Lisabet Sarai, An Uncensored Interview

BannerAdSmallLisabet Sarai and I have just co-released two stories written in the erotic world of Foxy and Larry’s The Fox’s Den strip club. She published Hot Brides in Vegas, and I released Nina, The Fallen Ballerina. For me, this has been a real hoot as it’s the first time I’ve ever collaborated with another author, especially one as talented as Lisabet.

We’ve just interviewed each other to determine what makes us tick and you can read Lisabet’s responses to my questions below. To check out my responses to Lisabet’s questions, click this link.

For the backstory on this meeting of minds, see the tail end of this post.

Following is Lisabet’s responses to my questions about Hot Brides in Vegas and Lisabet in general.

Larry: Why did you start writing erotica?

Lisabet: I’m an extremely verbal person. I’ve always used the written word to express myself, from my earliest years. I started writing stories around six years old, and poetry at seven. So it was natural that I’d channel my sexual yearnings into stories.

I got involved in my first (really only) D/s relationship in my mid-twenties. This had a huge impact on my sexual imagination. My Master assigned me a number of BDSM classics to read as “education.” My first erotic stories were fantasies I wrote to entertain him — and of course to turn myself on.

My journey toward publishing erotica began in 1999. I happened to pick up a Black Lace novel by Portia da Costa while I was traveling. I thought it was fantastic, really arousing, with a very diverse range of erotic scenarios. After I cooled down a bit, I thought, “I bet I could write something like that.” Almost as a lark, I wrote the first three chapters of Raw Silk, sent it off to Black Lace (by snail mail!), and forgot about it. Imagine my astonishment when I got an email a few weeks later offering me a contract!

Once I got bitten by the publishing bug, I couldn’t stop. It was such a heady experience sharing my most intimate fantasies with readers, I became quite addicted!

Larry: What are you like in real life? Are your stories taken from real life or your alter ego?

Lisabet: A lot of the scenarios in my stories come from my real life—a good number of decades ago! After being a shy nerd in high school and college, I blossomed into a sex goddess in graduate school and afterward. I had some amazing erotic adventures during that period.

Even after I met my husband (whose obvious interest in me I tried to discourage because I already had four lovers in my life at that time!), we continued our sexual experimentation. We had threesomes with several different close friends, visited sex clubs, went to a few swingers parties and became members of a local organization advocating open marriage. Our real interests leaned more toward polyamory than swinging, though. We discovered that’s was quite difficult to find another couple where the sexual and emotional dynamics were symmetric enough to support a longer-term connection.

Larry: Some of your stories include domination and/or BDSM. Do you consider yourself a Dom or sub, a switch-hitter, or simply a voyeur?

Lisabet: I am definitely a submissive. There’s nothing I find so erotic as surrendering to a powerful Master or Mistress (though I’ve only been dominated by women in my dreams). That doesn’t stop me writing from the perspective of a Dom, though. I feel that I understand both sides of the power exchange fairly well. It’s even possible that I could top in some circumstances, especially if my partner were a younger woman.

Larry: You’ve indicated an interest in Larry Archer’s world of swingers and strippers. What is it about the lifestyle that calls to you?

Lisabet: I love the “anything goes” atmosphere in your stories and the sense of fun. Sex can be serious, but it can also be playful. You really capture that vibe in your books. One of the things I have always enjoyed about visiting sex clubs is the sense that it’s okay to be checking other people out and lusting after them (whether you act on those impulses or not).

I also appreciate your female-focused fiction. It’s obvious that you really adore women, of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Unfortunately, many women have come to feel unsafe in the company of lustful men, rather than admired and desired. Furthermore, they can’t express their sexuality honestly, without the risk of becoming victims. Your world is a place where women have nothing to fear, where they can let their hair down and act slutty without anyone condemning (or attacking) them.

In addition, I’m a former belly dancer with lots of fantasies about being a stripper. When I lived in Bangkok in the eighties, I used to get up on stage to do bumps and grinds with the go-go dancers. (They loved it, and so did the audience!) So I really identify with your dancers. You can probably feel that in the performance scenes in Hot Brides.

Larry: I loved the way you immersed yourself in the story as your characters are not in the normal vein that you write in. Did this work out okay for you and did you enjoy playing in Foxy and Larry’s world?

Lisabet: I had a blast writing this story! It flowed really smoothly, too. Lately, I’ve been writing a lot of erotic romance. That’s okay; I’m good at that, and I definitely have a romantic side. However, that genre has a lot of rules. There are no rules at The Fox’s Den, other than respecting other people’s boundaries and having a good time!

Larry: After finishing with Hot Brides in Vegas, how do you feel the story played out and would you be interested in another collaborative effort. I know our first attempt ran off the rails as I couldn’t follow the script but was thinking if you wanted to try this again, how about a story where you are the girl, and I’m the guy or vice versa. We write alternate chapters from the male/female perspective?

Lisabet: I’m really proud of Hot Brides—and my husband liked it too… I think you and I catalyze each other’s imaginations. Definitely, I think we should continue to work on ideas together. Whether we can actually contribute alternating chapters to the same book—well, I don’t know. Our writing methods are pretty different.

I’d like to know whether your fans would be interested in that sort of collaboration, though. If there were a market, I’d be willing to try.

Well, boys and girls, you’ve heard it from my good friend and fellow smut peddler, Lisabet Sarai. While our two stories are not connected beyond the fact that they both have a common set of characters and involve the decadent world of Sin City and The Fox’s Den, I found it extremely interesting to see how another author pictured my characters.

Following is more information on Hot Brides in Vegas along with buy links and all importantly a link to Lisabet Sarai’s website so you can stay on top of her, so to speak!

HotBridesCover400x600Humorous, over the top erotica
Hot Brides in Vegas

Never underestimate the power of a horny bride.

Francesca Torelli’s tycoon father is throwing a lavish Las Vegas wedding for his only child. Her fiancé Jake and his buddies set out for a stag night, exploring the fleshpots of Sin City. Meanwhile, Fran and her bridesmaids Laura and Chantal are stuck at the resort under the watchful eye of her stern Aunt Giulia, who has promised her brother that Franny will come to the altar a virgin.

Frustrated and annoyed by these double standards, the young women hatch a plan to escape their chaperone and have some fun of their own. With the help of a susceptible concierge, a butch ex-cop limo driver and a scandalous French couturiere, they find their way to The Fox’s Den, the most exclusive—and outrageous—gentlemen’s club in the city. Owner Larry Archer and his crew of strippers, bouncers, voyeurs and sluts are more than happy to welcome the delectable trio as contestants performing at the club’s famous Amateur Night.

The gleeful permissiveness of the Den challenges the women’s assumptions and undermines their inhibitions. Complications ensue when Jake and his groomsmen arrive to find Fran in the midst of her strip act. Then Aunt Giulia crashes the party, determined to save her virgin niece, and things get really sticky—both figuratively and literally.

Will love triumph? Will Francesca be drawn over to the dark side? Is there a difference?

Buy Links

Amazon US –

Amazon UK –

Smashwords –

Barnes and Noble –

Kobo –

Nina The Fallen Ballerina_Cover200x300Nina, The Fallen Ballerina (NTFB), is now available at all your favorite purveyors of smut, Kinky Literature, Amazon, SmashWordsApple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo among others.

NTFB clocks in at over 36,000 words and is an HEA story about a young woman whose lifelong dream was to be a ballerina and dance on the big stage. But genetics is a cruel bitch and Nina ended up like her mother at almost six-feet in height.

We all know that ballerinas are tiny little things who get hoisted up and thrown around the stage by the male dancers. In High School, Nina realized that she would probably crush some guy and give him a hernia when he tried to vault her across the stage.

So goodbye to Swan Lake and Nina’s dreams. As the possibility of being a dancer in a tu-tu faded in front of her, she did the only thing she could think of, take out her frustration with school work.

Nina threw herself into school with abandon as advanced curriculum, cheerleading and track consumed her. With the same vigor, Nina tackled college and at age twenty-four walked across the stage to get her Masters in Accounting.

Determined to now be able to enjoy life, she took a job at a casino on the Las Vegas Strip, bought a convertible, and a condo. But life still worked against her.

Nina assumed that working on the Strip would be fun parties and sexy clothes, which she loved to wear. Her miniskirt days ended abruptly when HR called her in and said no to her dress code and especially her love of going braless.

Pissed and frustrated at yet another disappointment, Nina didn’t know what to do. She hated her job and was stymied that her short skirts and revealing tops got shoved into the weekend side of her closet.

Then she overheard a conversation about The Fox’s Den and what an unbelievable strip club it was. Could she be a stripper? Nina asked herself as the thought of dancing naked both thrilled and scared her.

The story leads you down the path that Nina took as she finally finds her calling as an erotic dancer and discovers the thrills of sex with other women and swingers. The owners of the club, Foxy and Larry, quickly take over Nina’s education as she falls in love with Linda, the club manager.

Nina, The Fallen Ballerina is an erotic novella of non-stop sex with explicit descriptions on virtually every page. There is also a plot that threads its way around the F’ing and S’ing, so you don’t have to feel guilty about reading stroke material in the bathroom.

To purchase a copy of this smoking hot story, I recommend that you jump to Kinky Literature. The price is the same and you will promote a publishing house that fully supports all of the dirty taboo erotica you love, including the #2Hot4Amazon smut. Naturally, you can buy directly from Amazon, SmashWords, B&N, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and others.

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For more on Nina, The Fallen Ballerina, Click here.

Ad - Get Comfortable 400x300The Backstory:

Lisabet and I come from two different worlds and normally approach erotica from two different directions. She’s sophisticated, well-educated, with lots of book learning, as we say down home. Myself I’m just a country boy from East Texas, who came to the big city to gawk at the lights!

I write what I call stroke material but I’d like to think is, in reality, a little more than that. While my stories have sex on virtually every page, there is a half-way decent plot line that runs through the stories. If I were a “straight guy,” I’d be able to tell my wife that I was just reading the articles and not looking at the pictures.

I’ve only been in the smut game for five years and use my stories to tell about some of the adventures Wifey, and I have had. We are in the Lifestyle and have seen a lot of wild action that you can’t talk about to your co-worker over coffee.

My fictional world of Foxy and Larry is about two swingers who own a strip club, The Fox’s Den, in Las Vegas, a.k.a. Sin City. The Fox’s Den is the type of place that you hear rumors about, and you would always worry that if you took your wife there, she might not want to come home.

The world which revolves around the Den has taken a life of its own and became a fairly consistent staple in my swinger stories. One of the interesting things is that the characters in my stories are real people for the most part. Certainly, the names have been changed to protect the guilty, but they are real people.

tumblr_neq6hy498v1taxkxbo1_500Foxy and Larry’s world is HEA (Happily Ever After) as that’s what our experiences have been in the world of throw your house keys in a bowl. There is no fighting and no one gets beaten, well except for those when Foxy slips on her leather bustier, black thong, and thigh high leather boots. Then it’s every man for himself and no matter what happens, always remember to say, “Thank you, Mistress. May I have another!” Otherwise, I will not be responsible for the outcome.

Just don’t make the mistake of the woman whose safe word was, “Fuck Me!” LOL

About LarryArcher

Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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  1. lisabetsarai says:

    Thanks for hosting me, Larry! I do hope this post – um – stimulates your readers to go checko ut both of our books.


  2. LarryArcher says:

    Ha Ha, “It’s been a long and strange trip,” as some singer used to say. I’ve enjoyed every minute of our long distance intercourse.


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