“House Party” – Still ‘Am Writing’

House PartyMy latest novel, House Party, is slowly chugging towards the finish line. Now it’s at 50,000 words and still a little ways to go. It’s a different storyline than I usually write and I’ll be interested in finding out how my readers like it.

If you read House Party, keep in mind that this is not real life. Foxy and I have never had problems especially with swinging, but I decided to try writing a different type of story where Foxy and Larry separate but remain friends and possibly fuck buddies.

By having them separate, I could follow two storylines easier, and while I don’t really know exactly how the story is going to turn out, I think it’ll be pretty good. Check this link for another post regarding House Party, click here.

If you are interested in the final story, please follow me and I’ll keep you apprised of the story when it’s released. House Party will be available at Kinky Literature, SmashWords, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo among others.

Below is a fair size excerpt from the middle part of the novel to whet your appetite.

Stay Tuned for a guest post from Lisabet Sarai about life and her latest story, Velvet, which I love! Her guest blog post should be up today or tomorrow, watch for it.

* * * Excerpt from House Party by Larry Archer * * *

Setup: Larry’s wife Foxy has run off to Los Angeles with a guy she met at a swinger’s party and Larry brought the now estranged wife to his condo. Sherry, a. young beautiful television newscaster who Larry’s had a fling with, was asked by Foxy to look after Larry. After a wild night with Larry and four other girls, Sherry is making coffee and trying to build up the courage to tell Larry his wife has possibly left him.

It felt good to be completely naked as she made coffee. Since she’d been with Larry and Foxy, it was natural to run around in the buff, especially since the kitchen, family room, and dining room were all enclosed by floor to ceiling glass outside walls.

She felt guilty for saying it to herself and even more for admitting it, but with Foxy off on some fling in California, the playing field was wide open in front of her. All the way to the goal line! Could she really get the man of her dreams?

The rooms faced the Las Vegas Boulevard (a.k.a. “The Strip”) to the west and in the morning were illuminated with diffuse light from the sun, which was on the other side of the condo. While she doubted that anyone could see in, there was a certain perverse thrill to being nude for all the world to see.

It only took a minute to find the coffee in the Sub-Zero freezer, and Larry had a commercial Bunn coffee maker. No wimpy Keurig for him, he was a man all the way. Carefully folding the kitchen towel such that it was nice and square, Sherry lined it up with the edge of the sink.

She’d quickly learned that there were only a few things Larry was really anal about, and the kitchen topped the list along with the appearance of his arm candy. There were a couple of wine glasses from last night, and she washed, dried, and then put them away, making sure that the glasses were correctly lined up in a perfect row with the other glasses.

Taking a damp towel, she wiped off the table in the breakfast nook. Getting two coffee cups out of the cabinet, she placed them on the table alongside napkins. There! She said to herself as she surveyed the room. All shipshape. Now comes the hard part!

Larry walked into the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his waist as he buffed his hair dry with another towel.

“Hey, no clothes at the kitchen table,” Sherry said with a laugh as she pulled the coffee pot out of the maker.

Chuckling, Larry pulled his towel off and laid it across the back of a chair after folding it. Then added his other towel on top.

Sherry’s eyes dilated as she watched his magnificent cock spring free. While not fully erect, it had to be at least seven-inches and hung down his left leg. She could feel her Kegels automatically tighten as she remembered last night when he had fucked all five girls senseless.

Sherry stumbled for a second as her legs gave out, but faithful Larry easily caught her by the arm and guided her to a chair.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Sorry, but when I saw your dick, I remembered last night and how much fun we had. I kind of lost it for a moment.”

“I didn’t ignore you too much, did I?” Larry asked, and Sherry could hear the concern in his voice.

“No, not at all. If you’d paid any more attention to me, I would have had to call 9-1-1! I hate to admit this as it makes me as sick as your friend Jack, but I love to watch!”

Larry laughed as he took a sip of coffee, “Yeah, Jack is a trip all right.”

“I really like your new girlfriend, Delphine, except for her weird name. For a new girl, she’s a fast learner. I don’t know how well she sucks dick, but she eats pussy like a champ!” Sherry giggled.

“She gives really good head, and it’s nice to see a girl who enjoys giving head and not just going through the motions,” Larry confirmed.

“You know that I love having you in my throat? Don’t you?” Sherry asked as she leaned across the table to kiss him.

“I’m well aware of that, and you have amazing oral skills.”

“You can thank your wife and Chrissy for a lot of my training,” Sherry said with a smile. “Those two college girls weren’t too bad either, from what I could see. Where’d you pick them up?”

“They are valets at The Fox’s Den and have been begging me to take them to a swinger’s party.”

“Aren’t they a little young to be swingers?”

“That’s what I tried to tell them, but apparently they’ve dove into the deep end without any problems and are now full-fledged unicorns.”

“We’ve never really talked about it much but what age bracket are swingers typically?”

Larry thought for a second before replying, “Probably the biggest majority are between thirty and forty. Boredom usually starts after about five to ten years of marriage.”

Laughing Sherry replied, “I can’t see you and Foxy being bored with sex.”

“True, true,” Larry said. “Our sex life has always been great, but you know the old saying about the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Plus, even before we got into the Lifestyle, there was a parade of housewives in my life.”

“You cad!” Sherry said as she smiled and poked his arm with her finger. “And Foxy was okay with a swinging bedroom door? You really were doing a lot of guy’s homework?”

“There were generally two or three women that I took care of on a regular basis. They were all married and just wanted to come by and get laid. Foxy and I didn’t have sex for about six months after we started dating. I quickly realized that she was the one and didn’t want to do anything and possibly screw it up. Foxy later told me that she knew about the girls but said that since she wasn’t giving me any, she liked having them around to satisfy me.”

“What do you think of Delphine? She has a fabulous body, store-bought but extremely nice.”

“I know Sherry. A good friend of mine is a plastic surgeon, and I’ve been schooled in picking up the clues of bodywork.”

“Are you okay with my upgrades?”

“Sherry, just because I know someone has had a boob job or some other touch up doesn’t mean that I think any less of them and I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned anyone’s improvements. I try to look deeper than the outside of a girl’s tits.”

Sherry laughed and pushed her boobs out, saying, “Are my tits okay?”

“Your tits are perfect,” Larry replied as he reached over to cup her boob and gently trace around the areola with his finger. He watched as her eyes slowly closed from the sensation and a shiver ran through her body.

“Larry we’re getting off track, and there is something I need to discuss with you,” Sherry said seriously.

“Sounds serious, what is it?”

“Foxy called me this morning and wanted me to give you a message. There’s no way to put this easily, but Foxy went to California and is staying with Delphine’s husband, Russell.”

“What! That doesn’t make any sense to me? Is this more than a weekend fling?”

“Take a breath Larry and let’s hope that this is a momentary lapse in judgment, but she’s worried about how you’ll take this.”

“Exactly what did she say as close to word-for-word as you can remember.”

“She said she met a guy last night, Del’s husband I assume, and has feelings for him. She’s gone to LA while she works out her feelings but it could conceivably be permanent. She also said that you could keep Del and asked that I take care of you.”

“So I get two for the price of one, and that’s supposed to make me happy?” Larry barked.

“Larry, I’m struggling to deal with this myself, and she’s put me in an awkward position also.”

“Why does this affect you?” Larry asked.

“You must realize that I have feelings for you and if Foxy left you, it would possibly open doors for me. But please believe me that’s not what I want at least in the short term. Knowing you and Foxy has been some of the happiest times of my life, and I’d be happy if nothing changed.”

Sherry leaned over and kissed Larry deeply. She felt bad for him but still couldn’t ignore the possibility that Larry might be back on the market. She wasn’t sure if her television career could survive being married to someone who owned a strip club, but the upside might be worth it.

She knew that she had to proceed carefully as Larry was not just some country bumpkin and would realize that he was being played. Larry never boasted or outwardly pushed his weight around. However, she was well aware that he could wield a big stick and she didn’t want to be on his bad side.

Sherry got up and sat in Larry’s lap, with her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tightly. She lay her head on his shoulder and kissed his neck. They sat there quietly without talking. Sherry tried not to make this sexual except for the obvious fact that they were both naked as she tried to ignore Larry’s cock, which was pressed against her behind.

“Have you two lovebirds abandoned the rest of us?” they heard as Delphine walked into the kitchen with her cell phone in her hand.

Sherry smiled at Del and replied, “Not at all, Larry and I were just talking and having coffee. Why don’t you join us?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Del said as she opened the kitchen cabinet to get a cup. Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she joined them at the table.

Holding her iPhone up, she asked, “Larry, have you heard from your wife?”

“No, but Sherry talked to her. Why?”

“Are you aware that your wife has run off with my husband?”

Larry searched Del’s face for clues on what her feelings were about this turn of events. She didn’t seem mad but more confused if anything.

“Sherry was just telling me about this, and I’m just as shocked as you probably are. Swinging is not supposed to be about divorce and breaking up marriages. What did Russell tell you?”

“He said that I should stay with you while he works out some issues. He hopes that you are not mad at him because I think he’s a little afraid of you.”

Sherry added, “He should be because Larry is not someone you want on your bad side.”

“Tell him not to worry,” Larry said. “Unless I find out that he did something he shouldn’t, then he might find out what it’s like to dig his own grave in the middle of the desert!”

Sherry recoiled at the statement. Would Larry actually kill someone that crossed him? The way he said it in a flat tone without emotion confirmed that he would quash Russell like a bug if he hurt Foxy.

Del saved her from having to ask the question, “Are you kidding Larry?”

The look that crossed his face and quickly disappeared made a cold chill pass through Del. Pat and Nina had told her that Larry didn’t take any bullshit and the dark expression on his face showed it.

“Lighten up guys, let’s hope that Foxy comes to her senses quickly and sends Russell back to his wife. But in the meantime, let’s make hay while the sun shines,” Sherry said as she got up and sat in Del’s lap. Putting down her coffee, she held Delphine’s head in both hands and started kissing her. Working her way from the beautiful blonde’s eyes, Sherry moved down until her tongue was deep inside Del’s mouth.

Delphine’s talented fingers quickly found Sherry’s boobs and started to massage them. Softly at first, then harder as both girls responded to their kiss. Del hadn’t brushed her teeth yet, and Sherry could still taste left over cum and pussy juice on her tongue.

“God, your tits feel good against mine,” Del said as she rubbed her erect nipples against Sherry’s hard nips. Sherry chewed on Del’s earlobe for a second and then whispered into her ear, “Ease up on the comments about Russ and Foxy!”

Sherry could feel Delphine nod in response, and while she was pissed beyond belief at her husband, she didn’t want to see him in an unmarked grave in the desert.

Giving Sherry a final kiss, Del announced, “How about let’s go to the bedroom and wake up those three sleepyheads and have them satisfy us?”

Larry was staring off in the distance and missed the look between Sherry and Delphine as they conspired to take his mind off his errant wife.

“Come, Larry, we need to be fucked!” both girls said in unison as they grabbed his hands to lead him back to the bedroom.


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  1. lisabetsarai says:

    “Larry had a commercial Bunn coffee maker. No wimpy Keurig for him, he was a man all the way.”


    This is really good, though. It flows! Can’t wait to read the final book.

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  2. LarryArcher says:

    Thanks for the kind words.


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