A Peek Into My Mind

Another Day in Paradise 200x300-72dpiI’ve been having a conversation with two of my favorite bloggers, Dawn and KDaddy, who like me are a sick couple of people. LOL Seriously, sex bloggers tend to push the envelope and I’m just as big a perv as the rest.

If you haven’t figured out by now, I write smut stories and often portray things we’ve seen or done in the Lifestyle or swinging. Anyway Dawn, Daddy, and I have been discussing a couple of topics revolving around sex and people’s attitudes towards it.

I have a warped sense of humor with a typical glass-half-full attitude and generally try to look at things from a positive viewpoint. It got me to thinking and I decided to post an excerpt from my latest 40,000 word story “Another Day in Paradise”, available at most sellers of smut such as Excessica, Amazon, Excitica, SmashWords, Apple, and Kobo for the princely sum of $2.99 for your eBook reader, tablet, phone, or PC/Mac.

My stories, most of the swinging ones, involve a couple Foxy and Larry, who are somewhat modeled after Wifey and moi. I know that I should have thought up different names for my characters but initially I started writing about our swinging experiences, without realizing that my stories would stretch into a saga of our journey as perverts.

As you might imagine, being swingers exposes us to a lot of scenes that straight people might never experience except in their wildest dreams. For us being at a cocktail party where someone is getting a blowjob on the couch or a girl decides to do an impromptu strip tease, is not out of the ordinary.

Naturally we can’t share our other life with straight friends and writing stories of our adventures is a way to share without the villagers with torches and pitchforks coming out. There are a number of couples portrayed in our stories who are modeled after friends we know except that the names have been changed to protect the guilty. I’ll leave it up to my readers to figure out who they are.

It’s been an interesting journey that we’ve had a lot of fun with and while not for everyone, is certainly different.

Anyway I wanted to share a small piece of my 40,000 word novella “Another Day in Paradise”, to give you a peek into my mind and how I think. Also it shows how we often look at things.

Hopefully you can pick up the story line without too much trouble. Enjoy!

————- Excerpt from Another Day in Paradise ————

“Be a dear and ask the valet to bring my car around,” Foxy told him as she patted his cheek.

When they walked into the club proper, it seemed to Monica that everyone was staring at her. She knew it was just her conscience but some of the girls were openly smirking at them.

Foxy whispered at her, “Ignore them, they are just jealous.”

Monica tried to emulate Foxy as she strove through the crowd with her head and tits held high. She could feel her sex tingling as they headed towards the door and Monica realized this day was far from over.

“Keep your tits stuck out, don’t embarrass me!” Foxy snapped at her, under her breath.

Monica straightened her back and made sure her boobs were pushed out and straining against the thin material of her t-shirt. The ribbed cotton clung to her and outlined every inch of her breasts. Glancing down, she could see that her nipples were plainly in sight and scrunched up so tight, they almost hurt. She was sure that her nubs were going to poke a hole in the t-shirt any second now.

Squinting in the early morning sun, Monica saw that a low slung bright red sports car, with black panels on the hood, was parked in front of the club’s entrance, with both gull wing doors pointing up to the sky. The motor rumbled menacingly as they approached and fairly screamed, “You better buckle your seat belt and hang on!”

“What kind of car is this?” Monica asked as her valet took her hand to help her into the low-slung cockpit.

“It’s a Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series,” Foxy answered as she lowered her rear into the driver’s seat. “Get in, it doesn’t bite!” she ordered.

“But how do I get in without showing my, … Oh!” as the realization of how she was expected to sit down became clear.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Foxy answered as her valet leaned in to kiss her goodbye.

Monica stared at the 18 or 19-year-old girl who was kissing Foxy. There was obvious tongue action and Monica could see the girl’s nipples under the short vest she was wearing. Without thinking about it, Monica licked her lips as she watched the young girl’s boobs bounce.

It was all she could to keep her hand out from between her legs as she settled back into the seat. Her valet was right in front of her and it startled her as the girl reached across and buckled her seat belt. Her top was open also and she couldn’t help but wrap her lips across the puffy nipple, right in front of her face. Her valet mashed her nipple into Monica’s mouth, as she sucked the young girl’s tit.

Time seemed to stand still as Monica nursed and lightly chewed on the nipple in her mouth. All she could think about was what her sweet pussy must taste like as she felt the nub get harder and harder, in her mouth.

It seemed like it was someone else but off in the distance, as she realized that fingers were deep in her cunt as she sucked away. Her climax came quickly and without effort as she humped the girl’s fingers and bit her nipple.

Exhausted she slumped back into the seat as the young girl eased her fingers out of Monica’s juicy box and sucked them, with a big smile on her face. “Does everyone get serviced like this?” she finally managed to ask Foxy.

“Just the A-List people,” Foxy replied as she thumbed the doors closed. When the doors slowly dropped and closed, it was like being in a womb and Monica felt all warm and safe.

While the car was relatively quiet, the throbbing of the engine was noticeable in the seat as Foxy pulled it into drive and the dual-clutch 7-speed transmission clunked into place. The deep throbbing of the engine growled menacingly as they left the parking lot.

“Is your car pissed?” Monica asked.

“Pissed? What do you mean?”

“Well it just seems like it’s mad or angry, that’s all,” Monica asked as felt the subtle malevolent rumble coming from the engine compartment.

“I guess if you had over 620 ponies jammed together under the hood, you’d be pissed too,” Foxy answered with a laugh. “Well actually it’s well over 700 horsepower as Larry had them add twin turbos for me.”

“Does the car turn you on as much as it does me?” Monica asked as she turned to watch Foxy drive. Even casually driving, with one hand, Monica felt confident that she was in control of the situation.

Foxy smiled at her and reached over to drag her fingernails down the inside of Monica’s leg and cup her palm against the young girl’s obviously wet pussy. As her two middle fingers fell in, she replied, “It’s like driving a six-hundred horsepower vibrator.”

Monica didn’t say a word but slipped down in the seat a little and spread her legs for Foxy. After a few seconds of focusing on how good it felt to be fingered, Monica reached across and went straight under Foxy’s short skirt to the bald pussy that awaited her.

“This is addictive,” Monica said to herself as she took her outer fingers to spread Foxy’s pussy lips apart and allow her inner fingers to slide in.

“Don’t let me get off unless we’re stopped at a red light,” Foxy told her, with a sly grin on her face. Monica could feel Foxy’s pussy muscles gently squeezing her fingers as she sought to keep from coming herself.

Watching Foxy’s face, she could tell when Foxy’s eyes started to glaze over, then she would stop moving her fingers until Foxy came down a little. As Foxy stopped panting, Monica would start working her pussy until she was ready to come again then stopping.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Foxy asked her. “You know you’re being cruel?”

“Well you told me to not let you come,” Monica replied. “Plus, I’m really enjoying playing in your hot box.”

As luck would have it, the light turned red up ahead and Foxy pulled her beast to a stop. Monica was ready for her and quickly swapped hands so she could finger-fuck Foxy as they kissed. Monica almost climaxed as she felt Foxy’s warm lips melt against hers, while she drove her right hand in as far as it would go.

Foxy rose up a little on the seat so that Monica could pound her juicy cunt and before the kiss was half over, Foxy was jerking on Monica’s fingers. Monica could feel the juice gush out and cover her hand. As Foxy relaxed back on the seat, Monica could feel the roadster start to roll forward into the intersection. “Brake!” she yelled at Foxy, who jammed on the brakes.

“Now you see why I can’t come, while I drive?” Foxy told her as their lips brushed together.

Monica leaned back in her seat, while smelling her wet fingers. Finally, unable to resist any longer, started to suck them clean. As she finished cleaning up her fingers, she looked at Foxy and replied, “Pussy is addictive, isn’t it?”

“Pull up your t-shirt, so I can see your tits, while we drive,” Foxy told her.

“What about the guy in the SUV next to us? I think he’s enjoying the show.”

“Just give him a quick flash and then let me see ’em.”

“I feel so wanton,” Monica, said as she raised her t-shirt up until both boobs were completely exposed to the guy adjacent to them. “Oh, he has a wife or girlfriend,” Monica said as she saw a woman peek over the driver’s side to look at them.

“Is she pissed or does she have a smile on her face?” Foxy asked. “Some women just can’t take a joke.”

“Curious, is how I would describe her.”

“Look her straight in the eyes and don’t look at her boyfriend,” Foxy ordered. “Keep your tits out.”

“Don’t worry, any further out and I’d hurt my back. Now she’s interested,” Monica said.

Foxy leaned over and cupped Monica’s boob in her hand, while she twisted the nipple. “She’s cute, don’t ya think?”

Monica was having a hard time thinking as Foxy tortured her little hard nub. The lightening behind her eyelids, was striking hard now and Monica could feel it hitting between her legs, deep inside her sex.

“Would you like to fuck her?” Foxy asked.

“What, fuck her? Do you think we could?”

“Let’s see,” said Foxy as she pulled ahead to the curb. The SUV pulled in behind them as Foxy powered down the passenger window. Thru the rear view mirror, Foxy watched the woman get out of the car and approach.

When she stuck her head in the window, Foxy realized that she was older than she had first thought. Nice looking around fortyish, blonde hair, blue eyes, and nice full lips. The woman glanced down to take in both girls with their skirts up to their waist and Monica with her jugs hanging out.

“Hello, I’m Lucy,” the woman said in a husky voice that reminded Foxy of Jennifer Tilly as she continued to stare at Monica’s hard nipples.

“It’s okay, they are mine but you can touch them,” Foxy told her.

“Yours?” the woman asked.

“Just ask Monica, if you don’t believe me?”

Lucy looked at Monica, who blushed but replied, “I belong to her and she can do anything with me that she wants.”

The woman reached in and touched Monica’s nipple with the tip of her finger, which caused Monica to jerk as she traced around the edge of her nipple. Then she took her thumb and forefinger to lightly pinch the nub.

“Twist it and pull. She likes a little pain!” Foxy instructed Lucy, who twisted Monica’s hard nipple then tugged on it. Monica let out a big gasp as the sensation hit her.

“Who’s the dude?” Foxy asked.

“He’s a neighbor, giving me a ride.”

“If you want to go with us, tell him goodbye.”

“Hang on,” Lucy said and ran back to the SUV. After a few seconds, she came back and Foxy raised the door. Then Monica hopped out and let the woman sit down, then she sat on the woman’s lap.

Foxy smiled as the woman reached up and grabbed both of Monica’s boobs and started playing with them.

“I wish I could stay and play but I have to go. Could we exchange phone numbers and get together soon?” The woman asked as Foxy handed her a card and got her to write down her number on a pad.

Then she gave both girls a nice long kiss and climbed out of the car to drive off.

“Is it always that easy to pick up another girl?” Monica asked as she looked at the woman in the SUV.

“After a while, you get a feeling for it. After all, you came over to the dark side pretty easily,” Foxy replied.

“Since I’ve been escorting the Mayor around, Porsche has kept me perpetually horny,” Monica said as she enjoyed the feelings that were hitting her from Foxy massaging her. “Can I ask, are you and Larry swingers?”

Foxy laughed and replied, “Short answer is yes but it’s a little more complicated than that. We have an open marriage but I’ve never considered us to be full-blown swingers.”

“Okay, I’m interested. What’s the difference?”

“You’ve probably figured out that Larry gets all the pussy he wants, running a strip club and all. Plus there is always a couple of extra girls around to help with the slack.”

“What about you?” Monica asked.

“I get all the pussy I can take care of also!” Foxy answered with a giggle.

“Well I guess I should have said dick.”

Laughing, Foxy replied, “Yeah, I knew what you meant. Truth is, Larry is such a good fuck that I don’t really go looking around too much. Well that is unless I find a really good looking guy or one that’s hung like a horse!”

“Don’t you get jealous?”

“No, not really. Larry is usually careful not to step on his dick very often and when he’s nailing some slut, I know that’s all there is.”

“Loaded question, am I just another slut?” Monica replied as a big tear rolled down her cheek.

Foxy didn’t say anything but pulled the car to the curb, and then she leaned over and took Monica’s head in both hands. Gently kissing her and wiping the tears off her cheek with her thumbs, replied, “Don’t be upset Monica. Our girlfriends are like family and we love every one of you. I’m sure that you don’t want to break up our marriage and you need to have faith.”

“I know Foxy but I’ve never been intimate with someone that I wasn’t dating and casual sex is new to me. There is a lot to deal with here.”

“Monica, you need to talk to our girlfriend Marilyn about this. She was a virgin when she crawled into bed with us and has pretty much been down the same path as you are going.”

“A virgin, are you kidding me?”

“No seriously, Larry is a pretty good photographer and Marilyn was his favorite model, when we lived in the mid-west. She had just turned eighteen and came over one Friday evening for pictures. I suggested that she spend the weekend with us and we would go on a picnic and takes pictures at the park.”

Foxy took her hand and stroked Monica’s cheek and kissed her again before continuing, “That night we had a terrible thunderstorm and Marilyn got scared with all the lightening. She came up to our bedroom and was going to ask if she could sleep on the floor by the bed. When she looked in our bedroom, we were screwing and never noticed her.”

“Anyway, Marilyn got horny watching us as she already had a crush on Larry. Later on, I’m sucking Larry’s cock and happened to see her standing in the doorway, with her fingers in her pussy, Jilling off.”

“Oh, god! What did you do?”

“Well I called her and she came over to the bed, with her panties around one ankle and her t-shirt pulled up to her shoulders. Damn, she was so good looking and I could smell her wet pussy from across the room.”

“She kept staring at Larry’s cock as I was slowly stroking it. Then I asked if she wanted to help me take care of him. Her t-shirt was off in a flash and she crawled into bed next to Larry and started playing with his dick.

“Fuck, she had some of the biggest jugs I’ve ever seen, all natural, and attached to that eighteen year old hard body, that just screamed to be fucked. I could see why Larry’s dick was always hard around her, she had those bedroom eyes that made everyone want to do her.”

“Just like you,” commented Monica.

“Yeah, that’s what some people say but that’s how Marilyn became part of our family. I’m probably not doing a good job at this Monica, I’m just trying to say don’t be upset until you understand us. Our door works both ways and you are always welcome to slip out it.”

“But, I think I’d kind of like to hang around for a while,” Monica replied after thinking about it for a minute.

“Good!” Foxy said as she blasted out into traffic, leaving two trails of burnt rubber to mark her path. Somebody blew their horn at her, which instantly resulted in Foxy giving them the finger through the sunroof.

They both looked at her raised middle finger, which was still wet and Foxy slid it under her nose for a second then put it in her mouth. Smiling contentedly, she sucked her finger as Monica looked at her in amazement.

“You know that you’re one sick puppy,” Monica told her.

“Don’t I know it,” Foxy answered as best she could, while sucking the juice off her finger.

Monica sank back into her seat as she tried to process what had happened to her today and the changes, which had come over her and her body. Without thinking, she dropped her hand between her legs and stroked the back of Foxy’s hand as her lover worked on getting her fingers wet again.

Monica could feel the throbbing of the big engine as Foxy deftly whipped the car through traffic with her one free hand. It did feel like a giant vibrator that was pressed against her bare pussy and no matter how hard she tried, she knew that the “Dark Side” was calling her like Foxy said. Still she was the same person that she always was and no one would know that she was a slut, well as long as she kept her legs together.

That thought caused a giggle to slip through her lips and Foxy glanced over at her, while threading between two tourists gawking at the Strip. “Something funny?” Foxy asked.

“I’ve just realized that I’m a slut and the world better look out!” Monica replied.

“That’s my girl,” Foxy answered as she deftly slid another finger into Monica’s wet snatch.

Monica felt the next finger, which was dry at first, and pulled on her pussy lips as Foxy shoved it in. Spreading her knees as wide as she could, Monica felt the fire between her legs burst into flames as her climax burst over her.

“You really like that, don’t you?” Monica asked, once the pounding in her brain started to subside. She could feel the wetness that Foxy continued to pump out of her fuck hole, as it spread across her inner thighs.

“Like what?”

“Finger fucking,” Monica said simply as she tried to focus on the feelings that Foxy’s fingers started deep inside her.

“God, I love being deep inside a wet pussy and feeling it react to my touch,” Foxy said as she pulled up to a red light, next to a strip bus. “I know most girls like to rub the clit, but I like to be deep inside where the action is.” Then she slid her wet fingers out and quickly put them in her mouth before any of the sweet juice could drip off.

Monica was still in a fog from her last climax and glanced up at the bus, where several people were staring at them. She was so far beyond shame that all she did was lean back in the seat and run her hand under her t-shirt and twist her nipple. A low moan escaped her lips as she pinched her nipple and pulled on the nub.

“Are they enjoying the show?” Foxy asked her as Monica’s legs started to tremble. She closed her eyes to speed up the process and was rewarded by the muscle spasms in her stomach that told her the release was near. Monica’s eyes opened but it was obvious that even though the lights were on, nobody was home.

Monica’s body arched up off the seat as her climax hit her like a runaway train and it felt like each car slammed into her body, one after the other. Each jerk caused a bolt of lightening to slam into her brain as it tried to cope with the overload.

Out of her mouth came an animal like howl as the full intensity of coming rolled over her. For the first time, she completely surrendered and just let it overwhelm her. She could vaguely feel Foxy trying to get her fingers back in the jerking hole but Monica couldn’t stay still. She managed to push Foxy’s hand back as it was distracting and not needed at all.

Foxy seemed to realize what was happening and just leaned over to watch Monica imitate a Gran Mal seizure. As she thrashed around, Foxy managed to grab a nipple as it bounced around and gave the nub a vicious pinch. The pain made Monica’s eyes pop open as her climax took her completely. After a couple of final jerks, Monica slumped back in the seat exhausted.

Looking out the window, Foxy saw a group of young guys and girls in the bus, hooting and hollering. Giving them a big smile, she turned to Monica and kissed her unconscious lips. As their lips melted together, she could feel Monica react to the taste of pussy and the young girl automatically started sucking Foxy’s dirty tongue.

About this time, some jerk behind them started blowing his horn, which caused Foxy to stick her arm out the window and shoot the guy the finger, while keeping her lips glued to her latest conquest. With a spin of his tires, the jerk whipped around the low slung roadster until he was alongside. When he saw the two girls kissing, he slammed on his brakes and slid to a stop.

Foxy tried to match Monica’s climax but couldn’t quite get the intensity as they were cramped in the little bucket seats. “All in all, it was a good come,” Foxy thought as her self-imposed climax washed over her. She was lucky in that she could come by just thinking about it except that it left her exhausted after climaxing so many times in a row.

Settling back into her seat, she looked over at the guy, who mouthed “Sorry.” Foxy gave him a smile back as she finished cleaning Monica off her fingers.

“You know that we are sitting still in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard and people are starting to get curious?” Monica said as she looked at the crowds gathering at the curb.

Suddenly Monica noticed blue lights flashing inside the car and she tried to figure out what the heck was going on. Then she saw the nightstick rapping on Foxy’s window and thought, “We’re in trouble now.”

Foxy powered down the window and looked up at the cop standing beside the car.

“Fuck Foxy, I should have known it was you. We had a call of lewd and lascivious behavior with two semi-naked women. You know better than to do shit like this and don’t make me call your husband!” said the cute little blond cop, who pointed her nightstick at Foxy.

“Oh, sorry Denise. I got carried away and stop pointing that nightstick at me unless you plan on using it.” Foxy answered with a laugh.

“Clean up your act girls and take the show someplace else. When you get to the club or a side street, call me and I’ll come strip search you again.” Then the lady cop stepped away from the car and yelled to the crowd next to them, “Move on folks, nothing to see here!”

“Did she really strip search you?” Monica asked as they drove away.

“Yeah, it was fantastic. She stripped me buck naked, while we were on a side street off Las Vegas Boulevard. Then she made me spread eagle on the hood and handcuffed me to both of my side mirrors. I remember how hard I came, when I felt the cuffs lock onto my wrists. I knew that there was nothing I could do to stop her and was completely under her control.

Then she fucked me with her nightstick! I couldn’t believe how many times I came and I was afraid they would never get the smell off the hood!” Foxy said with a giggle as she remembered her first encounter with Denise. “Never turn down a woman cop with a nightstick. Well that is unless you turn her face down!” Foxy said as she continued to snicker.

“Shit like this happens to you all the time, doesn’t it?” Monica asked in amazement.

“Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls get to go everywhere!” Foxy replied.

“Larry needs to shorten your chain, that’s for sure,” Monica said as she worked her middle finger in Foxy’s wet hole.

———- End of Excerpt ——-

 “Another Day in Paradise”, available at most sellers of smut such as ExcessicaAmazonExciticaSmashWordsApple, and Kobo for the princely sum of $2.99 for your eBook reader, tablet, phone, or PC/Mac.

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