"Stripper or Nurse?" Close to Saving You!

Stripper or Nurse Book CroppedStripper or Nurse? is in the recovery room at last! I’m almost finished with my first print book saga. I never realized what a pain in the rear printing a book could be. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully, it’s not an oncoming train!

Last week I ordered my proof copy and just assumed that it would be in my hands within a few days. Finally, after over a week it showed up and naturally I had screwed up!

Somehow I got a blank page inserted which made each chapter start on the left side of the book. Chapters should always start on the right side of the paper and not on the underside.

I’ve published over 20 erotic novels/novellas and just like a virgin being deflowered, it hurt the first time! At least there wasn’t a lot of blood, just mainly sweat and cursing. While I don’t want to discourage anyone from writing a print book, if you’re like me the process will expand your knowledge of four letter words.

Now that I’m almost finished, it is pretty cool. My lovely wife is reading the novel and looking for typo’s and other problems. It’s nice to have an indentured servant that you can order around and do your bidding. I always have the last word in a fight and it’s generally, “Yes, Dear!”

Now my next hurdle is getting the final product to market on Amazon, which CreateSpace tells me is as easy as falling off a log. If you’ve ever fallen off a log, sometimes that’s a painful experience also.

Stripper or Nurse is about 260-pages, 80,000 words or a novel size erotic romance and hopefully will be read by many and not used to kill flies.

The electronic version is available now at Amazon by clicking here, SmashWords by clicking here, or my good friends at Kinky Literature by clicking here.

Stripper or Nurse?

Stripper or Nurse? is an 80,000-word combination cuckold/Hotwife swinger novel with a lot of voyeurism thrown in. It’s a non-stop sexual romp as you watch how swingers seduce a MILF Hotwife and turn her out.

Our hero Tom cuts work one day and joins his friends at The Fox’s Den strip club. While sitting around the stage, enjoying the dancers, Tom suffers a heart attack and collapses on the floor.

The dancer, Peaches, dressed only in a thong and stripper shoes, looks down and sees him drop to the floor. Leaping off the stage, she checks his vitals and realizes that he’s had a heart attack. Ripping his dress shirt open, Peaches starts CPR on our poor victim. Another dancer Monique gets down on her knees to help as they rotate CPR with mouth-to-mouth.

Luckily by the time the paramedics get there, Tom is breathing on his own, and they cart his ass off to the hospital. Peaches and Monique go up to the hospital to check on him in more appropriate clothing.

Tom’s wife Suzanne is there and is already seething from finding out her husband wasn’t at work but was enjoying the young bare enhanced boobs at the club. Completely misreading their intentions, Suzanne sends the two dancers on their way after calling them tramps and sluts.

Completely distraught, our housewife storms to the club seeking to draw blood for giving hubby a heart attack. Thankfully she regains her senses after meeting the club owner, and we learn how she quickly transforms into a MILF in Hotwife’s clothing even before she learns what a Hotwife is.

As she’s catting around, little does she know that her antics are being captured on high definition security cameras. Jack, the head of security and a cuckold himself, realizes that Tom would be excited to watch his wife in action and starts forwarding movies to Tom’s iPad.

Read how Tom’s shock turns to excitement as he watches his wife being seduced by a swinger couple and becoming a complete slut.

The story has a lot of twists and turns but is always HEA, so everybody lives happily ever after and Tom gets to watch Suzanne as she fulfills her repressed desires. The story is completely bareback with plenty of girl-on-girl action as well as oral, facial, and anal. Plus for you voyeurs out there, you’ll get your eyes full.


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