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‘Swinger’s Pool Party’ featured today on Kinky Literature

Last Friday, we went to a great pool party hosted by some good friends of ours. We’ve got a nice pool, but they have a really nice pool. It’s huge with an attached hot tub, complete with a water fountain and a casita.
We left the house about 7 PM as the sun is going down, which is brutal in Las Vegas’ summers. We have a 1973 Elkhart green Corvette convertible, which I brought out here when we moved from the mid-west. I don’t get a chance to drive it a lot as theft is reasonably bad here and hate to park it when I can’t see it.
We left in the early evening when it was still daylight, but the sun was down, and the temperature had fallen to around 100 degrees. My wife Foxy was wearing bikini bottoms and a wife-beater t-shirt that was cut off just at the bottom edge of her boobs (with her arms down LOL).
Without trying to brag, my wife is still stunning and close to 6 foot tall with a full head of curly brunette hair and almost all leg. Not super big jugs but perfectly shaped and stick straight out, with puffy nipples.
The soft cotton material of the t-shirt molded itself to her body and showed off more than it hid. She is an ex-model and moves or struts like one still.
Getting out on the freeway, I let the reins out on the Vette as I worked through the 4-speed and listed to the L-82 engine and its throaty rumble. Swinging onto the Summerlin Parkway, I was idling along at 65 and slowly started passing a large truck. He was high enough to look down into the car and naturally noticed my wife, with barely anything on.
My wife, being the exhibitionist that she is, was eating up all the attention. I noticed that he immediately sped up so he could stay alongside us. My wife was sitting there, with her legs spread, and stroking the inside of her leg as she slowly worked her way up to the Promised Land.
I glanced up at the driver, and it appeared that he was jerking off to my wife’s show. She ran her hand up under her t-shirt to cup her boobs and play with them. Pretty soon she’s got the t-shirt pulled up around her neck, so her tits are hanging out, while she works her nipples. They rapidly harden until the nubs are just like pencil erasers.
As we got close to our exit, my wife has her hand down the front of her bikini bottom and is playing with herself. As we get ready to exit, she pulls her fingers out and shows the truck driver how wet they are. As I accelerate to get off at the exit, she sucks her fingers and waves goodbye. Continue reading

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“Swinger’s Pool Party” featured today Kinky Literature

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Windows 10 – Should You Upgrade?

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