The Heart of the Deal by Lisabet Sarai

Two Sides of the Same Coin – Guest blog post by Lisabet Sarai

I love writing stories of power exchange – BDSM, dominance and submission, whatever you want to call it. My work in this genre is strongly influenced by my personal experiences in a D/s relationship. That relationship, many years ago, transformed me, deeply influencing not only my sexuality but my entire life.

I can’t speak for others, but for me the essence of D/s had little to do with physical activities – spankings, bondage, and so on – and everything to do with emotion, connection and trust. Oh, my Master blindfolded me, tied me up, whipped me, dribbled hot wax on my skin, all those thrilling activities we love to read about in BDSM fiction. But what he did wasn’t nearly as important as why.

He craved my submission. He wanted to use me for his kinky experiments, for his pleasure and mine. I gave him the gift of my surrender. I offered myself to him, body and spirit. I wanted him to challenge me, to push me beyond my limits, to take me places I could hardly imagine. We had an intimate contract based on trust and mutually complementary fantasies.

I’d never known such intense excitement, or such deep and enduring satisfaction.

One thing I learned from that relationship is that dominance and submission are two sides of the same coin. A skilled Dom understands at the gut level what the sub is experiencing. And a submissive can only give herself (or himself) fully if she can intuit what her Master wants.

In fact, people who end up as “tops” in the BDSM lifestyle quite often spend some time in the submissive role first. Likewise, depending on the partner, a normally submissive person can switch and act as the dominant. Even my Master admitted that he had fantasies of bottoming to a powerful woman. Meanwhile, I have frequent dreams in which I’m the Mistress commanding the obedience of a younger female.

In The Heart of the Deal, I explore the paradoxical duality of power exchange. Ruby and Rick are both extremely dominant characters. Yet both yearn for the freedom to let go, to surrender to a powerful top who will open them to the parts of themselves they keep hidden. This isn’t really a common theme in BDSM erotica/romance. However, based on personal experience, I’d say that it adds a realistic complexity to what has become a rather stereotyped genre.

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About Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai became addicted to words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – nearly one hundred titles, and counting, in nearly every sub-genre—paranormal, scifi, ménage, BDSM, GLBT, and more. Regardless of the genre, every one of her stories illustrates her motto: Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You’ll find information and excerpts from all Lisabet’s books on her website (, along with more than fifty free stories and lots more. At her blog Beyond Romance (, she shares her philosophy and her news and hosts lots of other great authors. She’s also on Goodreads and finally, on Twitter.

X – Rated Excerpt

We are in a taxi now, in the semi-private darkness, and his hands are all over me. I don’t worry about the driver. What is there that a London cabbie has not seen? I teeter between enjoyment and terror. Oh, I want this stranger, but surely, it must be on my terms.

He brings my hand down between his thighs, and I feel triumph. Finally, he is erect, he wants me. He unzips his trousers and releases his cock. “I’d like you to suck me,” he says. There is a trace of irony in his voice. “Assuming that you are feeling generous, of course.”

I hate him, his overwhelming sensuality, his casual superiority. Normally, I will not perform fellatio. I find it degrading and subservient. But his engorged penis gleams in the transient street light, infinitely attractive. Saliva gathers in my mouth at the prospect. I am actually hungry to swallow his rod.

He is watching me as the passing lights first illumine me, then throw me into shadow. He feels my hesitation. “Go on,” he says. “You know you want to.”

Recklessness and desire. This is only a one-night stand. I should follow my heart, body, whatever. I straddle him as he lies back on the bench seat, arrogantly thrusting my arse in his face. No kneeling before my master, not for me. His penis bobs in front of me, inviting, almost taunting.

I decide to taunt him in return. I begin with the lightest of touches, just a tease; the tip of my tongue on the sensitive knob. I am rewarded by a faint moan. His swollen member twitches, nearly hitting me in the face. Carefully, I trace the ridge below the bulb, delighting in the smoothness, and the tension underneath.

His cock strains toward me, seeming to beg for the warm depths of my mouth. But I continue to tease, licking, nipping, tracing the veined length of him with my tongue, but not letting him into me.

I feel his fingers between my legs, and realize that he has decided to tease me in retaliation. So be it. I am grateful for any touch there. The more I sample his cock with my tongue, the more I want to feel that swollen bulk deep in my sex. It is not the longest, nor the thickest, nor the hardest cock I have ever encountered. But like its owner, it practically glows with some kind of sexual energy. I can feel the vibrations when I bring my lips close to kiss the tip. Still, though, I resist the urge to engulf him, to feast on him until he cannot bear the pleasure. That is what he wants, I know, and for that, he will just have to wait.

“Come on, Ruby,” he says, his voice husky, persuasive. “Don’t be shy. I know that you’ve sucked cock before. Open up!”

It does not register; the fact that he knows my name. Hardly surprising, because at that moment I am impaled. Until now, the most delicate, fleeting caresses, making my body scream for more. Now, suddenly, there is something hard and smooth in my cunt, sliding in and out of my slippery cleft and bringing a scream to my lips, despite my determination to remain in control.

He takes advantage of my gaping mouth. As I gasp for breath, struggling to comprehend and control my reactions, his rigid penis slips between my lips. Silk over granite. Hot blood pulsing. A tremor takes me as he thrusts simultaneously, deep in my throat, deep in my sex. I am skewered on these two points of pleasure.

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Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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    It’s my pleasure. Good luck on sales.


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