cock and your mouth drowning in my cunt juice and girl cum. All you have to remember is that when I’m in control, nothing is your fault or responsibility.”

Foxy’s words slowly penetrated the fog caused by her fingers and without thinking Suzanne, gave it all up for her new lover. As her anxiety floated away, she could feel the fingers stroking her G-spot and fanning the flames between her legs that were now beginning to consume her.

It was like watching a dirty movie, and she was just an innocent bystander as Foxy pounded her cunt hole, but it really wasn’t her; it was some other slut, who deserved it more. She wondered who this dirty cunt was; who would let this sick couple dominate her? Vaguely, she knew that the “dirty cunt” was her, but now that none of this was her fault, her body responded with a vengeance.

Suzanne felt herself arch up off the couch until she was only touching with the back of her head and her heels; held up by Foxy’s long fingers, which were deep in her well-fucked hole.

Another satisfied customer, Foxy said to herself as she breathed into Suzanne’s ear and bit her earlobe. As Suzanne went from jerking to a continuous trembling, her eyes rolled up into her head, and finally, she heard the words she was dying for, “Come for me now, my pretty.”

With a single hard thrust against Foxy’s fingers, Suzanne’s brain exploded in a mindless flash that caused the lightning to flare behind her eyelids. Her climax left as quickly as it came and Suzanne collapsed in a heap on the couch.

As her mind started to slowly reboot, she felt fingers on her lips and automatically opened up to let Foxy’s fingers slide into her needy mouth. The taste and realization that she was sucking her pussy juice off Foxy’s fingers blew out the last candle, and Elvis left the building for good.

Pulling her fingers out of Suzanne’s unconscious mouth, Foxy looked at her latest conquest and finished cleaning the woman off her fingers. She allowed herself a quick climax to enjoy the MILF’s pussy juice as it covered the inside of her mouth and tongue.

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Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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2 Responses to Getting Nakkid!

  1. So now I’m inspiring you? Or maybe it’s Foxy that’s the main inspiration. ;^)
    This excerpt does have a genuine D/s dynamic.
    About nudist camps: I’ve found that most of the nudists I’ve met were actually rather prudish. They’re used to people thinking that nudism is all about sex (which it really isn’t), to the point that they’re a bit defensive. The nudist venues I’ve visited all had no-sex-in-public rules.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LarryArcher says:

    We generally go to nudist camps when they have an event which is typically a beauty contest. Several couples we know go to nudist camps on a regular basis and while I can’t speak for Foxy, they don’t have a lot of appeal to me. I enjoy the beauty contests as they are typically strippers so the show is pretty good but most tend to be sleazy IMHO.

    Once we were at the pool and some guy jacked off in the pool while watching Foxy in a chaise lounge. She wasn’t doing anything but did have her legs open. I’m assuming he was just visiting as a normal member wouldn’t do that. She noticed the cum floating to the surface and said, “Yew I’m out of here!” which to me was the funniest part. Now she refuses to go in a pool at a nudist camp. I’m not sure why that’s different from our pool but what do I know?

    I agree that other than the perverts, most of the people at a nudist club are really straight. There’s some F&S’ing going on but it’s behind closed doors.


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