“The Perfect Wife” is on the Final Lap

The Perfect Wife

The Perfect Wife, my latest smut story, is heading towards the finish line! Besides typing “The End,” or saying, “I promise I won’t cum in your mouth!” are really hard things for me to do.

Without trying to pat myself on the back too hard, I honestly feel this is one of the best stories I’ve done to date. Humorous with non-stop sex, as usual, deals with a couple of MILFs falling from grace. The story is rapidly approaching 70,000 words and will immediately be released in print form after the electronic version is released.

Larry purchased his wife Foxy a penthouse condo just off the Las Vegas Strip in a compound known as The Towers. Fashioned after a real-life walled-in complex, The Towers are a four-block square of a city within a city. With twenty-foot-high outside walls and armed security guards, it is one of the safest areas adjacent to the famous Las Vegas Strip.

The Towers has bars, restaurants, gyms, pools, tennis courts, and any other amenity that could possibly be desired. Home to numerous movie stars and other well-known people, Foxy and Larry have a collection of friends they’ve met there.

I’ve sort of zeroed in on this for the cover image as I’ve got an idea for the print version of the book but hope that I’m not too smart for my own good!

Editor’s Note: I’m going to try something different with this post. As I talk about The Perfect Wife, I’m including clips from the story to illustrate some of the details. This post is going to be long, so maybe you should go to the bathroom first.

Our first MILF, Wanda, has just moved into tower three from St. Louis. Their moving van broke down halfway across the country and they are in an empty condo with only the clothes in their suitcases. Tony, Wanda’s husband, is a troubleshooter for a worldwide conglomerate and spends a lot of his time overseas at one of his company’s satellite offices.

Tony wanted a safe place for his wife where she would have anything her heart desired without having to walk more than fifty feet from their front door. As luck would have it, a software problem sent Tony to England in the middle of their first night, leaving his poor wife to fend for herself.

Wanda looked in the kitchen cabinet, and as she already knew, the cupboard was bare. But it was no laughing matter. They had barely gotten moved in when Tony had to leave for London unexpectedly. As a troubleshooter, he had to often travel on short notice to one of his company’s worldwide offices. Now, Wanda was stuck in a strange town, without a car, and hungry to boot.

They had moved into The Towers yesterday in a comedy of errors. Their moving truck broke down in Arizona, and virtually everything beyond what was in their suitcases was somewhere in Arizona for God knows how long. Wanda and her husband Tony had purchased the condominium in the exclusive complex right off the famous Strip in Las Vegas. Tony had decided to buy this place which was a little city inside the entertainment capital of the world.

“You’ll never have to leave the property,” Tony told her. “Everything we could ever need is here at The Towers. Restaurants, bars, gym, tennis courts, and security like Fort Knox, so I don’t have to worry about you when I’m out of town.”

We now have everything except food in the kitchen, she thought to herself.

Slipping into some modest heels, she walked to the elevator. After taking a deep breath, pressed the button for the ground floor. Following the signs, she walked to the restaurant and entered. There were two women already waiting, a tall brunette and a big redhead. From the back, Wanda could see that they were knockouts. Both girls were in ultra-short mini dresses that barely covered their rear ends. The brunette had long slender, well-toned legs, with a big head of curly brunette hair. The redhead was stockier with more of a body builder’s statue.

Wanda timidly stood behind the two girls and waited to be seated. The hostess came rushing up from somewhere and addressed the two women, “Hey, Foxy and Chrissy. Sorry to make you wait.” Then spying Wanda standing behind them, “Three for lunch?”

“No, two,” Foxy replied and then turned to look at Wanda. “Wait, are you alone?”

“Yes,” Wanda timidly replied.

Foxy said, “Three for lunch.” Then stepping aside, she motioned for Wanda to follow the hostess. The three of them followed the hostess, which was a prolonged affair. Foxy stopped and talked to a number of the other guests. It seemed like she knew everyone, and Wanda wished she could be that confident in public. She met a bunch of people and immediately forgot their names as the next group was introduced.

Without giving too much more of the story away, shy and reserved Wanda gets sucked into an alien world beyond her wildest dreams without her husband protecting her.

“I wanted to call and check on you since I had to run off and leave you in a strange city?” Tony asked. “Can you FaceTime?”

“Sure,” she answered and flipped over to FaceTime. Wanda felt better when she saw her husband with his shirt unbuttoned in what looked to be a hotel room. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I went back to my room and grabbed a quick shower. I’ve got to leave in a few minutes and head back to work,” Tony replied as he buttoned his shirt. “Are you getting dressed? You look so sexy like that.”

Wanda stopped and then looked down at her top, unbuttoned down past her boobs. Pulling her top together with her fingers, she said, “No, I just got back from lunch and met two interesting women who live in the penthouse of our tower.”

“Leave it open,” Tony replied. “Your boobs look great, and I miss them. I like the no-bra look!”

“I got lotion on my only one when the bottle broke in my suitcase,” Wanda explained. “Do you really like it? I felt so exposed, and people stared at us! I know they were all looking at our breasts!”

“You look gorgeous, and I love the look,” Tony gushed. “Tell me about the girls you met?”

“I was standing in line at the restaurant, and they were in front of me. Foxy asked if I was alone and invited me to join them,” Wanda said and automatically thought, Las Tres Putas. I didn’t have anything to wear and ended up wearing this outfit. It barely covers my behind and makes me feel slutty, but I was starving to death without any other choice. At least the two girls I met were wearing even skimpier clothes.”

“Show me your outfit?” Tony said.

Wanda held her hand out so her husband could see the blouse and miniskirt she was wearing with his phone.

“Wow! Sexy!” Tony said. “Is this how you dress when I’m out of town?”

“Hush!” Wanda laughed. “Foxy made the adjustments to my dress, and I’m always a nice girl when you are away.”

“I thought you were a good girl?” Tony asked with a big smile on his face.

“Not after Foxy told me the difference between a nice girl and a good girl,” Wanda laughed. “Would you like it if I was a good girl? She said her husband always calls her a good girl when she’s giving him oral!”

“I think I’d like that,” Tony replied. “Who has a name like Foxy?”

“She’s so interesting and fun to be with,” Wanda replied. “And she’s bisexual,” she added in a whisper.

“Whoa!” Tony said. “Now you’ve got me interested. Has she tried to get into your pants?”

“Maybe,” Wanda replied. “I’m new at this, but she did kiss me.”

“Did you like it?”

“It made me feel funny,” Wanda answered as she searched for the proper response. She could feel her sex still tingling from being with her, especially since they were about to go skinny dipping.

“Funny, haha, or funny, good?” Her husband kept digging.

“She said guys like to watch. Is that true?” Wanda asked.

“Don’t try to change the subject,” Tony said. “She hit on you, didn’t she?”

“Why would a gorgeous woman like that want to sleep with me?” Wanda said. “Especially how hot her girlfriend is.”

From over her shoulder, she heard, “You’ve still got your clothes on? We gave you time alone to strip off.” Turning around, she was shocked to see Foxy with a beach towel tied under her arms to cover her down to her crotch, and Chrissy was wearing a towel around her waist. The redhead’s big jugs were entirely out for inspection. They had apparently been in the bathroom getting undressed.

Flustered, Wanda couldn’t tear her eyes away from those massive freckled boobs in front of her. It was apparent that both girls were nude under their towels. As Foxy walked towards her, the towel swung to the side, and she got a glimpse of her bald vagina before the towel swung back to barely cover her.

“Are you on the phone?” Foxy asked as she saw the phone in Wanda’s hand.

“My husband called,” She offered an excuse.

“Tell him that his wife is in good hands, and we’ll take care of you,” Foxy said with a laugh.

“She said to tell you that I was in good hands,” Wanda replied automatically. “Foxy said she’d take good care of me,” she added as a shiver moved down her body at the realization of what she’d said. I’m afraid of exactly that, she thought to herself.

“Show me your friends?” Tony asked.

Holding the phone against her chest, Wanda asked, “Tony wants to see you. Is that okay?”

“Hand me the phone,” Foxy ordered and held out her hand. Wanda automatically handed the phone over.

“Tony, my name is Foxy, and this is my friend Chrissy. Your cute wife is going hang out and go swimming with us,” Foxy said as she looked at the display. She could see that he was an attractive guy with sandy blonde hair and broad shoulders. He appeared to be about six feet and in good shape. She could see Tony trying to catch her outfit.

Holding the phone out, she smiled at it and said, “Not too great of a shot, but my girlfriend is topless and has nice jugs!” Then she reversed the camera and pointed it to Chrissy, who smiled for the camera and pulled her shoulders back to raise her rack.

“Let me see you again, Foxy?” Tony asked over the phone.

Holding the phone out to the side, Foxy stuck one long leg out of the towel and gave him a good view of her side open from her waist to her long legs. “Meet with your approval?” she giggled.

“My wife said you were a knockout, but I didn’t realize how much of a fox you are in addition to the name,” Tony replied.

“Thank you,” Foxy replied. “You’re not too shabby yourself!”

“I’m surprised my wife has a bathing suit as she packed light. We weren’t expecting the moving van to break down in another state,” Tony said as he continued to stare at Foxy.

“She doesn’t need one,” Foxy simply replied. “We’re going to work on getting rid of her tan lines.”

“Nude sunbathing?” Tony asked with a shocked tone.

“You are quick, aren’t you?” Foxy laughed. “Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of your wife.”

Tony laughed over the phone, “I don’t know if I should be thankful or worried?”

“After you leave your beautiful wife here all alone while you jet off to England is not the time to start worrying,” Foxy laughed. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble!”

“It seems I have no choice but to leave her in your capable hands,” Tony admitted.

As you might expect, things go downhill from there as her education rapidly progresses. As you might expect, Tony on the one hand worries about what mischief his wife is getting into yet on the other hand is dying to know the dirty details.

The next thing she remembered was Chrissy rubbing her dirty fingers on Wanda’s lips, and she instinctively started to suck the redhead’s wet fingers. Laughing, Chrissy let Foxy suck them for a minute, then put them in her mouth.

Her brain was ringing as she tried to recover from her orgasm when it dawned on her that it was her phone. Foxy picked it up and could see a picture of Tony, Wanda’s husband, and she opened the FaceTime app.

“Hi, Tony,” Foxy smiled at the display and said. “Wanda can’t come to the phone. She’s busy.”

“Are you naked?” Tony asked. She could see him trying to see her boobs on the cell phone’s display. Foxy pointed the phone down and pinched one nipple while twisting it. He could see that it was fully erect and hard. Foxy leaned over and licked her nipple, then sucked it for a moment. “I like being nude as it makes it easy to suck my titty.”

“Foxy and Chrissy were showing me my g-spot when you interrupted!” Wanda replied, obviously agitated as she looked towards Foxy standing here with the phone at arm’s length. Then she closed her eyes to enjoy Chrissy licking her pussy and sucking it.

“What’s the g-spot?” Tony asked as he tried to tear his attention away from Foxy’s luscious body. He could see that she was completely bald as he looked between her open legs.

“From the way your wife reacted, I can believe that you don’t know what the g-spot is,” Foxy laughed. “But don’t worry, by the time you get back, she’ll know all about it plus a bunch of other things!”

“Would you like to watch your wife in action?” Foxy teased as she looked over to see Wanda running her fingers through the Amazon’s red hair as she enjoyed the sensation of having her pussy sucked.

“Yes! I’d like to watch,” Tony replied.

“Pull your dick out and stroke it,” Foxy ordered. “You’ve got to convince me that you want to see your wife’s first lesbian experience?”

Foxy chuckled to herself as she watched the image of Tony shake as he hurriedly unzipped his pants. She could see the look of relief as he closed his fingers around his cock.

“Let me see your dick?” Foxy instructed. “A closeup!”

Holding the phone down next to his prick, Foxy looked approvingly at the size. Not as big as Larry’s, but it’ll do, she thought. “Rub it if you expect to see your wife in action.”

Tony’s dick quickly hardened as he stroked it, and she could see pre-cum starting to run out of the slit. “Think about my lips wrapped around that nice dick as you watch your wife,” Foxy giggled.

“Is she going to have sex?” Tony asked.

“Do you like watching Chrissy eat your wife’s pussy?” Foxy teased. “Chrissy, show Tony your face after Wanda came in your mouth?”

Tony watched as the big redhead slowly looked at the camera as Foxy kneeled on the bed so she could put the phone’s camera close to Chrissy’s face. He could see that her face was covered in Wanda’s fluids as Chrissy licked her lips to clean off the juice.

“See what a mess Wanda made of my girlfriend’s pretty mouth that I love to kiss. Would you like to watch me kiss her dirty lips?” Foxy teased.

“Oh, God, please!” Came Tony’s anguished voice over the phone’s speaker.

Trying to keep the phone at a good angle, Foxy kissed her girlfriend’s wet lips, and Tony could see Foxy’s body shudder in reaction to the taste she licked off the redhead’s lips and cheek. Tony saw Foxy’s eyes flick from side to side, then slowly close for a moment. She opened her eyes and smiled at Tony, “Your wife tastes very good, and I’ll have to get some straight out of her cunt after I get off the phone. Have you ever watched Wanda kiss another girl?”

“Noooo,” came the response in a hiss.

“Hold the phone for a second,” Foxy asked Chrissy as she handed over the phone. Then Tony watched as Foxy leaned over for a long tongue-filled kiss with Wanda. He frantically jerked his cock as his wife licked her juices off Foxy’s lips and swallowed them with relish. Tony watched as Foxy slid two fingers deep in his wife’s wet hole and could hear her moan even with Foxy’s lips pressed against her mouth.

The phone’s display showed Foxy’s fingers digging deep in Wanda’s wet pussy as she finger fucked Tony’s wife. Then pulling out her fingers, Chrissy got a good closeup of Foxy’s digits dripping with pussy juice before the big-haired brunette slid them between their lips and both girls started to suck them clean.

It was too much for Tony, and with a shout, he shot off in the air, spraying his load all over his pants. He fell back on the bed and continued to slowly stroke his dick while feeling the cum continuing to run out.

I’ll tack on a scene from the tail end of the story. Foxy is an up-and-coming porn star. Her husband Larry bought out her contract and her directors to move her back to Las Vegas from L.A. In Larry’s fashion where he never does anything halfway, he purchased a six-story office building and converted it into a complete movie studio with post-production capability.

Foxy and Wanda drive to the studio so Foxy can talk to her director about an upcoming movie shoot. While they are there, they become involved with a couple of college boys who are trying out for parts as male actors.

Looking over, Larry saw the director spanking his monkey as he sat on the edge of the director’s chair, watching his wife’s lips wrapped around Larry’s cock. Max waved at the girl photographer who roamed the scene with her hand-held video camera and pointed to his wife. She quickly came over and pointed the camera to capture Arlene trying to suck Larry’s dick with a smile on her face.

“Hi, Larry, I’m Gretchen. I’ve been dying to meet you after working with your wife,” the camera girl said as she kissed him on the cheek. “If you need someone to record your private parties, I’m your girl?”

“Stop kissing him and get down here to record me sucking dick!” Arlene said when she realized that Max had asked the camera girl to record his wife in action.

Laughing, the camera girl pointed the camera down to center on Arlene’s mouth and rubbed a hard nipple across Larry’s arm. Her young punk braless boobs pressed against his arm as she zoomed in on Arlene’s mouth being stuffed full of dick. Larry put his arm across her shoulder as she cuddled up to him while filming the director’s wife attempting to swallow a big cock.

Gretchen was a little thing barely over five feet with a shaved head. She was wearing a tight tee shirt advertising Buck Cherry, a favorite band of Larry’s. Along with her shaved head was Gretchen’s array of piercings. Nose, lips, eyebrow, tongue, and nips showcased a stud or loop. Larry could see the obvious nipple rings visible through the thin tee shirt she wore.

Closing his eyes, Larry enjoyed the sensation of getting a blowjob from someone who loves their work. Arlene’s mouth was wet and warm, and he slid easily into her throat. He could feel her throat muscles spasm when the head hit her gag reflex, but the MILF ignored the urge to choke and continued to force it down. The sensation of Arlene choking on my dick feels so good, Larry told himself as he wrapped his fingers in her hair.

He felt her lips hit his abdomen as Arlene managed to get the whole thing in her mouth. She forced her mouth up and down to insure she took it all. Larry was on the edge of shooting off but knew that she wanted to be fucked and tried to take his mind off her to cool off. The sensation of being in the MILF’s throat was hard to resist as her throat muscles worked his dick. At the same time, he couldn’t keep from watching his wife in one of her trademark gran mal seizure orgasms. It was evident that the lights were on, but no one was at home. She grabbed the sheet with both hands and thrust herself against Don’s large cock to make sure it was buried in her cunt.

When Foxy was getting fucked by a big dick, the world ceased to exist except for what was in one or more of her holes. Her attitude towards sex is a mostly my fault, Larry told himself, as she was a product of his upbringing and training. When they met, she was young and naive about life, especially sex. Of course, if she hadn’t been susceptible, it would have been harder to train her.

“Larry, don’t forget about me,” Arlene reminded him as she lay there playing with herself. “You need to make my husband happy.”

Shaking his head, he reached under her knees and lifted her legs up and out. For her age, Arlene had a great body, and she twisted both nipples in anticipation of getting some goy cock. Holding his dick, Larry rubbed it between her pussy lips and enjoyed the obvious wetness of her love hole.

“Stop teasing me,” Arlene pleaded. “I told Max this was all for him, but the truth is I need cock, nice big cock. Make my husband happy by fucking me and giving me some pleasure also. You know he’s watching and needs to see my pussy full of dick! Then I promise to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.”

The camera girl, Gretchen, was hovering around them, with her camera between their legs. Larry assumed that Arlene’s husband had given her orders to film his wife getting her brains fucked out. Cuckolds are a trip as they explore fantasies of their wives being serviced by someone else.

Larry’s dick slid easily into the Jewish MILF’s wet hole as she gasped, even the camera girl took a deep breath. Arlene’s body was trembling as he fed the cock to her while she dug her fingernails into Larry’s ass cheeks. He easily hit bottom and could feel her jerkings from the sensation of ramming into her cervix.

“Breed me, Larry!” Arlene gasped as her eyes opened wide when he bottomed out in her tight pussy, and he watched as her eyes twitched from side to side and then slowly roll up in her head. His wife did the same thing with her eyes and was so neat to watch. There was no doubt Arlene was about to have a massive climax as the trembling in her legs turned into rhythmic jerking limbs.

Arlene looked up at Larry with a slight smile on her open mouth as she surrendered to the needs of her body, and after glancing over to confirm that Max was jerking off like crazy, she bit her lip and thrust up at Larry. There was a flood of juice pouring out of her, followed by a full-body spasm. Then, suddenly she went limp as her brain shut down. Larry eased up a hair to let her complete her orgasm but continued to slow fuck her.

Larry decided she needed the full package and leaned down to kiss her and whisper in her ear, “Get up on your knees.”

Arlene’s eyes slowly opened as she returned the kiss, “I’ve never done that yet, but know that Max will love it if you did me.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it also,” Larry chuckled. “But one more time, doggy style, and then I’ll stretch out your back door.”

Quickly, Arlene flipped over onto her knees with her head buried in the pillow. “Fuck me, Larry!” she yelled into the pillow. Gretchen leaned in to get a closeup of Arlene’s open pussy with her two fingers in it. After shooting a long sequence of the MILF fingering herself, Gretchen kissed the head of Larry’s wet cock and said, “It’s all yours.”

Holding Arlene’s hips, Larry could feel her trembling. He didn’t know if it was anticipation or worry but hoped she was looking forward to it. Doggy style was one of his favorite positions as you could get deep into a girl’s sex.

As Gretchen zoomed in on the scene, Larry rubbed the bulbous head of his dick between Arlene’s pussy lips and enjoyed the warm wet feel of her love tunnel. It was a little hard to ignore the camera lens moving from side to side as Gretchen tried to get the best angle of view. When he felt Arlene pushing back on his cock, Larry let it easily side in until he hit bottom.

There was a long hiss as Arlene took a deep breath through clenched teeth, and he could feel the jerk of her body when the head hit her cervix. “Fuck, Larry, you’ve got a big dick, and it feels so good in my pussy! I hope you don’t mind sloppy seconds because I’m already full of college boy cum.”

Larry could feel his cock being coated with the spunk Don had pumped into her. The warm bath made her tunnel slippery and easy to slide into. Glancing over, he saw Arlene’s husband, still on the edge of his director’s chair, whacking off like crazy. It was comical to watch him as his head bobbed from side to side, trying to look around the camera girl who kept blocking his view.

Then he locked eyes with his wife just before she started to orgasm again. He could see the little twitch at the corner of her mouth that foretold the upcoming climax. He could see Foxy’s eyes lose focus as her brain shut down in preparation for getting her rocks off. She had come so many times that her brain barely recognized what her pussy was telling her. After a certain point, she would be semi-conscious and barely awake. The only thing that would get her attention would be the guy pulling his dick out.

Arlene’s cunt was hot and sloppy as he rammed his dick deep into her hole. Every couple of minutes, he’d hear her cry, “Coming, coming,” as she got her rocks off. Then she’d collapse on the bed except for keeping her butt up in the air for him.

Larry treated Arlene like his wife and would just slow fuck her after an orgasm until she came back to life. The whole time, he had to deal with Gretchen’s camera recording everything. He could tell that Gretchen was fighting the urge to put the camera down and join them. She ran her fingers down the shaft of Larry’s wet cock. She stuck a hot tongue in his ear and whispered, “I want you to fuck me just like that!”

She was a hot young package. Gretchen’s small frame and perk boobs looked so good on her. At one point, she pulled her t-shirt up until she could massage her tits while filming the action. As a photographer, Larry noted how steady she was even when twisting her erect nub. You learn to hold the camera steady, and with everything she was doing, at least one elbow was locked against her side.

After a particularly strong climax, Arlene let his dick slip out and immediately turned to swallow it. His wet cock went into her throat, and she began to suck voraciously. She looked up at him as she feasted on his prick. Arlene rocked back and forth to fuck her mouth on his dirty cock as she moaned continuously.

“Sorry, I just had to taste it,” Arlene said as she licked her lips and twisted back around on the bed. Larry buried his dick in her wet hole and heard her grunt when he hit bottom. She looked up at her husband and said, “Max, he’s fucking me with that big hard dick of his and is in the virgin part of my pussy! Can you see okay?”

“Oh, God, yes!” Max exclaimed as he continued to whack his little Jewish dick. “Screw her good. Turn her into a slut like your wife!”

“I’m your little slut!” Arlene yelled. “Fuck me hard and make it hurt. I deserve to be punished by that big cock of yours and pumped full of tasty spunk.”

Tina, the script girl, dropped to her knees and started sucking Max’s dick. Arlene saw the motion in the corner of her eye and smiled when she saw her husband’s dick being taken care of. “Give her a big load, baby,” Arlene said. “Larry is fixing to finish filling me up. Which hole should he pump his nasty sperm into, mouth, pussy, or my ass?”

“Ass! Oh, God!” Max exclaimed as he grabbed the script girl by the hair and started to shoot off in her mouth.

It was comical to watch Tina’s face as Max filled her mouth with Yiddish cream. Her eyes were wide as she gagged and started to barf.

“Bitch, don’t pull your mouth off my husband’s dick until he’s finished with you. Don’t swallow or spit. Then, when your mouth is full, come over here and kiss me,” Arlene barked at the script girl.

Larry tried to keep from laughing as the script girl gave it the college try. Her face was green as she continued to milk Max’s dick until he sagged back into the director’s chair. If he had to guess, Larry assumed she would toss her cookies, but she seemed determined not to chicken out.

“Good girl, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Arlene encouraged and then continued, “Now, crawl over here and give me half, then we’ll swallow together. Afterward, I want you to kiss all of the girls and let them have a taste.”

Dutifully, Tina crawled over to Arlene with her eyes bulging and lips tightly sealed. There was a hint of cum running down her cheek from the corner of her mouth.

“Good girl,” Arlene told her. “Trust me, the first load is the worst, and it gets better after that. After a few times, you’ll love it as much as we do. Now, carefully get over me and slowly let Max’s spunk run into my mouth. If you miss, you’ll have to lick it up off the floor!”

The script girl, in her early twenties, was eager to empty her mouth but didn’t want to think about having to lick up any spillage off the floor. Arlene quickly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The room was dead silent as the first stream of cum ran out of the girl’s mouth directly onto Arlene’s tongue. There was a collective groan as Arlene’s body convulsed when the first drop hit her tongue and rolled into her throat. It seemed to take forever for the mouthful of spunk to be dripped into the Jewish MILF’s hungry mouth.

“Lick up any that missed my mouth, then kiss me,” Arlene, a woman of the world, ordered as she gargled with a mouth full of cum.

Accepting her fate, Tina licked the stream of cum off Arlene’s cheek and the few globs of spunk that missed Arlene’s open mouth. Then the script girl full-on Frenched the older woman. You could see the change come over the script girl as there was initial hesitation, but after a few seconds, she was forcing her tongue into Arlene’s nasty cream-filled mouth.

Larry resumed slow fucking Arlene as she swapped spit with the young woman. The script girl tentatively touched Arlene’s breast before aggressively massaging her large boobs. Another satisfied customer, Larry thought.

“Now, kiss Foxy first and then the rest of the girls. Afterward, come back here and help me finish Larry off. You’ll find that the second load tastes a lot better!” Arlene told the young woman as the MILF resumed thrusting against Larry’s hard cock.

This blog post is about 6,000 words and I think is the longest I’ve ever done. In bits and pieces, if you’ve made it this far is less than 10% of the final story. I’ve finally managed to post something longer than one of my favorite fellow bloggers, kDaddy23. LOL

The Perfect Wife should be available in the next few weeks or so and I encourage you to purchase all your erotica from Kinky Literature, home of the finest smut around. KL charges the same price as other distributors and is just as sick and nasty as you are. They will never spray you with Lysol as you leave the store with your plain brown bag of dirty stories clutched in your grubby paws. Seriously, KL is your one-stop shop for all things porn from the best authors of erotica.

I’m Larry Archer, a simple writer of smut stories in both print and electronic format. Foxy and I are swingers in real life, and I write about the things we do and see. While the Lifestyle is not for everyone, it’s been fun for us. My smut is explicit and hardcore but with a somewhat plot. My porn stories are generally positive and fun as this reflects how enjoyable swinging has been to us. If you’re interested in checking out my stories, I publish at all the typical outlets.

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Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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