Get Your Hands Around “Stripper or Nurse?”

Stripper or Nurse - Cover200x300

I’ve finally taken the plunge and started working on a print (actual paper) version of my erotica. Stripper or Nurse is about 75% of the way to becoming a ~250-page print novel of erotic smut that fits perfectly in your bathroom library rack. I can’t guarantee that the pages won’t get stuck together but try and keep it wiped off.

As usual, I never do anything halfway and jumped into desktop publishing with a new copy of QuarkXPress. If you haven’t been in the layout or publishing business, you’ve probably never heard of QuarkXPress. It’s been around since the dark ages of computers and I learned it back in the mid-west before we moved to Sin City.

Quark is one of those programs that you can easily hate as you learn it, or re-learn it in my case. While I could have done the book in Word, what’s the fun in that and banging your head against the wall is so enlightening.

With Quark, you can do anything, publishing wise, that is. It started out about the same time as Adobe PageMaker and has endured while PageMaker was replaced by InDesign. I had considered InDesign but as Adobe is moving to a subscription based service like Office 365, I decided to use Quark as I like to own software rather than renting it.

Quark allows you to accurately position your text, images, whatever, exactly where you want them on the page. It supports all manner of style sheets, which can be used to setup formatting of your work easily, once you get them created.

SnoopyDarkAndStormyNightNow that I’ve managed to make my way past most of the arcane features that the help files automatically skip, I’m making progress. I’ve had to reformat the entire book three times as I discover things I should have initially done and had to redo to include the corrections.

I was hoping to order a draft copy of my book tonight but still, have a fair amount of work to do. Hopefully, by next week, I can get it ordered to proof before releasing it to the world. “It’s Alive!”

Stay tuned!


About LarryArcher

Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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5 Responses to Get Your Hands Around “Stripper or Nurse?”

  1. Dawn D says:

    Yay! Impressive!
    Glad you took the step and hoping it brings you everything you’re hoping for!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LarryArcher says:

    She’s read a couple of my shorter stories but I just can’t get her interested in reading on a laptop or tablet. She still has fantasies of being a phone sex operator or cam girl but has realized that she would have to be on a schedule and that’s never worked for her.

    I’d like to get her to write as she has the dirtiest mind and it would enable her to be an instigator and prick teaser while keeping her out of trouble. She’s always the one who gets everyone naked and in a pile, then she disappears. But she’s so good at getting things started, no body gets pissed at her.


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