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Should We Bite The Hand That Feeds Us?

As a writer of smut (erotica to those of you with a weak stomach), we typically nurse at the biggest teat we can find, Amazon. But Amazon is typically a love – hate relationship with the author’s of porn constantly … Continue reading

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SmashWords vs Amazon

While I should be asleep, since I have to get up in a couple of hours for my day job, my mind doesn’t want to slow down. Wifey and I just got in from meeting up with friends for a … Continue reading

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Pushing My Luck, Once Again

Now that I’ve managed to get my latest “Adult” ranked book out of Amazon’s dungeon, I think my next story after “Stripper or Nurse” is going to be a long overdue follow up to my one sort of incest stories … Continue reading

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Almost All of My Books Out of Amazon Purgatory

I received my rejection letter last night and Amazon thinks one of my stories is a little too nasty and has received the dreaded “Adult” classification. Now normally you’d think being classified as “Adult” would be a good thing for … Continue reading

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