Polyamory – Is It a Kink Too Far

The Perfect Wife

As an author of erotic stories, I realize that I tend to write about the same topics and am trying to expand my horizons, really, I am!

My stories tend to be sagas, and one story takes up where the previous one ended. About a half dozen stories ago, I decided to inject some angst into the fictional relationship between the core couple, Foxy and Larry, who exist in virtually every story.

The Cliff Notes version of Foxy and Larry is a fictitious couple based upon my wife and me. We have been swingers for a number of years and would like to be able to talk about it. Unfortunately, it’s hard to interject into polite conversation such topics as “We fucked a new couple we met at an orgy last weekend!”

The book versions of ourselves have tended to be somewhat true to life, and I’ve tried to stick close to the truth whenever possible. This meant that the decisions and actions of the fictional Foxy and Larry would mirror us in real life. I often have to consider if we would actually do something that I’ve written about. For the most part, if it’s in a story, then we’ve done or been involved in a similar situation in real life.

Often, I can imagine folks saying, “That can’t be true, or people don’t do those kinds of things,” but you’d be surprised at life around the edges of society. We were lucky in that our first taste of the swing scene was with a large group of people in the mid-west who had been partying for years. Being at parties with sometimes hundreds of like-minded couples is an unbelievable experience.

The Lifestyle has been a lot of fun for us and allows my wife and me to scratch an itch that may be too much for others. In most cases, if your wife found out that you were banging a coworker, you’d find the locks changed and your clothes in the front yard. With us, it’s, “Tell me everything she did, and do you think I’d like her?”

Writing became my outlet for talking about what we do in our secret life. I’ve been writing porn stories for over ten years and have published about thirty-five books in both electronic and print formats.

Rewinding back to House Party 1, I decided to screw up our relationship but couldn’t bring myself to actually destroy it. At a house party, which is an acronym for a swinger’s party, Foxy decides to run off to L.A. with a guy she partied with. As it turns out, he is a porn movie producer, and Foxy is intrigued with acting in smut movies. In actuality, this is not much of a stretch as she was a model when we met and has never seen a camera she didn’t love.

Foxy has a somewhat Jekyll and Hyde personality. Sometimes, she is shy and reserved and at other times is outrageously over the edge. Acting in porn movies is certainly within her wheelhouse of possibilities.

Over the rest of the House Party series, I’ve brought Foxy back to Las Vegas and her husband, but now things have changed. Both now have a serious boyfriend and girlfriend to deal with. To further fuel the fire, I’ve decided to add polyamory to the mix. Personally, I don’t think I could do poly as I couldn’t be deeply emotionally involved with two women, but we’ll see.

I’ve written several Hotwife stories and really enjoy that kink. Several of the couples we know are in a Hotwife relationship. I’ve always been a Bull in these encounters, and this has spilled over into my fictional life.

Cuckold – Hotwife couples are so much fun to be with, and it’s easy to imagine some of the escapades they get into.

I’m Larry Archer, a simple writer of smut stories in both print and electronic format. Foxy and I are swingers in real life, and I write about the things we do and see. While the Lifestyle is not for everyone, it’s been fun for us. My smut is explicit and hardcore but with a somewhat plot. My porn stories are generally positive and fun as this reflects how enjoyable swinging has been to us. If you’re interested in checking out my stories, I publish at all the typical outlets.

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Here is a long X-rated excerpt from my latest story, The Perfect Wife, coming soon.

Walking into their penthouse bedroom, Foxy saw Sherry riding Larry’s dick and quietly backed out of the bedroom. Getting a glass of wine, she walked out on the patio and sat down on the chaise lounge. It was a beautiful night, warm but not oppressive. The muted sounds of people and activity from The Strip floated up to her.

She loved being close to the nightlife and knew that Larry was not a fan of all the excitement. He was more used to the sounds of the night creatures and not of people singing and carrying on. Sipping her wine, Foxy replayed the events of the night and decided that she had made the right decision even though it meant walking in on her husband fucking his girlfriend.

She closed her eyes and lay back against the lounger as a calmness fell over her. She must have dozed off until movement awakened her. Opening her eyes, she saw Sherry sitting beside her, still buck naked and reeking of sex.

“Did you come in the bedroom earlier?” Sherry asked as she put her hand on Foxy’s leg. “I thought I felt your presence?”

“Yes, but you two were busy, and I didn’t want to disturb you,” Foxy answered. She rose off the couch and kissed Sherry. She could taste Larry’s cum on Sherry’s lips, and surprisingly, it made her smile. “You taste good,” she said honestly.

“I taste like Larry, but you know that,” Sherry said simply. “I hope you’re not offended?”

“Not at all,” Foxy replied. “Thank you for taking care of Larry. Sometimes I worry about how much I’ve hurt him.”

Putting her arm around Foxy, Sherry kissed her cheek, “He’s stronger than you might think. I think he knows that Butch is just a fad.”

“I’ve made a royal fuckup of everything and don’t deserve decent treatment,” Foxy said.

“Yes, you have, and I understand why you did it, but I’m not convinced that your wanting to be a porn star and live on your own is worth what you have to give up to accomplish that,” Sherry replied without much emotion in her voice. “Remember, from the first, I said that I would not assist in you fucking your life up, but I wouldn’t shoot you in the foot either! I know that the prize at the end of the long brick road is Larry, and I’m going to keep my focus on the target even when you don’t.”

Foxy put her arms around Sherry, and they kissed for a long time. It was the kiss of two lovers and not two horny people. As they touched tongues, Sherry pulled the tie holding Foxy’s dress together and, between them, got the dress off and thrown onto the patio. Sherry loved the feel of the big-haired brunette’s firm tits against her larger, softer ones.

“I love how your nipples burn into me,” Sherry whispered into Foxy’s ear while giving her earlobe a nip.

Foxy pushed at Sherry’s knee and loved how she instantly flopped open to expose herself. Foxy’s two middle fingers slid easily into the blonde’s wet pussy. Foxy’s body shuddered with delight as she felt the wetness inside her adversary. Foxy worked the girl’s cunt and thought about how the juices felt.

“Twice?” She asked Sherry.

Giggling, Sherry responded, “Larry’s gotten a lot better about cumming twice, and most of the time, I get to take him in my mouth and pussy.” Then after another kiss, Sherry continued, “Or better yet, pussy, ass, then clean up in my mouth!”

“My, aren’t we the adventurous ones,” Foxy laughed.

“Of course, I’m not sure I can ever beat your record with Butch,” Sherry replied.

Foxy’s body gave a visceral reaction even as she fought to suppress it. With a laugh, Foxy answered, “Typically, it’s mouth, pussy, ass, and then the finale in my mouth again!”

“Has Larry ever climaxed four times?” Sherry asked.

“Once, after an especially good house party, Larry came six times,” Foxy said as she recalled that night.

“Did he get six girls?” Sherry asked.

“No, only two,” Foxy replied as she pulled her juicy fingers out of Sherry’s wet hole. “The final four were with me and all pussy and mouth.” Smelling her dirty fingers, Foxy smiled to herself and began to enjoy Larry’s cum and Sherry’s pussy juice she’d dug out of the big-titted blonde’s cunt. It was a sick obsession to enjoy her husband’s spunk mixed with another girl’s pussy juice that she sucked off her fingers. Foxy knew that Sherry also loved to suck Larry’s dick after he’d gotten it wet in some slut’s hole.

So there is hope for me? Sherry thought as the idea of taking six loads of jizz out of Larry’s balls made her abused brain fuzzy.

“We’d probably have to cut off all his girlfriends to give his balls time to refill,” Foxy laughed. “There would likely be a revolt of sluts all pissed at us! Maybe even a strike. I can just see the protest signs now.”

They continued to kiss, and stroke each other’s breasts as the warm glow surrounded them. Foxy felt so comfortable with Sherry even when she was likely her worst enemy.

“Do you like doing porn?” Sherry asked as they snuggled together.

“It satisfies my exhibitionist side,” Foxy giggled. “The thought of everyone watching me is such a turn-on, and I love that.”

“Larry said that you have a shy side, which frankly is hard to believe,” Sherry replied. “You always seem to be fearless and on the edge, ready to jump off into the abyss.”

“Yeah,” Foxy laughed. “I can’t explain it, but I’m a quiet, shy type part of the time, and Larry struggles to understand me at times. Then I’ll turn around and do something that if he’d asked me to do, I’d be royally pissed.”

“Like get on your knees for some big cock,” Sherry replied.

“No, that was real. The instant I saw that monster, I knew that it probably wouldn’t fit, but I was going to die trying,” Foxy replied as she thought back to the first time Butch took her. “Larry was amazed at my behavior but just shook his head. You have to understand that I had no experience before Larry and assumed everyone was as big as he was. Then when we got into swinging, I realized that most guys didn’t measure up to what I had at home. So, when I first saw Butch’s cock, I was in love.”

“How was Butch’s wife?” Sherry asked as she enjoyed talking to Foxy. For the first time, it seemed as if they were connecting.

“It was his girlfriend, and she wasn’t that interested in Larry,” Foxy said. “I don’t think she liked pussy either. All I cared about was getting that dick in me, and Larry was the least of my concerns. Butch is one of the few guys I know who can usually get off at least four times.”

Foxy stroked the inside of Sherry’s leg as she enjoyed the closeness there were sharing. Sherry was an adversary, but today, it seemed as if they were partners. Sherry and Larry were her fault, and even though she’d pushed them together, it was hard not to be pissed at this gorgeous blond. Tonight, they seemed to have both pushed the reset button and were actually communicating.

“I appreciate you sharing Larry with me,” Sherry replied as she leaned back on the chaise lounge beside Foxy. Their warm bodies seemed to melt together as the glow from the Las Vegas Strip softly lit the patio. “I’m happy with our relationship and hope that it can continue. For the first time in my life, things seem to be coming together, and I have Larry and you to thank for it.”

Their peaceful interlude was interrupted by Foxy’s cell phone ringing on the table next to them. Picking the iPhone up, she saw it as a 314 number and guessed Tony was checking in.

“Hello, Tony,” Foxy said.

“Can we FaceTime?” He asked.

“Sure,” Foxy replied and switched over to FaceTime. “Is that better?” She asked.

“Are you still naked?” Tony asked as he looked at her body over the phone. “That’s not Wanda beside you, is it? It doesn’t look like her, and I don’t think Wanda would be outside without clothes.”

Laughing, Foxy replied, “I’m afraid you may not recognize your wife when you come home. And no, that’s not Wanda. It’s my husband’s girlfriend, Sherry. Isn’t she gorgeous with those big jugs?”

“Is Wanda with Larry? She’s not answering her cell?” Tony asked, then followed up with, “Could I see more of Sherry?”

“Would you like to talk to Wanda’s husband?” Foxy asked and handed her phone over to Sherry.

“Hi, Tony, I’m Sherry,” She said as she held the phone out so Tony could see her body.

“Ask him if he’s jerking off?” Foxy whispered in Sherry’s ear.

“Tony, are you stroking your dick?” Sherry asked. “Let me see.”

“Yeah! That’s pretty much all I’ve done is jack off,” Tony admitted. “Are you bald like Foxy?”

“We’re all lasered, and I understand that your wife is mostly finished with getting rid of her pussy hair,” Sherry replied. “Foxy said that I wasn’t allowed to talk to you or let you watch if you don’t rub your dick, and it’s not nice and hard?”

“Don’t worry, I’m jerking off,” Tony replied.

“Show me?” Sherry asked and tilted the phone down to show that Foxy now had three fingers in her pussy. She could see Tony’s hard dick as he quickly stroked it while looking at her through the phone’s display. “Foxy is playing in my cunt,” Sherry offered as the beginnings of an orgasm began to hammer her brain.

“Which one of us are you thinking about?” Sherry asked. “Whose lips are wrapped around the head of your dick?”

“Yours,” Tony answered simply.

“Good boy,” She answered. “Did Foxy tell you that I love to suck dick, and I swallow?”

“Oh, God!” Tony answered, and the girls watched as he sprayed spunk all over himself.

“Keep stroking it,” Foxy ordered and watched as Tony spread the cum all over his cock. Then she asked, “Did you enjoy having Sherry suck you off?”

“Un, huh,” Tony responded as he continued to slowly jerk his dick.

“What were you fantasizing about?” Foxy giggled.

“Sherry sucking my cock while I watched some guy fucking my wife,” Tony admitted. “Am I sick for thinking about her being with another man?”

“You’d be surprised at how many guys like that,” Sherry replied. “You know that Foxy’s husband is a Bull himself?”

“What’s a Bull?” Tony asked.

“A Bull is who fucks your wife’s brains out while you watch and jerk off,” Sherry replied. “Bulls always have large cocks to service the Hotwives. Just think of a big bull out in the pasture eating grass. His only job is to fuck all the heifers in the field. It’s an analogy but describes it perfectly if you think about it. A guy with a big dick that all the ladies lust after.”

“So, Wanda is a Hotwife now?” Tony questioned as the light started to come on in his mind. Accepting the fact that his usually sweet, innocent wife had turned into a complete slut the moment he walked out the door was a shock.

“Now you are starting to understand,” Foxy replied with a smile. Then she pulled her wet fingers out of Sherry’s juicy hole and started to suck them. Tony watched as the big-haired brunette cleaned up her fingers and started to stroke his dick faster.

Sherry’s eyes dilated as she watched Foxy clean her fingers. Then after a shudder ran through her body, she told Tony, “You may not realize it, but my cunt is full of Larry’s cum, and that’s what Foxy is licking off her fingers. Does that turn you on to know what she’s doing?” Afterward, Sherry kissed Foxy deeply.

“Do you like the taste?” Tony asked. “I’ve never seen my wife with jizz in her mouth or on her face before.”

“You know that she’s sucked Larry off?” Foxy replied as she watched Tony’s face for his reaction. “She loves the taste of warm cum straight out of his dick or my cunt!”

“She’s sucked Larry’s stuff out of your pussy?” Tony asked in an astonished voice. Foxy and Sherry continued to kiss as they listened to the sound of Tony frantically jacking off over the phone.

Giggling, Foxy replied, “You’re entering a world that most men never get to experience or believe exists but fantasize that does. Most can’t wait to offer their wife up as a sacrifice.”

About LarryArcher

Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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15 Responses to Polyamory – Is It a Kink Too Far

  1. I actually don’t think of polyamory as a kink.

    Furthermore it makes tremendous sense to me (though it’s tough to implement in reality).

    The notion that one person could satisfy all your needs seems naive to me.

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  2. kdaddy23 says:

    It’s definitely not a kink and it makes a hell of a lot more sense that being monogamous; it lends itself to a sense of… love and security that is absent, to an extent, just being open. It’s not always about sex but, whew, oh, boy, hot damn!

    Lisabet, that notion isn’t naive but when it was conceived, there was an express purpose for it that human ingenuity has long since made moot – read this as making babies and not having the gene pool “polluted” by extraneous sex and pregnancies. A lot of people eventually learn that expecting one person to take care of every need you’ll ever have in your life is… patently ridiculous.

    It is the ultimate relationship…

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  3. Mark K says:

    ” I’ve decided to add polyamory to the mix.”

    So what’s Chrissy’s relationship with Foxy and Larry then?

    Liked by 1 person

    • LarryArcher says:

      You’re right it’s not really a kink but straight people probably think so. My problem is being in love with two people at the same time. With swinging, it’s just sex but I don’t know if I could juggle two at a time emotionally.


      • kdaddy23 says:

        Trust me: Dealing with two women emotionally is… interesting and that’s me being nice about it. It’s actually pretty amazing until something goes sideways and you can bank on that happening and now it’s all about what to do when it does.

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  4. LarryArcher says:

    Chrissy is a FWB relationship that we’ve had for a long time. Foxy was her first girl and we were her first threesome. Our relationship with Chrissy would take a full post to try and explain. Initially, she would come over and skinny dip with us but she asked Wifey if she could have sex with me. She had no idea we were in the Lifestyle. At least I don’t think so. We ended up in bed together and I was going down on Foxy when Chrissy asked if she could try. That’s when she discovered that she liked girls also. Chrissy is sweet and honest, and we’ve always been kind of a family. Sort of like being poly except that I’m not emotionally in love with her. It’s hard to explain our relationship but it has been fun. She’s exactly as portrayed in the stories.


    • Mark K says:

      OK, I didn’t realize there was a real life Chrissy, I was referring to the characters in the books.

      IIRC, Chrissy is referred to as a “girlfriend” in multiple books, and she lives with Larry and Foxy, which is why I thought that the polyamory threshold had already been crossed.

      It’s hard to gauge the exact amount of emotional attachment the character Larry has with any of the various women in the books, since he considers many of them “family” and clearly cares about their well being, so he obviously has some degree of emotional attachment.

      Yes, one has a different type of love for one’s siblings and parents than one’s significant other(s), but as I said, this degree of distinction isn’t obvious, at least to me, in the books.

      I’m not suggesting you need to go into that detail, simply explaining why I thought there already was poly in the books.

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  5. LarryArcher says:

    kDaddy “It’s actually pretty amazing until something goes sideways” I can relate to that. Juggling women who you’re not in love with can often be a challenge!


  6. Mark K says:

    Again Larry, my comments were about the character Chrissy in your books, not the real life Chrissy.

    You have both the real life Chrissy, and the one you write about in the books, so perhaps the two merge in your mind.

    We who only know of what’s in the books, don’t know about the real life Chrissy, so we can only go on what we read.

    As I said, in the books, she’s routinely referred to as their “girlfriend” and she lives with them.

    So it walks like a duck, it talks like a duck… I’m thinking it could be a duck.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LarryArcher says:

      Keep in mind that what you read is a fictionalized version and sometimes differs from real life. LOL

      The fictional Chrissy is basically a girl toy we keep around the house. Fictional Larry is richer than God and keeping Chrissy in Corvette Convertibles and clothes is not too much of a drain. Foxy needs someone to entertain her. Both versions of Foxy are high maintenance for sure!

      While a lot of the characters in my stories are based upon our friends, an equal number are just created out of thin air and my vivid imagination.


  7. LarryArcher says:

    Mark – Hit enter too quickly. In the Lifestyle, there is a line in the sand between sex and love which we try to not cross. It’s like kissing, we don’t kiss other people excessively as kissing is more intimate and personal. Certainly, the girls kiss but that’s different. We’ve never broached being poly and even with people that you have sex with frequently, it’s done at arm’s length, so to speak. A lot of our “rules” are intended to ensure NSA (no strings attached) sex and avoid personal entanglements. I guess our attitudes have developed over time and by knowing others who have lived the Lifestyle for years. Our original swinger’s club was twenty-thirty years old before we joined and we adopted the existing rules as they have worked for others. Personally, I don’t know of anyone who is in a poly relationship. There are a number of couples with an extra partner but none that I’m aware of where love is involved. There are apparently a lot of poly couples but I’m not sure I could handle it.


    • Mark K says:

      Again Larry, not to be pedantic, but let’s go back to the original statement you wrote.

      “Over the rest of the House Party series, I’ve brought Foxy back to Las Vegas and her husband, but now things have changed. Both now have a serious boyfriend and girlfriend to deal with. To further fuel the fire, I’ve decided to add polyamory to the mix.”

      So clearly here, you are talking about the fictional Larry and Foxy, not you and your wife’s real life experiences.

      In the books, Chrissy is described, multiple times, as a “live in girlfriend”.

      So in the context of the books, that would seem to check the poly box.

      Yes, I realize, I’m bordering on being substantially anal retentive on this, so I’ll just share with you what I use as an avatar on some web forums I frequent.

      Liked by 1 person

      • LarryArcher says:

        Mark – I can always count on you to hold my feet to the fire. In this latest phase of issues between Larry and Foxy, I’m somewhat spitballing here with the poly, and our real-life relationship with Chrissy has never been romantic. I guess I’ve never thought about it, but besides being good friends, it has never progressed. We are somewhat roommates, I guess is the easiest explanation or FWB. When we moved to Las Vegas from the midwest, she asked if she could move out with us. She didn’t have any family in town and worked at a mediocre job. Nothing was keeping her in town, so it worked out okay. I use our real life as a starting point for stories that I dream up, so you can’t try to connect real vs fictional too closely. Being swingers alters how you deal with relationships between people.

        One thing is that our current fictional problems haven’t been a reflection of our real selves, and don’t think it could ever happen to the real us. So in writing, I have to try and think up how things could possibly occur.


  8. LarryArcher says:

    Mark – Another follow-up on your comment. In my latest story, being released this Friday. Foxy has asked Sherry to join her and Larry in a poly relationship. In “The Perfect Wife,” she asked Sherry to join them, but the poly arrangement has not been fleshed out. We will have to see where this goes. I’m about 20,000 words in the story that follows The Perfect Wife, and it doesn’t include any reference to a poly relationship at this point. I’ve got to think this poly thing out more, but right now, I’m in the process of publishing The Perfect Wife. Publishing is a behind the scene process but should be finished this weekend. I’m thinking of a blog post to try and explain our relationship but have to finalize the release of the new story.


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