Amazon Didn't Like My Cover!

the_watchers_cover-amazon200x300My latest book, The Watchers, had a cover that was apparently too risque for Amazon’s taste and got the book thrown under the bus. If you are a writer of erotica, then you’ve probably ran across this problem.

I really thought the cover would pass Amazon’s muster but apparently not. I’ve put both covers up for your opinions. The new one is at the upper left of this post and the original further down.

It’s bad with Amazon as they give you no reasons for placing you in the Adult Dungeon and never tell you when they do it. You have to continually check your books rating to be sure that they are marked as “Safe” and not “Adult.”

When a book is marked Adult, it is excluded from searches and unless you know the exact title, almost impossible to locate.

As an author of erotica, I try to create a book cover that will catch the reader’s eye so hopefully they will spend their hard earned money on my smut. The solution to this would be simple if Amazon just implemented a safe search like many other publishing houses.

In fact most search engines have a switch that hides adult material from those who do not wish to view it and that’s fine but for those of us who enjoy reading adult material, don’t make it so hard on us!

The Watchers is still for sale and hopefully will be reevaluated as safe for the general audience. To purchase it go here on Amazon:

For other electronic formats visit SmashWords:

If you don’t have a preference where you purchase from, grab the story from KinkyLiterature by clicking this link. They are great people and deserve your support.

the_watchers_cover_200x300This is the cover that I think got the story ranked as Adult. I’m assuming the spread eagle legs is what dinged me but she is wearing underwear.

Wish me luck and hopefully the censors at Amazon will take pity on me!

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1 Response to Amazon Didn't Like My Cover!

  1. UPDATE: I am out of Amazon Purgatory! Just got an email that they’ve pulled the Adult ranking on my story and it is now back in the general population.


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