"The Watchers" coming soon!

the_watchers_cover_200x300Below is an excerpt from one of the stories I’m working on, called The Watchers. A cuckold/hotwife story of a guy named Gene, who overhears two men talking at the bar about a Sex Club. As it turns out, a couple of swingers hold a gangbang every Friday night and Gene wrangles himself an invitation.

Can you imagine Gene’s surprise when he discovers that one of the people in the weekly gangbang is his wife. Who could have ever seen that coming?

Below is a clip from the story, when Gene’s wife decides to go to confession and get the priest to forgive her of all her sins. The story should be about 30,000 words or more and will be on sale for $2.99 at all of the usual perverted places.

Watch for the story, which should be out in several weeks and will be available at SmashWords and Amazon initially.

==== A portion from The Watchers ====

Closing the door to the confessional, she started her confession just like she had started all the others, except this time it was true. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.”

“What is troubling you, my child?” came the response through the grill. The priest had a young voice and was probably younger than she was. She could see his shadow through the grill.

“Father, I masturbated someone last night,” she confessed.

“I’m sorry, you did what?” came the confused response.

“My girlfriend talked me into going to a kind of sex club and we were sitting between two guys and my friend started rubbing this guy’s penis.”

“So what did you do?”

“I was embarrassed as I would never do anything like this but didn’t want to be a prude. So I took the guy’s member out and started rubbing it like my friend was doing.”

“And this is at a sex club?” the Father prompted.

“We went to someone’s house and watched girls being gangbanged, while everyone sits around and watches.”

“Gangbanged?” the priest answered with a quizzical tone in his voice.

“You must know Father. A girl lets multiple guys screw her.”

Laughter echoed through the confessional as the priest replied, “I may be a priest but I’m not dead, child. I know what a gangbang is. Did all of this excite you?”

“Yes, terribly. Father, I’m a married woman and not some sick pervert but the feeling of a total stranger’s dick in my hand was so erotic. Something came over me that I couldn’t resist.”

As she described the sordid details of her night, Theresa noticed that she could hear the priest breathing heavily in the confessional. It was almost like he was panting.

Theresa glanced through the grill and was trying to figure out what the priest was doing. “He’s jacking off!” she told herself as she watched the rhythmic movement of the shadows. “That is so sick. I’m confessing my sins to a priest and he’s jerking off,” she told herself.

“Father! Are you masturbating?” she indignantly asked him.

“I’m sorry, child. I can’t help myself!” the priest confessed.

Theresa was going to lay into him but she realized that this was turning her on and as sick as it sounded, she started to rub herself as she watched the shadows jerking.

“You probably don’t want to hear about me sucking every guy off, do you? There was probably a couple of dozen that I took in my mouth.”

“You didn’t let them waste their seed, did you?”

“No Father, when I finished, their future children were either in my stomach or on my face. Can you picture me with a face covered in cum and it was dripping down on my breasts? Even one of my eyes was glued shut from dried jizz.”

“You swallowed their cum, child?”

“Yes Father, every drop. Well at least the spunk that sprayed in my mouth but I didn’t waste any. The girls licked it off my face so nothing went to waste.”

She could hear the priest plainly jacking off now. The smacking of flesh against flesh could easily be heard in the quiet church.

“Would you have liked to have been there, Father? Your pants would be down around your ankles and your hard cock in my mouth. After a few guys finished filling my mouth up with their spunk, my tongue and throat were covered in cream. Your dick would slide easily down my throat and I can just image what your cock would feel like as I licked it with my dirty tongue.”

Theresa’s pussy was so wet and two fingers went easily in as she listened to the priest jerking off in the confessional. “I love it when they get ready to cum. Their dicks get so hard and the pre-cum just pours out. What’s really good is when they fuck my mouth with their stiff joint.”

Theresa stopped for a minute to relive the past evening, while she rapidly worked her overheated hole.

Finally, the priest said, “Go on girl. Tell me what happened next.”

“It was really disgusting, Father. I would suck each dick until it erupted in my mouth. You can’t imagine how the first rope of cum feels when it hits the back of your mouth. Most of the time, I would climax as I cleaned off their dicks.”

“Oh, Lord, are you telling me that you enjoyed sucking strangers off? That’s hard to accept that you’re helping other men spill their seed, especially since it’s not in your vagina.”

“I know that it’s a sin to waste men’s ejaculate but it tastes so good and slides down my throat so easily. In my mind, it’s not wasted at all because it ends up in my stomach or on my face!” Theresa replied as she added another finger to the swampy mess between her legs.

Then Theresa asked the Father, point blank, “Father have you ever been sucked off?”

She could hear him stuttering behind the screen and the sounds of his dick slowed down. “When I was younger, before I became a man of the cloth, I committed that sin,” he finally answered.

“I bet that you still think of that, don’t you?”

“That’s another sin that I haven’t confessed,” the Father finally admitted.

“If I was in the confessional with you, I’d give you an example of what I’m guilty of,” Theresa confessed with a giggle.

“You’d … you’d actually suck me off? But you don’t even know me.”

“That’s the good part, not knowing anything except how your dick feels in my mouth. Each guy is different and sometimes I don’t know when he is going to shoot, until it happens. All of a sudden, my mouth gets flooded with their spunk and I’m frantically drinking it down, while making sure not to waste any.”

Theresa could hear the Father frantically stroking his as she figured he was thinking about his blowjob. “But Father,” she said. “You haven’t heard the good part yet.”

“What could be better than that?” he asked with a quizzical tone in his voice.

“Well slow down a little, I don’t want you to cum before the best part,” Theresa could hear him slowing down a little. “Now, that’s better and don’t worry I’ll make sure you get off.”

Theresa continued, “As I was saying, I go to this sex club, where everyone watches people have sex. And my job is to suck all the guys off. I’m kind of like Monica without the Presidential kneepads.”

“Anyway, I had worked my way down the row of guys and the last guy had a really little dick. It kind of reminded me of my husband, not that I would ever suck his cock but the woman, who runs the show was sitting with him and made me do him.”

“Did she force you to suck the man’s dick?” the priest asked.

“Well kind of but it’s sort of a game. They pull my hair and shove my mouth down on their cocks. That’s what makes it so good, knowing it’s not your fault and you’re being forced to do nasty things. I’m sure that you can relate to that Father, the church teaches you that any sex beyond procreation is a sinful act especially when I spill all the men’s seed and swallow their future children.”

“When you say it like that, I can see your point,” the priest replied. “But please continue.”

“Don’t worry Father, every guy cums with me and I don’t intend on breaking my winning streak just yet. Anyway the woman and her husband, who stage these parties, is sitting next to this guy with a tiny cock and making me suck it. By this time, I have so much cum in my mouth; I can barely feel his little dick, when he suddenly starts creaming in my mouth. Fuck, he had a huge load for such a little dick and I’m having trouble swallowing it all but I still have to put on a show.”

“You have to put on a show?”

“Of course, Father, if I just swallowed it, where would be the excitement in that? It would just end up in my stomach and no one could see it. When I feel the first rope of cum hit the back of my throat, I relax my lips a little so that some of the juice runs out the corners of my mouth. I keep bobbing up and down to pump a little cum out for everyone to see. Everyone loves to see you smile, with cum covering your tongue and teeth.”

“So this is not all for your enjoyment?” the priest asked.

Giggling Theresa said, “Cock sucking is a group event!”

Theresa stopped for a minute to enjoy the sounds of the priest jerking off on the other side of the grill.

Then she continued, “But the best part was the finish. Once I sucked off the guy with the little dick, Pam pulled my hair and forced me to the stage. The brunette, with the big hair and long legs, was lying on the bed, with her feet on the floor.”

“As I crawled up to the bed and in between her legs, I came face to face with her pussy. Her lips were swollen, bruised, and gaping open. I almost came from the realization that she had just finished having her brains fucked out by big-dicked college boys.”

“I leaned in and gently kissed her cunt, Father. She had a little stream of cum running out of her ass and pussy. That’s when Pam ordered me to clean up that mess and pushed my mouth against Foxy’s fuck hole.”

“I remember coming so hard as Pam twisted my hair and she carefully watched as I licked up the girl’s gaping open pussy. The sensation of having your tongue in between her cunt lips, while raking the cum up made my legs jerk so hard, that if Pam hadn’t been holding me up by my hair, I know that I would have fallen on the floor.”

“Did you say that she had cum running out of her ass?” the priest prompted.

“Oh, did I forget to tell you that she had just gotten DP’d?”

“DP’d, what’s that?”

“Double penetrated, one dick in your cunt and one dick in your ass at the same time. That’s a DP.”

“Do girls really like that?” the priest asked in an astonished voice as the frequency of his jerking increased.

“From personal experience, I can tell you that it is a mind altering experience. The week before, I was the one on the bed, as two big dicks reamed out both my holes. Being fucked in the ass is better than in your cunt but both at the same time will make your brain explode! But you still haven’t heard the best part.”

“Oh, god, it gets better?” she heard the priest groan, as the slapping sounds from his side got louder.

“Picture this Father, I’m on my sore knees frantically trying to lick and suck all of the cum and pussy juice out of this beautiful brunette’s holes, when the redhead starts fucking me with a strap-on dildo.”

“Redhead?” the priest asked.

“Yeah, the brunette’s partner in crime. Didn’t I mention her before? She’s a big fucking girl, with kind of a weight lifter’s body. I was enjoying the taste of used cum and pussy running down my tongue, when all of a sudden the redhead rips off my panties, like ripping a Kleenex in half.”

“You can’t imagine the thrill that ran through my body as I realized how strong she was and that like the Borg, resistance was futile. She could take anything she wanted and any objections on my part, would be batted away like a fly.”

“But, she fucked you with a strap-on dildo?” the Father asked again.

“When I felt the head of her rubber cock rubbing against my rosebud, I knew that I was in for it. Then the delicious pain as that huge dick went up my ass in one long stroke. There was nothing I could do Father, except take it. She was so much stronger than I was and had hold of my hair.”

“Did you feel like she raped you?”

“Oh, god it was so good. Father you haven’t lived until a six-foot redhead with big tits and a big cock has fucked you in the ass. In fact, I could fix you up, if you’re interested?”

Theresa heard the jerking off sounds suddenly stop. “That would be against my vow’s,” he said without conviction.

“But if she fucked you in the ass and I sucked you off, then you wouldn’t technically have screwed anyone.”

Now the priest was on the defensive and Theresa could feel that she had hit a nerve, so to speak. “I don’t know,” he said haltingly as he tried to assimilate this latest threat to his manhood.

“Don’t worry she’s really good at it and I’m really good at sucking dick. I’ll get you started and she can finish you,” Theresa told him as she looked at the shadow behind the grill. “Wouldn’t you enjoy being in a woman’s mouth, while I drank your load. Since you can’t be a father Father, then it shouldn’t break any of your vows to spill your seed in my mouth?”

“But, I’m not sure about having anal intercourse from a woman?”

“Trust me Father, you’re going to love it,” Theresa told him as she heard him resume stroking his cock.

“Well maybe, but we’ll have to be sure that no one sees me. You don’t think I’ll go to hell for this, do you child?”

“Maybe you can also go to the gangbang parties with me,” Theresa said. “Wouldn’t you enjoy watching me suck off guys and lick the cum out of girl’s cunts? You could either be first or last, your choice.”

“I guess that wouldn’t bend my vows too badly, as long as I don’t fuck anybody.”

Theresa felt her pussy clinch as she heard his use the word “fuck” instead of intercourse. She knew that she had him on the ropes now and pulled her fingers out of her wet box to clean them off in celebration. Who would have thought that she could talk a priest into getting ass fucked and it was only going to cost her a blowjob?

==== End of Excerpt ====



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