Swinger’s Box Set #1

Swinger’s Box Set #1 – This erotica box set includes three stories from Larry’s all-time hottest and dirtiest works for those who demand explicit action yet with a well-defined plot. You can tell your husband or wife that you just read the words and don’t look at the pictures. Spoiler alert: no pictures included, except for the cover, sorry.

Larry Archer’s box set of explicit HEA swinger stories is now available in paperback and on Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited members can read every 200,000 juicy words for free.

To purchase the Swinger’s Box Set in paperback, click this link.

These stories were personally selected as the most perverted by the little old blue-haired lady, who keeps them hidden under the counter in plain brown wrappers. Watch out, and don’t let her spray you with Lysol as you leave.

Click here to purchase from Kinky Literature, our recommended supplier. Kinky Literature charges the same price, and you get the satisfaction of dealing with a company that enjoys erotica as much as you do.

The stories included are “Stripper or Nurse?” “Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party,” and “Nina, the Fallen Ballerina.

Purchase Links: [Amazon US] [Amazon UK] or read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

Stripper or Nurse?

An 80,000-word  combination cuckold/Hotwife swinger novel with a lot of voyeurism thrown in. It’s a non-stop sexual romp as you watch how swingers seduce a MILF Hotwife and turn her out.

Our hero, Tom, cuts work one day and joins his friends at The Fox’s Den strip club.  While sitting around the stage, enjoying the dancers, Tom suffers a heart attack and collapses on the floor.

Peaches, a dancer, dressed only in a thong and stripper shoes, looks down and sees him drop to the floor. Leaping off the stage, she checks his vitals and realizes that he’s had a heart attack. Ripping his dress shirt open, Peaches starts CPR on our poor victim. Another dancer, Monique, gets down on her knees to help as they rotate CPR with mouth-to-mouth.

Luckily by the time the paramedics get there, Tom is breathing on his own, and they cart his ass off to the hospital. Peaches and Monique go up to the hospital to check on him in more appropriate clothing.

Tom’s wife Suzanne is there and is already seething from finding out her husband wasn’t at work but was enjoying the young bare boobs at the club. Completely misreading their intentions, Suzanne sends the two dancers on their way after calling them sluts and homewreckers.

Completely distraught, our housewife storms to the club seeking to draw blood for giving hubby a heart attack. Thankfully she regains her senses after meeting the club’s owner, and we learn how she quickly transforms into a MILF in Hotwife’s clothing even before she learns what a Hotwife is.

As she’s catting around, little does she know that her antics are being captured on high definition security cameras. Jack, the head of security and a cuckold himself, realizes that Tom would be excited to watch his wife in action and starts forwarding movies to Tom’s iPad.

Read how Tom’s shock turns to excitement as he watches his wife seduced by a swinger couple and becomes a complete slut like the two strippers, who saved her husband.

The story has a lot of twists and turns but is always HEA, so everybody lives happily ever after, and Tom gets to watch Suzanne as she fulfills her repressed desires. The story is bareback with plenty of girl-on-girl action as well as oral, facial, and anal. Plus, for you voyeurs out there, you’ll get your eyes full.

For an excerpt from Stripper or Nurse? – Click This Link

Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party

Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party

Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party is an 80,000-word explicit erotic novel about how Greg and Samantha innocently invite themselves to what they think is just a huge New Year’s Eve party given by neighbors that they’ve only met a couple of times socially.

Imagine the surprise of when they crash their neighbor’s New Year’s Eve Party only to discover that they are in the midst of a swinger’s pajama party, with over one-hundred people engaged in outrageous behavior.

Based upon an actual event, the party crashers are quickly drawn into the erotic world of swingers, where virtually anything goes. This HEA story follows the new couple as they quickly discover how much fun the Lifestyle can offer.

Larry Archer’s swinger couple who are in most of his stories, Foxy and Larry, serve as ringmasters to guide and coach our new couple as they immerse themselves in this anything-goes lifestyle.

This is an explicit sex story for both men and women, which is written in the humorous style that Larry Archer is known for. As usually with Larry’s stories, Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party has an actual plot and is filled on virtually every page with exactly why you purchase erotica to read and entertain yourself.

For an excerpt from Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party – Click This Link

Nina the Fallen Ballerina

Nina, The Fallen Ballerina, is a sexy tale about a beautiful young woman who trained all her life to be a ballerina. However, as she grew up, she realized that she was never going to achieve her dream.

Ballerinas are typically small tiny girls, and as Nina grew into a picture of her mother, she was tall and lanky, not ballerina material at all. Frustrated, Nina threw herself into her college studies and graduated with an MBA at age twenty-four.

Once again, she was thwarted in her dreams. Working in an office with a sexist boss, she found herself unfulfilled and unhappy.

Just when things couldn’t get any darker, she discovered a job listing for exotic dancers at The Fox’s Den. Could this be her destiny? She asked herself as she was interviewed by the club’s manager Linda.

Maybe it was the first time dancing naked on stage or the way Linda kissed her that Nina felt she was home at last. It seemed natural to fall into the casual sex attitudes at The Fox’s Den, and Nina found herself passed around like a joint at a hippie party.

Nina, The Fallen Ballerina, is an adult’s only HEA story that features a lot of girl-on-girl action as well as explicit straight, oral, and anal scenes.

This story, like all of Larry Archer’s, are explicit stories with vivid descriptions of sexual situations and written in Larry Archer’s humorous style.

For an excerpt from Nina the Fallen Ballerina – Click This Link

Purchase Links: [Amazon US] [Amazon UK] or read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

I’m Larry Archer, and I write erotic stories for the huddled and yearning masses. Foxy and I are swingers in real life. I write about the things we do and see, especially swingers, unicorns, Hotwives, and cuckolds. While the Lifestyle is not for everyone, it’s been fun for us. My smut is explicit and hardcore but with a somewhat plot. Larry Archer’s porn stories are generally positive and fun, as this reflects how enjoyable swinging has been to us. If you’re interested in checking out my stories, I publish at all the typical outlets.

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Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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  1. Three classics, Larry!

    Too bad there are no pictures… ;^)


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    • LarryArcher says:

      Depending on the house party, there are usually slide shows or movies playing. When we lived in the midwest a porn star I knew lived in KC and would always come to our parties, especially New Year’s PJ party. She would bring DVD’s of her movies to show at the party. It was funny to see a movie of her on the screen and people would be watching the movie rather than her in real life.


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