Tales From Desk Top Publishing

Stripper or Nurse Book CroppedWell once again, I’m stymied by getting a paperback version of Stripper or Nurse? out the door. Wifey is always telling me that she doesn’t like to read on an electronic device such as a Kindle, tablet, phone, or computer. So after publishing my latest novel Stripper or Nurse?, 80,000 words available from Amazon, SmashWords, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo, I decided to try my hand at print publishing a paperback version.

B.T.W. for whatever reason, Apple decided to no-bill Stripper or Nurse? as it violated some part of their decency clause! Now while I write stroke stories with explicit sex, I try to be careful and not push the line too much so that the publishers don’t throw them under the bus.

It’s funny that porn was the kickstarter for the Internet, yet we all refuse to admit that unless we are in the privacy of our bathroom. “No, I don’t jerk off to the pictures. I only read the articles.” Yeah, right.

I’ve been working on this saga of creating a paperback for the last month or so. You wouldn’t think that it could be that hard but I’ve never found anything that I could not make difficult. My wife always says that when she asks me what time it is, I tell her how to build a watch.

Creating the story Stripper or Nurse? was the easy part, smut just seems to pour out of my fingertips as they caress the keyboard. I think this lulled me into a false sense of security.

In a past life, I volunteered for a non-profit back in the midwest and used the QuarkXPress desktop publishing software to create flyers. After almost melting my credit card, I held a hot copy of the software in my hands. Little was I to know that my troubles had just begun.

I’ve written a couple of posts on creating a paperback version here, here, and here. Finally, I got it finished and thought my troubles would be over but …

I started the project using CreateSpace as they offer print on demand (POD) of your book and publish through Amazon’s book selling services. But what I didn’t fully anticipate was what happens when Amazon takes over your book. After all who reads all the fine print, “click here to accept.” And yes, I’ve seen the SouthPark edition of what happens to Kyle.

CreateSpace automatically publishes your smut through Barnes and Noble, so within hours Stripper or Nurse? was live at B&N. Then it became listed as “back ordered.” Back ordered, what the fuck? Then it disappeared completely???

Going back and rereading the T&C’s (terms and conditions) I realized that publishing through Amazon, gave them permission to pull my paperback from everyone else’s shelves.

I wanted to try selling through Amazon as they are the biggest bookstore around but also wanted to try Barnes and Noble as I sell a lot of electronic eBooks through them. After some head banging and searching, I discovered that I can publish my book once again through CreateSpace and not transfer it to Amazon. That way I’m back at B&N.

Of course, even though I have a copy ready to publish, why take the easy way out I thought? After going through the pains of paperback publishing, I learned a lot of things that I didn’t realize and decided to create a whole new version, which would incorporate the things I learned.

GettingYourBrainsFuckedOutNow I’m mostly finished like this girl and with any luck will be done today or tomorrow. Wish me luck!

About LarryArcher

Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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