The Watchers – Now Available!

the_watchers_cover_200x300The Watchers
 [Cuckold/Hotwife #5] (36,000 words) is a tale about Gene, an insurance adjuster, who is having a mid-life crisis after 20 years of marriage. Imagine that you’ve just finished a mind numbing seminar and are sitting in a hotel bar having a drink, when you pick up on the conversation two guys next to you are having.

You hear the words Sex Show and your ears perk up. As you listen, you discover that for one-hundred dollars you can watch people having sex right in front of your eyes. For someone who looks at wrecked cars and damaged houses for a living, a sex show sounds irresistible.

The sex show turns out to be everything Gene could hope for and much more. At the end of the show, he discovers that one of the actresses is his sweet innocent wife of twenty years.

At first appalled, disgusted, and sick at his stomach about what he’s discovered, yet he can’t seem to keep from looking at the pictures and movies, one of the girls sends him. Read as Gene attempts to deal with the fact his wife is not what she seems and what is he going to do as he realizes he has cuckold fantasies about his Hotwife.

As with all of Larry Archer’s erotic stories, this one is for adults only and features graphic depictions of bareback sexual conduct between grown people, who should know better. The scenes include group sex, girl-on-girl, oral, anal, A2M, and just plain ole screwing.

This one features Larry’s wife Foxy and their girlfriend Chrissy as two gangbang girls in the story, taking care of the troops. In addition to Gene’s wife Theresa, who turns out to be the cum slut of the story.

Currently the story is available on SmashWords and Amazon Kindle, for the princely sum of $2.99 for this long 36,000 word novella. Available for virtually any type of eReader, phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.


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Below is an excerpt taken from the story for you to sample. Warning this story includes graphic depictions of sexual activities between adults, who may not be legally attached to each other. So read on at the risk of being overly stimulated. 🙂

As always, Larry’s erotic musings are HEA (Happily Ever After) and featuring erotica with a plot, for your stroking pleasure and including Larry’s different sense of humor, thrown in at no extra charge.

Excerpt From The Watchers

Walking in, Gene was floored by the size of the room; it was at least twenty to twenty-five foot square. Right in the middle was a double bed with white sheets, made with military precision.

Around the room were chairs and couches that lined the walls. The lighting on the bed was TV studio bright white yet at the sides of the room, the lighting was subdued and the people’s faces were pretty much in the shadows.

It seemed like he was late, as most of the seats were taken but he saw an empty love seat and quickly grabbed it. As he was getting settled, Gene heard a woman in front of him. “Hi, is this seat taken or may I join you?”

Looking up, he spied two nice legs and could see the woman was probably mid-forties, stunning figure, and wearing a short mini-dress along with black spike heels. He couldn’t really see her face as it was in the shadows but from what he could see, she was pretty hot and a MILF for sure.

Mumbling okay, Gene didn’t know what to say as the woman slipped into the love seat beside him. He could see that she had a snug fitting knit top on, with her boobs spilling out. The top didn’t cover her stomach and her belly button piercing glittered in the stage lights.

“I’m Pam, what’s your name?” the beautiful brunette next to him asked in a deep husky voice that made his dick throb and he could feel the cum, in his balls start to boil. She had a voice like Jennifer Tilley that seemed to cut him to the core.

Trying to stop staring at her tits, Gene’s mind stalled as he tried to answer the difficult question she asked. Finally he managed to blurt out, “Gene.”

“Your first time here?” the tits asked him.

“Yes,” he answered as he tried to pull his eyes away but they seemed to be glued to the nipples poking through her thin top. Those obviously unfettered jugs swayed seductively and kept calling to him.

Pam slipped her arm though his and he could feel his heart stop when her large nipple poked into his arm. “Just relax and enjoy yourself. There is no reason to be uptight!” she cooed into his ear. The whole time, her erect nipple was drawing circles on his arm and his dick was threatening to explode out of his pants.

Finally he croaked out, “What should I do?”

Laughing in his ear, Pam said, “Well most of the guys pull their cocks out and stroke them, while they watch the show. Why don’t we get your dick out and join them?”

“You wouldn’t mind?” Gene asked as he tried not to sound like a complete idiot.

“Silly, that’s what everyone is here for. We want to see the two girls on stage get their brains fucked out, while we jerk off.” While Pam talked, she deftly pulled down Gene’s zipper and carefully extracted his stiff rod. “Nice,” is all Pam said as she pushed down the foreskin and worked his cock.

“I’m not very big,” Gene confessed.

“Nonsense, you’ve got a nice cock. It’s really hard and I bet it would fit in my mouth really well.”

Gene was floored as this woman was casually talking about sucking his cock as she played with it and the whole time is rubbing her tits on his arm.

“Have you ever been one of the girls on stage?” Gene asked and then mentally kicked himself, as he couldn’t believe what a stupid comment he’d just made. She’ll probably slap my face but instead she stuck her tongue in his ear and whispered, “Would you like to see me on stage, buck naked, getting my brains fucked out by some big hard dick? Would that turn you on? Then would you like to fuck me after everyone took me and you could feel your dick sloshing around in everyone’s cum?”

Gene couldn’t believe that this beautiful MILF was talking dirty to him, just before the show started. Plus she was jerking him off, not like his wife would but like she enjoyed feeling his dick.

Pam was chewing on his earlobe as she whispered into his ear and worked his hard dick. “You are going to love the two sluts on deck tonight. They like to fuck and suck almost as much as I do. Play your cards right and I’ll introduce you after the show.”

. . .

In one of the bedrooms, the two stars for the night were getting ready. Foxy, a tall brunette, with a runway model’s figure, was pacing the room. Chrissy, a big redhead also almost six feet tall was dressed in only a thong and black high-heeled stripper shoes.

“Foxy, stop pacing, are you that nervous? I’m so excited about getting some college boy cock, I can’t wait,” Chrissy said to Foxy as she applied blush to her cleavage to accent the already huge set of jugs she had. Looking at her large nipples, she decided that they needed a little extra color also and carefully applied a darker shade to them.

Bouncing her big tits up and down, she appraised herself in the mirror and spun to look at her tight ass. “Pretty fucking hot, if I say so myself,” Chrissy told the mirror. Turning to her partner, “You’re going to wear a hole in the carpet. Calm down and take your clothes off.”

Foxy tossed her dark curly hair in response and slowly started pulling her wife-beater t-shirt off. “I don’t know if I want to go through with this or not,” she stated as her t-shirt hit the floor.

Walking over to her, Chrissy took Foxy in her arms and kissed her. She could feel Foxy relaxing as her tongue slipped into the brunette’s mouth. They were almost the same height, which made their nipples rub together and Chrissy could feel the hot nubs burn into her tits.

“You know you want it?” Chrissy said as she unbuttoned Foxy shorts and let them fall to the floor.

“You know how I hate to plan sex. For some reason that gets me uptight. Even if Larry and I are planning on getting together, it never seems to work out. I love it when he just fucks me but to plan in advance is so hard. I guess that means I have to admit I’m going to get laid and my Catholic upbringing kicks into gear to remind me what a slut I am.”

“But the other night, in front of the club’s audience you ate some cute girl’s pussy and then sucked her boyfriend’s dick. I didn’t see any hesitation then?”

“But the difference was that wasn’t planned, it just happened. Plus, I don’t usually party without Larry and it feels funny to fuck some guy, when he’s not here with me.”

“Larry gets his dick wet all the time, without worrying about you!”

“I know but it’s different for a guy.”

Chrissy kissed both of Foxy’s eyes and then her nose, “Look we’re just going to go out and let some horny young college boys drill our lights out. That’s all it is, just fucking and sucking!”

Walking to the bedroom door, Chrissy opened it and beckoned to a server. “Bring us some Tequila shots with fixings,” she asked the girl.

Turning to Foxy, Chrissy said, “I’ll get us some courage to relax us and put us into the mood. ”

Within a couple of minutes, the girl brought in a bottle of Patron Platinum along with limes and salt. Chrissy quickly fixed a couple of double shots and the girls slammed them down. “Better?” she asked.

“Yeah, you know it is and that shit goes down so smooth.”

Chrissy giggled, “Just think about how easy the first load of cum is going to slide down your throat. But remember not to be greedy and you must always share. That’s the rule!”

Foxy picked up the Patron and took a big shot straight from the bottle. Chrissy could see her whole body shiver as the Tequila burned a hole in her stomach. “Ease up Foxy, I want you to be awake for the fun! I know your husband usually fucks you when you’re unconscious but it might freak out the young guys to fuck a rag doll.”

Foxy sat down on the bed and started digging through her purse. Pulling out a black rubber butt-plug, she handed it to Chrissy and asked, “Would you do the honors?”

“That’s my girl,” Chrissy replied as she dropped down between Foxy’s legs and pulled off her thong. “Here get it wet for me, while I take care of your other hole.”

Chrissy handed Foxy the butt-plug back, which she promptly put into her mouth and started sucking on it. Chrissy pushed her back onto the bed and ran her tongue around Foxy’s clit.

As Foxy started to moan, Chrissy slipped one then two fingers into Foxy’s already engorged cunt. Her fingers went in so easily, then Chrissy added her tongue to the mixture as Foxy picked up her legs and held them back by the heels on her stripper shoes. She could pull her heels back until they were locked behind her head.

Chrissy looked at Foxy’s eyes over the top of her pussy mound and could see them already starting to roll back in her head. Grinning to herself, Chrissy pushed her tongue deep into her lover’s wet pussy and started sucking out the juice.

Foxy’s climax came quick and hard as usual, while she tugged on her heels, which made her pussy bounce up and down on Chrissy’s mouth. Reaching up, Chrissy pulled the butt-plug out of Foxy’s mouth and quickly jammed it into the girl’s fuck hole, to get it wet.

As the pussy juice poured out of Foxy’s hole, Chrissy pulled the butt-plug out and shoved it into her ass, in one quick movement. The wet butt-plug, lubricated with Tequila, made quick work of Foxy’s ass. Before she could finish moaning, the plug was buried all the way to the hilt.

Foxy jerked and humped Chrissy’s face as the redhead tried to clean up all of the girl cum that poured out of her lover’s sweet hole. Chrissy thumped the butt-plug with her fist, which made Foxy shudder and squirm every time.

“Better now?” Chrissy asked.

“Much!” is all Foxy said.

==== End of Excerpt ====

Okay, now that I’ve got your dick all hard or your sweet love box juicy, click on the link and grab a copy so you can finish abusing yourself. I know that your Mom probably told you that you were going to go blind playing with yourself but just tell her that you’ll stop when you need glasses!

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