The End is Almost Here! – Repent All You Sinners!

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To whet your appetite, just before New Year’s is an excerpt from Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party. This 80,000-word novel was taken straight from the real lives of the author and his wife, Foxy. For more on this story, click here. This is an X-rated excerpt for adults only!

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*** Excerpt ***

“Damn it, I’m really sorry, Sam.” Greg paused while he switched lanes. “That had to be the deadliest dull party in the universe.”

Samantha patted her husband’s knee. “It’s okay, hon. I understand we had to put in an appearance. The Honnigers would be mortally offended if the headmaster of their precious Academy boycotted their New Year’s event. And all those biddies who work for you—I can just imagine their spiteful gossip if you didn’t show up. Just feel lucky that you still have a couple of weeks before school starts again.”

Greg sighed as he steered the Mercedes through the gates into their Rancho Graciosa community. “You’re a good sport. You didn’t even flinch when Miss Bennett asked why you had to work instead of taking care of your kids.”

“Hey, I’ve got a thick skin.” She slid her hand up his thigh to loosely cup his package, gratified when his cock began to swell almost immediately in reaction to her touch. “Anyway, I’d rather spend an intimate New Year’s Eve with my sexy husband especially after the sex we had the other night. That reminded me of the good old days!”

“Mmm—sounds good—wow! Look at all the cars parked at our neighbors!”

The lots in Rancho Graciosa were a minimum of an acre and a half. Still, the line of vehicles at the curb reached from the drive of the neighbor’s house well past their own. The house blazed with light. Glittering green and gold strands outlined the roof while a warm, golden glow lit every window. The festive effect raised Samantha’s spirits almost as much as stroking her husband’s developing erection.

“Looks like quite a party! Think they’d mind if we crashed it?”

Greg grinned as he peered through the windshield. “They probably wouldn’t even notice. Anyway, I get the impression they’re the friendly type!”

They pulled into their own driveway, then strolled along next to the ranks of cars to their neighbors’ front door.

“Larry,” Samantha remembered. “Larry and—um—Roxy? I can’t remember the last names.”

“Foxy,” Greg corrected.

“And you know this how?” Samantha squeezed her husband’s hand, teasing him.

“Hey, I’m the headmaster. I’m supposed to know everything.”

Sounds of music filtered out from inside as they came up to the double doors to the custom-built home. Pressing the doorbell, Samantha couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous. She couldn’t claim drunkenness as an excuse. She’d had only a little of the atrocious punch at the Honnigers’.

The volume rose abruptly as the door swung open.

“Happy New Year!” Greg began. “We’re your—oh my God! It’s you!”

Samantha couldn’t speak at all. Standing before them was the most gorgeous woman she’d ever seen. Or perhaps towering over them would be a better description, since the astonishing creature was at least six feet tall.

A wild cloud of dark curls framed her near-perfect features. Her brown eyes sparkled with mischief while her lips were sinfully full. It was difficult to concentrate on her face, though, given the rest of her.

Foxy and Larry

The woman wore an adult-sized version of kid’s long john pajamas, complete with a print of red and white frolicking rabbits.

Long johns are normally buttoned up the front to keep the wearer warm. In this case, though, every single button was unfastened. The garment hung open from throat to the navel.

The woman’s ripe, tanned breasts were easily visible through the gap of her outfit, which was being held in check by her erect nubs. Although slightly in shadow, one erect nipple drew Samantha’s gaze. A flash from the holiday lights struck a gleam that made her swallow hard.

The fat puffy nubs were pierced, threaded with gold loops that swung as the woman moved. There was a thick woven gold chain connecting both nipple rings, and it kept drawing Sam’s eye to Foxy’s nipples as it swung with every breath.

“Hi!” she said, suppressing a giggle and taking a sip from her champagne. “Happy New Year!” She peered at them more closely, noting Greg’s charcoal gray suit jacket and Samantha’s forest green, knee-length frock, so at odds with her own crazy attire. “Do I know you? You look kind of familiar, but I don’t think your part of our usual crowd. Were you on the guest list?”

Samantha struggled to find her voice. “We—uh—live in the house next door. I think we’ve met you at some community events.” The golden nipple rings winked at her, distracting her from her train of thought. “I’m Samantha Dwyer. This is my husband, Greg.”

Greg stood there paralyzed on the threshold, staring at the woman’s tits, his swollen cock tenting his trousers. Samantha could swear she could see it getting bigger, even as she watched. She elbowed him in the side. “Greg, say something!”

“Um, right. Hello. As Sam says, we’re your—um—neighbors. We saw all the lights and wondered—wondered whether you’d mind if we joined your party.”

The woman gave a little frown. A bit tipsy, she seemed to be having trouble concentrating. Well, Sam could identify with that. “Let me see what Larry says,” she answered finally. She waved them into the foyer. “C’mon in while I try to find what he’s up to at the moment.”

Without waiting for their answer, she turned to head deeper into the house. Samantha gasped. Like the children’s garment on which they were modeled, the woman’s outfit had a drop panel in the back, for dealing with bodily functions. Like those in the front, the rear buttons were undone.

The panel hung loosely between her legs, baring the smoothest, roundest, most delectable ass Samantha had ever seen. The flesh jiggled a bit as the woman—Foxy?—strode through the door into what appeared to be a sunken living room.

“Larry? Larry, hon? Where are you?”

A tall male figure entered the foyer from another door opposite. “In here. I was watching Pam taking four cocks at once. You should come see… Oh! Who are you?”

Samantha and Greg looked at one another, embarrassed for more reasons than one. The guy, who Sam noticed was incredibly well-built, wore nothing but a brief robe belted at the waist. It showed off his corded thighs and hard-muscled buttocks. The crimson helmet of his hard-on peeked out in front. She licked her lips, feeling suddenly faint.

Foxy bounced back in. “Neighbors. They want to join in the fun.”

“Oh?” Larry looked them up and down, taking in their conservative attire. “I’m not sure this is really your kind of party.”

The steel Sam heard in his voice set up a flutter in her cunt. She had the crazy urge to sink to her knees, fish out that tantalizing erection, and swallow it whole. She took a deep breath and dove in before she lost her nerve.

“Please! We just came from Greg’s work party. We almost died of boredom!”

Larry chuckled at the exaggerated despair in her voice. “That’s not likely here.”

“I really thought we should get better acquainted,” Greg added. “We’ve lived next door for nearly three years, but I don’t even know your last names.”

“We usually go by first names only,” Larry said. “If you do join us, you’ve got to follow our rules.”

“Rules?” Greg frowned.

“Most importantly is to keep your mouth shut. This is a private party. Anything you see here, anything you do, has to stay private. And believe me, you might see almost anything!”

Larry paused to give Samantha a lascivious once over. It wasn’t quite a leer—this guy had too much class for that—but it made her nipples swell and strain against the lace of her bra. Meanwhile, dampness gathered between her thighs.

Greg tugged at her sleeve. “Maybe we should forget about this and go home…”

“But it’s early!”  Samantha shook off his hand and turned back to Larry. “What are the other rules?”

“No means no,” he replied.

“Unless I’m telling you what to do,” Foxy added. She leaned down toward Greg, grasping his chin in her long, manicured fingers and staring into his eyes. Her costume gapped wider, her tits swaying almost in Greg’s face. “If you want to play with me, you do what I say. Understand, little man?” She punctuated her question with a squeeze of his balls.

Greg groaned, either from pain or arousal. Sam really couldn’t tell which. She turned back to Larry. “Anything else?”

He smiled at her eagerness. “Have a good time! You’re not really dressed right for a pajama party, though!”

“I have just the thing for this little man here,” Foxy said. “You’ll look fetching in one of my negligees. Come on, baby.”

Sam watched, astonished, as the curly-haired Amazon grabbed her normally authoritative and decisive husband’s arm and pulled him toward the stairs that spiraled up in the middle of the foyer. Her husband shot her a look of desperation over his shoulder. “Sam, please…”

“We’ll just stay a little while,” she reassured him as he was pulled away. “Just remember, no means no.”

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    Thanks, Lisabet and Happy New Year to you. Foxy said to give you a big kiss from her!
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