“The Runaway” Featured Today at KinkyLiterature

The Runaway

One of my more popular erotic novellas The Runaway is being featured today on the front page of KinkyLiterature.com, your go to place for all your smut.

The Runaway (34,000 Words)

Foxy and Larry, two swingers, pick up a stranded girl on the side of the road and take her home to try and help her just before Christmas. Initially, their motives were simply to try and help her but rapidly the homeless girl becomes infatuated with the couple and their lifestyle. Their mission of mercy now turns to debauchery as they invite her into their home and family. This 34,000-word novella is reasonably long for your reading pleasure.

This is an erotic romance story that is intended for mature adult audiences only and includes graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adults with all bareback, straight, bisexual, lesbian erotica, taboo, erotica for women, erotica for men, romantic erotica, BDSM, and group scenes.

As an author of erotic literature or stroke material, if you must, it is often difficult to find distributors who will work with you and not spray their keyboard with bleach after emailing you.

Whether most people will admit it or not, they like to read erotic stories which are extra dirty and nasty, often in the privacy of their bathroom (with the door locked).

It’s like the first time your Mother found a copy of Playboy or Hustler under your bed and accused you of looking at naked women. She didn’t really buy your excuse that you only read the articles and asked why were the pages all stuck together?

Now that you’re a grownup and don’t have to resort to reading under the sheet with a flashlight, you need a place to go for all your smut. KinkyLiterature has it all from mild to wild, with the emphasis on wild.

I write in a couple of genres, typically swingers and cuckold – Hotwife stories, which always have a lot of girl-on-girl action. As a guy, I love to watch two girls together and enjoy writing stories based on what I’ve seen behind closed bedroom doors.

My stories always are full of explicitly described sex scenes, always bareback, and lots of it. Many of my stories include Foxy and Larry, fictional characters, loosely based on my wife and my experiences in “The Lifestyle” or swinging.

There is seldom angst in our stories, except for the times Wifey dons her thigh-high leather boots and grabs a whip to discipline one of her subs. It kind of hurts to watch her dig a spike heel into the back of a bottom but they seem to love it as the lash marks appear on their abused ass.

As has been our experience, the Lifestyle has always been fun and exciting. Seldom do the couples we know fight, except maybe who gets to go first. So if you’re looking for stories with hair pulling and divorce, you’ve come to the wrong place. Well, maybe hair pulling but seldom divorce. “You call me a slut like it was a bad thing!”

In a few stories, Foxy has taken some guy’s wife that she’s taken a shine to but we always fix him up so that he’s happy in the end.  Plus, she likes to text the ex-hubby pictures so he knows his wife is being well treated!

The Runaway, featured today, is one of my favorites about a girl Foxy and Larry pickup on the side of the road and take her home with them. For more on the story, click here.

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Below is an X-Rated Excerpt from”The Runaway”

As Beth walked around the bedroom looking at everything, she noticed a number of large nudes of Foxy on the wall. Larry had taken the pictures and put up his favorites. One is a shot of Foxy from the waist up with Foxy backlit so that there is a halo around her hair. Foxy has naturally curly hair, and with her fabulous tits, she is super sexy. Foxy is probably about a C cup but since she hasn’t worn a bra in years; is probably not sure herself.

Then Beth just stared at the poster-sized picture of Foxy with Chrissy, one of our girlfriends. Chrissy was a big tall redhead, Larry calls her an Amazon, about Foxy’s height except with huge jugs. Both girls were naked in the picture with Chrissy reaching around Foxy and holding both of her tits. Foxy’s head was twisted around so she and Chrissy could kiss. It was one of Larry’s all-time favorites and didn’t really show anything except them kissing as Chrissy was covering Foxy’s jugs with her hands.

“Oh, wow!” Beth exclaimed, “That’s you, isn’t it, Foxy. You look like a movie star, and I can’t believe how beautiful and sexy you look. Is that girl with you a friend or another model?”

Larry told her, “I hope that doesn’t offend you, but I’m an avid photographer, and when I’m married to my best model, I just can’t help but take pictures of her. The girl is Chrissy, a longtime friend of ours.”

“No, I love it!” Beth said, “So Foxy, you’re a model?”

“I used to model before we were married and now I just model for Larry,” Foxy replied. “Before we start talking about photography because you will never get Larry to shut up, let’s get you cleaned up.”

They walked into the large master bathroom, and Foxy told Larry, “Grab a bath towel for Beth including one for her hair, along with a washcloth. I’ll go ahead and start the water.”

Beside the Jacuzzi bathtub is a large shower section without any walls. That section of the bathroom is completely waterproof and is one large shower with multiple showerheads. Foxy turned on the water and taking the towels from Larry, hung them on the rack.

Beth said, “I can’t believe how big your bathroom is, and you even have a bidet!”

Foxy replied, “We built this to have everything we liked in a house. Larry has done well in business, and we are enjoying life. Now get in there and get cleaned up. Then we will see what you would like to wear.”

Foxy and Larry left Beth alone and went back to the bedroom.

Foxy said, “She seems like she is on the up and up, don’t you think?”

“Yes,” Larry replied, “If we can get a little information out of her, I’ll call Jack, our head of security, and have him make a few discrete inquiries so we can find out exactly what the real story is.”

After about 20 minutes, Beth came out of the bathroom, completely nude, except with a bath towel wrapped around her and her hair up in a smaller towel.

Foxy said, “Beth, I knew you were good looking but boy, you sure clean up well! Isn’t she a keeper Larry?”

Foxy then turned to him and said, “Larry, you are starting to drool, close your mouth!”

He stammered, “Wait, everyone has the wrong idea. I am just amazed at how much you two look alike.” Beth was standing there with that towel just barely covering her tits, and the bottom was just covering her butt. God, she was gorgeous!

Beth took the towel off her hair and started to brush her hair vigorously with the towel. Then she said, “My hair is naturally curly like Foxy’s, and I usually straighten it but seeing how hot your wife is, I decided to try it. You don’t mind, do you Foxy?”

“No girl, I don’t mind at all, in fact, it is a turn on that you would like to look like me. I appreciate the compliment. Hopefully, Larry’s heart and other things can take it as there will be three of us now!”

“What do you mean three of us?” Beth asked.

“Well, we like to go to a strip club on couple’s nights and one of the dancer’s looks a lot like me. Larry likes to think of us as bookends, and I swear that he is in love when he sees her dancing around half-naked!” Foxy replied.

“You don’t mind Larry looking at other naked women?” Beth asked.

Foxy said laughingly, “I like Larry being happy and he loves having girls make over him. He’s sort of like a dog chasing a car. If he caught it, he probably wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

Larry said, “Wait a minute, I think you’re giving Beth the wrong impression of me. I’m not that big of a horn dog, am I? I’m not completely controlled by my little buddy at least I don’t think I am!”

Beth laughed and said, “I think you two are a great couple, and it is really nice to see people who are not jealous of each other. Maybe someday I could go to the club and meet our twin sister? But I’m only eighteen, would that be alright?”

Foxy said, “Don’t tell anyone, but we own the club, and we would love to bring you. You would be alright with the girls being naked? On Saturday night, they have male dancers for us girls, while Larry gets lap dances from my other sister.”

Beth said, “That sounds like fun, and maybe she could teach me how to give Larry a lap dance, that is if you don’t mind Foxy?”

Foxy giggled and said, “Well, there is only one problem with that. I get first dibs, and you can give Larry a lap dance after I get mine. Does that work for you?”

Beth closed her eyes for a second, and a shiver ran through her body. “Right now I’d love to give both of you all the lap dances you want. I don’t know how, but I’m a fast learner. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. Just an hour or so ago, I was scared, alone, and didn’t know what to do, then you rescued me.”

Foxy said, “Before you get Larry all hot and bothered, let’s pick out some clothes for you. Pitch that towel into the bathroom and let’s walk into the closet.”

Larry got a quick flash of Beth’s cute little butt and what looked like very nice tits as she pulled the towel off while giving him a wink. Then she wiggled her cute little butt into the closet with Foxy.

“Your closet is bigger than my old bedroom!” Beth exclaimed. “I can’t believe you have this many outfits and shoes to match.”

“Beth, I never wear a bra and so can’t help you out there but would it bother you to wear a pair of my underwear?” Foxy asked her.

“No Foxy, I would love to wear your underwear, especially if it is a pair that you wear all the time. Could you show me what you are wearing now?”

Foxy lifted up her short skirt and showed Beth the red thong panties she had on.

Beth said, “Could I wear those?”

“You mean a pair like these?”

“No, those!”

Foxy said, “But, I’ve had these on most of the evening, and they are not that fresh.”

Foxy thought to herself about the girl they met at the party, who had taken them off and sucked her pussy. Then Foxy had put them back on over her well fucked and soaked pussy when they left the party. She could feel that they were still drenched with her love juice.

Beth countered, “I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but you two have turned me on so much, and I would love to have something with your smell against me. I hope I don’t offend you with that!”

Beth continued, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a relationship where you could openly talk about how you feel. It seems to me that you and Larry are very open to everything. We’ve only known each other for a little while, and I feel so comfortable around you two.”

Without another word, Foxy slipped off her panties and gave them to Beth. Beth took Foxy’s thong and briefly passed it under her nose and started to put them on.

Foxy stopped her and said, “Beth, you wanted to be open, and if you really want to smell my panties, do it right.”

Beth’s face turned bright red, but she took the panties and covered her nose and mouth with the front panel then inhaled the scent from Foxy’s pussy, deep into her lungs. She continued to inhale through the panties and stuck the crotch into her mouth and sucked it.

Finally, she reluctantly pulled the panties off of her nose and slipped them on. When the wet front panel touched her pussy, she took an obvious deep breath and closed her eyes for a minute.

About LarryArcher

Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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  1. LarryArcher says:

    Thanks Lisabet,

    That story was based on us actually seeing a girl in the dead of winter (well a Las Vegas winter) barefooted needing help on the side of a street. We had an important appointment and I blew her off. My conscience has bothered me ever since and I hope that she ended up okay. I tell myself that it was likely some type of scam but you never know?


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