We're Movie Stars – Well sort of.

new-orleans-resturant200x355Wifey and I were extras in a New Orleans themed movie. Our job, as it were, was to be diners at a fancy Bourbon Street restaurant.

While standing around waiting for shooting to begin, I notice my sweet innocent wife over in the corner with some short bearded guy, wearing a white linen suit, hat, and a cane, who was sucking her tits, while the publicity photographer was banging away.

Of course it didn’t help that my wife was wearing a dress open to the waist and she never wears a bra.

I can’t leave her alone for a minute before she gets into trouble! At least she got a $100 bill for working above and beyond the call of an extra. I’m just glad there wasn’t a couch available. 🙂

At least the photographer gave me a copy of all the shots he had taken. Sorry I can’t share the really good ones!

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6 Responses to We're Movie Stars – Well sort of.

  1. Dawn D says:

    Hahaha! I love your humour!
    Good for you for being in a movie, and good for her for going above and beyond 😉

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  2. Yeah, she’s such a prick teaser. Her nick name is “Instigator” as she gets shit started and then disappears in the distance.


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