Happy Halloween from Larry Archer

Once again, it’s Halloween boys and girls. After the youngsters are safely tucked away in a sugar-induced coma, it’s time for the older boys and girls to go out and play.

Hopefully one of your group has volunteered to stay sober and somewhat sane, otherwise, call Uber or Lyft for a ride. We’ll be down on the Las Vegas Strip partying and people watching.

The nice thing about being on the Strip is people watching, and the show is often better than the ones you have to pay for.

Be careful and have fun! I realize that those two are mutually exclusive but try to make it home alive as some people have to work in the morning.


One of the really neat things about swingers is that they have the best costumes and Halloween is when the best ones come out. Hopefully, you have a great party to attend but above all be safe and respect others.

A House Party is what we call our parties and so if you get an invitation to a house party, dress sexy and plan to have a good time.

If you have to stay home, grab one of my erotic stories and have your wife/hubby/significant other read it to you, while you abuse yourself.

For more on my erotic stories, go to the following link:


— Am Writing —

I’ve just published my latest story, Walk on the Wild Side, and its really hit the ground running. It’s a humorous yet erotic story about two co-workers who are ignored at home by their husbands and after giving up on attracting their attention, decide to look elsewhere.

On Craig’s List, the girls see an ad for a presentation on swinging at The Fox’s Den, the wildest strip club in Las Vegas. Intrigued, they attend the talk and find themselves caught up in the non-stop erotic happenings at The Den.

This 58,000 word novella is a nice read and stuffed full of non-stop HEA sexual action as only Larry Archer can portray it. You’ll enjoy following along as these two cheating housewives discover how much more fun playing Hide the Wiener is rather than serving beer at Monday Night Football.

For more on Walk on the Wild Side, click this link.

If you want to read a hot new BDSM story from Lisabet Sarai, Babes in Bondage, click this link. This is the 5th story in Lisabet’s FanFic series about her take on my characters at The Fox’s Den strip club.

She’s developed a series based upon my Foxy and Larry swinger series of stories and it’s been really interesting to see how she pictures the characters from my stories.

Her latest story, Babes in Bondage, is one of the best I’ve seen out of her perverted mind. I recommend that you give it a read. It’s non-stop kinky sex with a definite BDSM twist.

My upcoming story, House Party 2, is currently at about 50,000 words and hitting the final chapters. The prequel House Party, is an 85,000 word novel, which was released a few months ago.

In House Party, Foxy runs off with a Hollywood movie producer who makes dirty movies and becomes a hot porn star. In House Party 2, we’ll find out if she decides to come home and if she’ll be welcome if she tries.

X-Rated Excerpt from House Party 2

Following is a long excerpt from my upcoming House Party 2. I couldn’t figure out where to chop it off, so gave up and included the entire chapter.

This excerpt is straight from the work-in-progress and hasn’t had a final editing. There may be typo’s and so read it with a forgiving eye.

Larry’s current squeeze is a beautiful young television news reporter, who may not welcome Larry’s runaway bride with open arms. House Party 2 is a story with embedded stories to keep you entranced and you will have to read it to figure out if Foxy and Larry get back together and if so, what do they do with Sherry, Larry’s hot new blonde.

Larry had just finished scanning his emails when his manager Linda walked in and dumped a stack of reports on his desk with a loud thump.

Linda was a gorgeous creature, tall, lanky, and all leg with a dark bushy head of hair. She looked so much like his wife, people always asked if they were sisters or maybe even twins. In her early thirties, Linda had a fabulous set of breasts, which were maybe a C-cup but poked straight out like Foxy’s. He kept hoping that she would decide to get her nipples pierced like Foxy, but would never push her into any body modifications.

An ex-dancer, Linda assumed she’d be laid off when Larry bought the club. Thirty is a typical retirement age for an exotic dancer as most guys wanted eighteen-year-olds with an empty head and overstuffed boobs. Linda was neither with smaller yet perfect tits and currently working on her degree in business administration at UNLV, courtesy of Larry.

She had been thankful and relieved when Larry offered her the position as General Manager. He always told himself that it was one of the best decisions he’d ever made. Linda was a hard worker, and he never had to worry about the club with her around. Well, and besides the fact, she was a great fuck and both he and his wife spent a lot of time in the rack with her.

“Larry, I don’t know why you torture yourself with reviewing the monthly reports? Don’t you trust our bookkeeper?” She asked as she leaned over and kissed him firmly on the mouth. Her hungry tongue slipped inside and offered him more pleasant things than financial reports, to think about.

“I know, I know,” he responded. “But you know how anal I am and need to be sure everything is going okay. There is so much money that passes through this joint; I don’t want it to start sticking to anyone’s fingers.”

“Speaking of sticky fingers, when is that runaway bride of your’s coming home?”

“Dammed if I know Linda,” Larry muttered. “That woman is going to drive me crazy, and I keep thinking she’ll get this wild streak out of her system.”

“You’re still having people watch her, aren’t you?” Linda asked.

“That’s supposed to be a secret. You weren’t to about know about that.”

“I know, but I’m not going to rat you out, and I think it’s so sweet of you to keep a loose tail about on her without prying into her business.”

“She’s still the love of my life, and I don’t know what I’d do without her,” Larry said as he looked up to Linda. She could see the shinning in his eyes and knew it was time to change the subject.

“There are a couple of UNLV students that are coming by this afternoon to interview for jobs as dancers. They both look pretty hot, especially the tall one, who I’m guessing is going to push your buttons.”

“That sounds nice, and I’m looking forward to getting them on the casting couch!” Larry said with a laugh.

“You’re a trip, and you know that you’d never get laid without one of us girls helping you out. You should be more aggressive and try to live up to your tough guy studly image!” Linda said over her shoulder as she sashayed out the door with her ass swaying under the short jean miniskirt.

Laughing to himself, Larry spun the reports around such that they were right side up and took a final sip of coffee before diving in. The girls were always kidding him that he missed half the pussy offered him because of his easy-going ways.

Looking at the Charitable Donations section, Larry was surprised at how much they were giving to local religious and charity organizations. He had made a deal with the Monsignor and was beginning to believe that he’d really made a deal with the devil instead of the head priest of Las Vegas.

He had first met the Monsignor at the Annual Mayor’s Charity Ball when Larry was presented with an award for all his charitable deeds. It was the most embarrassing thing he’d ever done, getting up on stage to accept an award.

Larry didn’t normally have a problem speaking to an audience, but this was thousands of people and also on television. He didn’t have Foxy to bolster him, and while his girlfriend Sherry was perfectly comfortable in large crowds, he was a fish out of water without his wife.

The Monsignor of the Archdiocese of Las Vegas took him aside and asked for help with some unspoken problem. If that wasn’t bad enough, Rachel, the Sheriff’s wife had hit on him and basically was forcing him to have sex with her.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem as she was drop dead gorgeous and a MILF poster girl, like Jack’s wife Pam. He’d never had any compulsions against screwing a married woman, but this one was married to one of his best straight friends. Plus, the fact, that the Sheriff could make life miserable for him if he found out that Larry was diddling his wife.

She’d told him that she was planning on having an affair and if he wouldn’t fuck her, she’d find someone who would. Rachel flat out told him that it’d be better if he were helping the Sheriff with his homework rather than some stranger.

Rachel turned out to be insatiable, and she named herself Suzy Slut so that people would not know who she was when she was on the prowl.

Now besides banging his friend’s wife, he was talked into doubling down at the battered women’s shelter and Planned Parenthood by the head priest of Las Vegas. It turned out that the priest was a lot more liberal than he’d expected.

The club’s donations had virtually doubled, but at least it was tax deductible and was a chunk of money that he didn’t have to worry about hiding from the IRS.

There was also a darker side to the story about the Monsignor and the church which troubled him as he learned more about it. He’d always thought that the Catholic Mafia was a myth but was now starting to put more faith into the story.

Larry made a note to himself to ask Jack, his security manager, to look into the Monsignor’s background and gather more information. There must be more to the church than meets the eye, and he never liked being in the dark about things.

Just then, the phone rang, and one of the doormen said there was some MILF hottie named Suzy that wanted to come back and talk to him. Larry said to send her back, and then he stacked up the reports and put them neatly on a corner of the desk.

Larry heard a knock at the door and looked up as Rachel gave him a big smile as she was closing the office door behind her. As she walked in, he knew that this wasn’t the Sheriff’s mild-mannered wife but Suzy Slut, for sure.

Suzy had her short blonde hair spiked out and was wearing a short red wrap dress, which was mostly undone and open almost to her navel. To top it off, she had on red sky-high stripper shoes.

“You know, Suzy. If the Sheriff saw you dressed like that, he’d probably arrest you on the spot for probable cause,” Larry told her with a laugh.

Pulling the cord loose that was holding the dress together, she just smiled at him and put both hands on her hips, pulling her dress completely open. He noted that she’d forgotten to put on underwear, once again.

Like his wife, Rachel had gone through laser treatments and was bald as a baby’s butt. He loved that about Foxy as she never had to shave. She always said that she didn’t want any of her girlfriends to get hair in their mouth.

Walking around the desk, she pushed Larry’s chair back and sat in his lap straddling him. She rubbed her hard nipples on his face and let him suck them for a minute, while she ran her fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head.

He could feel the need in her hot lips as they kissed and she fucked him with her tongue. His hands automatically caressed both of her boobs and tweaked her nipples. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her firm butt as she squirmed on his lap.

“I’ve missed you and your big hard dick,” she moaned into his ear as she chewed on his earlobe. “Why don’t you fuck me more often?”

“I’m afraid that your husband might notice,” Larry chuckled.

“He’s so busy with work that he never has time to take care of my needs. Besides, if I give him any more pussy, he’ll be afraid to come home!”

“Rachel, we’ve talked about this before. I love fucking you, but my conscience still bothers me about banging a good friend’s wife.”

“If you don’t fuck me then I’m sure that I can find someone who will!” Rachel said, and she bit his earlobe for emphasis.

“Ow! Okay, okay, I’ll try to do better,” Larry conceded.

“That’s better,” she said as her wet tongue drove deep into his ear. “Now, it’s time for you to start getting caught up with your chores!”

Rachel slid down off his lap and crawfished back under his desk. Grabbing him by the legs, she pulled his chair back into position. He could hear her giggling as she pulled down his zipper and carefully extracted his hard cock.

“Go back to work, I’ll take care of myself,” he heard from underneath his desk as her warm lips wrapped around his cock. Larry closed his eyes as he felt his dick being sucked into that warm morass of her mouth. She flicked at the head with her tongue and used it as a guide to tell his rod where to go.

He tried to focus on the reports, but Suzy was bobbing up and down on his cock while massaging his balls with her hand. Damn, her blow job skills have improved over the last few weeks they’ve been together.

His dick eased out of her mouth so that she could kiss it and lick around the head. Running the tip of her tongue under the helmet made his toes curl. Before she swallowed it again, Rachel instructed, “Hold off as long as you can. Make me work for your sweet cum!”

His hands were shaking as he picked up the report. There was not even a hint of teeth as his dick went easily into her hot velvet tunnel until her lips were closed around the root. He could feel her choking, and the sensations from her throat muscles trying to eject the object blocking her airway were almost impossible to resist.

He could feel her jerking as she held onto his thighs and forced her mouth against his abdomen. There was a deep moan from under the desk as she collapsed on his leg. He could feel her panting breath on his dick as her tremors slowly decreased.

“I’m getting more like your wife. Now, I can orgasm while sucking dick. Did you like it?”

Running his hand through her short blonde hair, he said, “That was fantastic!”

Giggling, she responded, “No more fooling around. I want you to give me what I came for. I need to buy some mini dresses to show off for you and time is being wasted with all this talking!”

As Larry’s cock easily went back into her throat, he looked up to see Rachel’s husband at the office doorway.

“Oh! Hello Doug. What brings you to my den of iniquity?” Larry asked as he tried to ignore Doug’s wife’s hungry lips as she continued to service him. He could tell that she was enjoying his embarrassment and was trying to torture him.

“Larry, do you have a minute? I need to talk to you about something?” Doug, the Sheriff, asked with a concerned look on his face. “I hope you don’t mind, but I asked Linda to have someone entertain my driver as we need to talk in private.”

Larry could feel Doug’s wife hesitate as she stopped sucking Larry’s cock to listen. “Sure, grab a chair and sit down.”

The Sheriff sat down and took a second to adjust all the crap cops carry on their Sam Browne belt. He turned the volume down on his walkie talkie to blank out the continuous drone of the dispatcher. Depending on his duties, the Sheriff would switch between a suit and his duty uniform, so today it was obviously serious.

Looking Larry straight in the face, Doug simply stated, “It’s about my wife.”

“Rachel?” He asked as he bit his tongue to stop from asking, “Or Suzy Slut?”

“Unlike you, it’s the only one I’ve got.”

“At least your wife is at home,” Larry responded.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to bring up bad thoughts. I understood that Sherry has moved in and is taking care of you.”

“True, but she’s a substitute and not a replacement,” Larry said.

Larry felt the head of his dick bury itself in Rachel’s throat as she resumed cock sucking with a vengeance. It was all he could do not to moan.

After a moments silence, Larry asked, “Trouble at home?”

“Actually, just the opposite, my sex life is ten times better than it was on our honeymoon.”

“Maybe this is a dumb question, but if you’re getting laid on a regular basis, what’s the problem?”

“Let me ask you a question, have you ever had a blow job with your cereal in the morning? That’s probably a dumb question, knowing you, I’m sure you have!”

“So, you’re getting a bowl of cereal and sucked off for breakfast?” Larry asked laughing and then grimaced as Rachel bit his dick.

“It’s not funny, Larry, I’m exhausted,” Doug said. “I don’t know what’s come over my wife as here lately she’s insatiable. I don’t know how you do it?”

“Maybe you should find her a boyfriend,” Larry replied with a laugh.

“I’ve been thinking the same thing. Am I sick? Do some guys allow their wives to have sex with other men?”

Larry thought for a second and then replied, “Honestly, Doug, you’d be surprised at the number of men who like to watch their wives with another man.”

“We’ve never really talked about this subject, but you and Foxy are swingers. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, we’re in the Lifestyle but not hard-core. Are you interested in trying it?”

“On one hand, I’d say yes, but unlike you politically it would be a touchy subject.”

“Do you think Rachel would go for it?”

“A month ago, I’d have said I’d be crazy to suggest it, but now I’m not so sure. This is kind of embarrassing to ask but does Foxy like to talk dirty during sex?”

Larry burst out laughing at the thought as the Sheriff’s wife continued to take his hard dick down her throat while trying not to gag out loud.”

“Sorry Doug, but that is so funny that you should ask. Yes, my wife loves to talk dirty and fantasize about sexual situations as I’m banging her!”

“The other night, I came home from work, and she was naked, kneeling on the couch with her butt facing me and said ‘Larry, stick your big cock in me! Pick whichever hole you’d like,’ and Lord help me, I dropped my pants and shuffled over and stuck my dick in her.”

“Which hole did you pick?” Larry asked with a chuckle.

“I told myself that it was you fucking her rather than me, so I made the obvious choice.”

“How was it?”

“Unbelievable is the closest answer I’d have. We’ve never had anal sex before, and Rachel has mentioned it a couple of times, but I always thought that it was dirty!”

“I love to butt fuck a girl,” Larry answered honestly. “Foxy loves to take it up the ass.”

“But does Foxy suck your dick afterward? I only lasted about a minute or so, and she surprised me by spinning around to swallow my dirty cock.”

“Foxy loves to suck cock after sex, irrespective of where the dick has been.” Then after a moment’s hesitation, “Did it bother you that she called you Larry?”

“No, I knew that she was just fantasizing about you fucking her. She’s told me before that she’d love to have a threesome with you and Foxy. The idea is kind of interesting, though.”

“Don’t let it bother you, a lot of guys, myself included, enjoy watching their wives have sex with other people.”

“This is why I stopped by this morning, I think my wife is having an affair?”

Suzy suddenly stopped sucking Larry’s cock as she listened.

“An affair, why do you think that?”

“Well for one thing, why is she suddenly interested in non-stop sex and dressing like a slut all the time?”

“Do you mind her new dress style?”

“Actually no, she looks so hot all the time now. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was looking at your wife rather than mine. She gave up her bra and doesn’t wear underwear most of the time. The thongs she wears are not much better than going commando.”

“Foxy never wears a bra and often no panties either, Doug,” Larry confirmed. “You realize that she still loves you, don’t you?”

“I’m starting to realize that more each day, even as she becomes a bigger slut by the hour,” Doug said with a laugh. Then he paused and said, “Would you do me a favor?”

“Of course, just name it?”

“I’ve decided to take my wife up on her suggestions that I take my secretary out for drinks and I need someone to look after Rachel.”

“You could just hang your tie on the doorknob,” Larry responded with a chuckle as he thought about college days and shooing off your roommate.

“Larry, I’m trying to be serious here, and you don’t know how hard this is to ask you. Bluntly, would you take my wife and keep her for the weekend? That is assuming she wants to, but I already know that answer.”

“I’d love to have your beautiful and sexy wife for the weekend. But I don’t want it to screw up our friendship?”

“Larry, I’ve come to the realization that my wife has needs that I can’t fully satisfy and watching you deal with your wife, has convinced me that you’re the right man for the job. Plus, you’re one of the few people I trust with Rachel,” the Sheriff responded honestly as he reached across the desk to shake Larry’s hand.

Maybe it was the realization that Doug was giving him permission to screw his wife that caused Larry to release into Rachel’s mouth. The first blast of his cum was so strong it actually hurt as it sprayed into her mouth.

He could hear her moan under his desk as his balls reloaded and shot another huge blast of cum into her hungry mouth. He thought he could hear her sloppy pussy as she frantically finger fucked herself while sucking all of the cream out of his cock.

Larry could feel Suzy’s orgasm as her body jerked in between his legs, and the pauses when she couldn’t focus on two things at once. His dick slid out of her mouth as she lay her cheek on his thigh and panted loudly. Hopefully, Doug couldn’t hear his wife from under Larry’s desk as she kissed his cock and started to lick it clean.

Doug broke into his blank state of mind as the last of his spunk was vacuumed out of his dick by repeating, “Larry, you’ll do it won’t you? I really need your help to make sure my wife doesn’t do something stupid like your wife!”

He could feel her teeth raking lightly along his shaft as he tried to find the start button on his brain. Taking a deep breath, “I’ll be glad to take Suzy, I mean Rachel off your hands for the weekend.”

Mentally kicking himself for accidentally using Rachel’s alter ego, Larry was further reminded of his faux pas as Suzy nipped at his cock. I need to be more careful what I say when I’ve got my dick in some girl’s mouth!

Doug didn’t seem to notice Larry’s slip of his tongue as he was still processing the fact, he’d just asked a friend to fuck his wife and keep her naked in bed all weekend.

After a pregnant pause, Doug stood up and shook Larry’s hand one last time, “I better get out of your hair as I know you’ve got a lot of things to do. Here’s Rachel’s cell phone number and don’t tell her we’ve had this conversation, okay? Ask her out for a drink, and I know she’ll be thrilled. I’m going to tell her that we have something that’ll keep me tied up all weekend so the coast will be clear for the two of you. Take some pictures and video, so I know that she’s having a good time?”

“I’ll take good care of Rachel,” Larry replied as they shook. “I’ll make sure she’s good!”

Watching the Sheriff walk out of his office, Larry waited a second and then said, “It’s okay, he’s gone.”

Pushing his chair back, Suzy crawled out from under his desk. He noticed with satisfaction that her lips were still coated with cum and a stream of spunk had run out the corner of her mouth and ran down her cheek.

“You and my husband are assholes!” she barked at him. “What kind of guy pimps out his wife to a big-dicked buddy so he can fuck her slutty hole, while her husband is nailing his secretary?” The whole time, she had a big smirk on her face as she wiped the cum off her cheek and then stuck the finger in her mouth.

Larry started to tell Suzy that it wasn’t politically correct to call her a secretary instead of an administrative assistant but opted to keep his mouth shut.

After a moment’s contemplation, Suzy added, “What I ought to do is cut both you and my husband off as that would serve you both right. But, that may be a little extreme, how about I cut Doug off as I’m not sure I can give up your cock?”

Hopping up in a motion that would make a stripper proud, Suzy took her hand and swept all of the financial reports off his desk and onto the floor. She laid across his desk face down and flipped her skirt up to expose her beautiful ass.

She held onto the other side of the desk with both hands. Looking over her shoulder at Larry, she pleaded, “Do your duty and fuck your friend’s cheating wife! I want your dick in me before my husband has time to walk out the front door. You know which hole I want to be filled and just ram it in! Make it hurt and prove to me what a cum crazy slut I really am!”

After giving him orders, she lay her cheek on the desk and closed her eyes. She had already sucked him back to a raging hard-on, and he stepped up behind her. Holding his cock, he rubbed the head against her puckered backdoor.

“Fuck me, asshole!” she screamed and pushed back against his cock.
The head of his dick slid easily into her tight orifice as she yelled, “Oh, God! That’s what I need! Every inch, Larry! I want to feel your balls slap against my cunt! Make it hurt and split me open!”

Grabbing Suzy by the waist, he brutally drove his cock deep into her ass as she screamed incoherently. Larry could feel the muscles in her anal passage contract and squeeze his dick rhythmically as she climaxed during his first stroke.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she shouted while pushing back to ensure he was buried in her tight rear hole. “Fuck me, asshole! Fuck my cheating ass!”

They had made anal sex a normal part of their lovemaking but this time was different. He was using her and started to pound as hard as he could. He could feel his balls tightening up and knew that he wasn’t going to last long.

“Butt fuck me, Larry!” she ordered as he watched her body start to jerk with her next orgasm. He tried to hold out as long as he could, but it was impossible to wait.

“I’m coming!” he bellowed as the first hard rope of cream exploded out of his cock into her hungry hole. He could feel Suzy’s ass squeezing his cock as she milked the load out of him. He tried to keep pounding her as long as he could, but two climaxes in a row were both unusual and draining. As Larry felt the jerking of her body start to ease up, he gave her a couple of hard thrusts and lay down on her back, while he finished pumping her full of his love juice.

Suzy could feel the white-hot spunk filling her rear passage as the lightning began to flash behind her eyelids. She could feel her body automatically reacting to his long dick, deep in her colon as her next climax slammed into her like a runaway train.

It was a good thing that she was lying across Larry’s desk as her legs completely gave out and turned to rubber. Suzy tried to stay with it and fully enjoy the sensations emanating from her recently virginal anal passage. It felt like Larry’s cock was deep in her brain or at least in the middle of her stomach as it throbbed and twitched.

The desk was cold on her cheek and nipples as the tremors continued to travel through her body and a calm settled on her body. Suzy was feeling this more and more, every time Larry fucked her.

Funny how before she would never have used that filthy four-letter word but now it seemed to easily slip from her lips. Fuck, she said to herself as she felt his cock slowly easing out of her well-used hole. Suzy Slut takes it up the ass once again, she thought with a chuckle.

So many things have happened over the last few weeks, she thought as the flood of memories started flashing across her mind. It seemed as if every time Larry fucked her, it evoked a non-stop stream of emotions, which always seemed to be locked in fast forward.

There was a sudden emptiness as the head of Larry’s big dick popped out of her ass. When he disconnected, she melted onto his desk into a pile of satisfied goo. “Thank you, Larry, I needed that more than you’ll ever know,” she said with a satisfied look on her face. “The only thing that would make this better would be to have your wife cleaning the cream out of my ass with her fingers, while I licked her bald pussy!”

Larry lay on her back and softly kissed the nape of her neck, and the warmth of his body felt so comfortable and made her feel secure. She knew that no matter what, Larry would never let anything bad happen to her. She could tell that he was holding himself up with his arms so that she didn’t have to carry his entire weight and only pressed against her with enough force to make them as one.

“I love you, Larry,” she said as the slight stubble from his beard scratched her sensitive neck when he kissed her earlobe. She could feel his softened cock against her thigh, and a little cum was running out onto her inner leg. Suzy smiled to herself as Larry made her so complete and at peace with the world.

“I love you too, Suzy,” Larry said in response. He knew that Suzy loved him but not in the way she loved her husband. They had a special bond forged out of sex and need, not from actual love.

“Bravo!” They heard, and Larry looked up to see Linda clapping from the office door as she held her phone, obviously videoing the whole scene.

“Fuck you, Linda!” Suzy said with a smile on her face. “You’re just jealous.”

Linda burst out laughing as she continued to film the two naked sweaty bodies entwined on top of the desk, with papers strewn across the floor. “I should ask how it was but from all the grunting and screaming, I’d guess pretty good!”

“Tell me that you haven’t been in this same spot yourself?” Suzy said as she struggled to roll over on her back while pushing Larry off of her.

Walking into the room, Linda said, “Well, that position does look pretty familiar.”
Suzy gave up trying to roll over and just lay face down on the desk. She was too relaxed to do anything else. She reached across and ran her fingers across Larry’s chest as he tried to slow his breathing. Suzy took her fingertip and traced around his nipple as she could already feel her body responding to his hard body.

“Lord, what a gaper!” Linda said as she zoomed in for a close-up shot of Suzy’s open asshole. It was open in a perfect circle but was slowly closing back up.

Linda took her finger and traced around the sensitive edge of her open ass, making Suzy’s body jerk in reaction. “You’re wide open! I bet I could get three fingers in your ass before you ever felt a thing.”

Scooting over, Suzy lay her head on Larry’s stomach and watched his cock waving at her. It was still hard to believe that his dick never seemed to go down. It would get a little softer after he shot off, but even limp was larger than her husband’s full erection.

She watched as the last of his cum oozed out of his cock head to slowly run down the shaft. Taking her finger, Suzy traced patterns in his sperm and tried to write her initials on the head of his dick. She could feel her brain start to pound as she licked her lips, while the waving love tool drew her like a cobra to a flute.

His dick was so dirty and nasty, but she couldn’t resist and knew how good it would taste. Suzy didn’t think Linda would think bad of her as she slowly scooted down until she could bend his cock and kiss the head.

As her lips touched the helmet, Suzy’s entire body shuddered with the taste and the acceptance of being Larry’s nasty cum slut. And if the truth were known, his ass slut also. As the head of his dick entered her warm mouth, she could feel her next climax heading towards her like a tidal wave crashing ashore at the beach.

The taste of her ass and his cock juice made the jerking in her legs increase to the point that the muscles in her stomach were rolling like a belly dancer. As she surrendered, Suzy was vaguely aware of Linda finger-fucking her open asshole. I wonder how many fingers she has in me? Was her semi-conscious thought.

It was impossible to cry out as the head of Larry’s cock was buried in her throat. All she could do was groan and then grunt as her orgasm flared and the fireworks exploded behind her eyelids as everything went white.

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  1. Happy Halloween to you! Hope you had fun!


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